Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm so glad...

I received Pollyanna from Netflix in the mail. After watching this movie I was bawling like a baby over here. Being a Disney movie, you'd think it would be cheesy, but it really isn't. Even the ending isn't a complete happily ever after. It's just a movie filled with hope, that shows the price that pride can play on your soul.

When I was younger, I really didn't like it. My mother was always watching older movies, and I'd just roll my eyes and walk away. Thank God I gave them a second chance when I got older.

This movie also has Haley Mills, who is to me, one of those actresses who can be really good or really annoying. Like Parent Trap (the original one). I can hardly watch that one anymore. She's just soooo...I don't know the word for it. Over the top? Plus, you have twice as much as her.

BTW, she was in the Saved by the Bell (when it was called Good Morning, Miss Bliss, according to IMDB). For those people who made fun of me watching it. ;)

Next in my queue of Haley Mill movies is Summer Magic. I just love that one! If my husband hadn't wanted me to get National Treasure 2, I would've had that one sent at the same time as Pollyanna. (Although National Treasure 2 was worth it! Such a cool movie!)

I just love a positive uplifting movie once in awhile. It just reminds you how simple life was at one time.

Plus, it's fun to play the "glad game". Right now I'm glad to be inside during this thunderstorm. Eek!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Just because it's cute...

more cat pictures

Special Request

Today I have a very special Picture of the Day and a small request. This is Sheena, my dog.

She's going to be 12 next month, and is going through a bad time. I don't really want to talk about it, but I'm very worried. She's doing okay...for now.

But please, if you can, send positive thoughts, prayers-whatever you believe in-to me and my family. And Sheena.

Thank you.


P.S. That's a little rawhide bone in her mouth. We thought it looked like she was smoking it. lol

Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Interview with my #5 Fan! Teresa!

Today I have a special guest for you. Her name is Teresa, and if you're familiar with Nora Robert's messageboard, ADWOFF, then you'll definitely know who she is. If not, Teresa is a big fan of Nora Robert's and a friend of mine who has supported me while I worked to get my career off the ground.

Why my #5 fan? Well, just read on... :)

(BTW, does anyone remember "Number Five" from Short Circuit? lol)

So without further ado, here is my interview with Teresa, the uncut version:

First things first… On a scale of 1-10, how awesome am I? You can go higher than a 10.

If you’re talking about yourself, a 10. You hold a full time job, are raising a teenager, and have survived living with your in-laws. And have written three books and two short stories on top of all that! I admire you. I work part time, and am raising a teenager and barely survived living with my in-laws. And just veg out and read in the evenings. And you’re so skinny!

Is it true you’ve read all my books?

Yes it is! I always wanted to read an author from the beginning. So when you and Sam Hunter are up there with Nora Roberts, I can say I’ve been reading them from the beginning!

Does that make you my number one fan?

After reading Misery by Stephen King, I hate to say I’m anyone’s Number one fan! LOL. So, lets say number 5. I like that number!

Which book is your favorite?

On the Run, the first one.

How did we meet? I’m blonde and my memory is bad. ;)

We met on ADWOFF, and then I met you in real life at TTP. It was one of the anniversary signings, unfortunately, I can’t remember which anniversary. I do remember another signing, where you signed all your books for me.

Now the hard hitting question. What is your favorite TV show?
Law and Order. The original series. Love the banter between the cops and the lawyers.

I notice you ask a lot of questions. What is the appeal in doing that?

I’m very curious and like to ask questions, no matter how stooopid they are. Some have been asked of me, and I like to have a witty response in reserve. My dd even says “did you ask Nora……” Or “I know, you asked Nora…” She’s much quicker to answer than Dear Abby.

I understand it’s your 20th wedding anniversary, congratulations! Any secrets to a lasting marriage?

We were voted Most Likely to Divorce (unofficially) when Wayne was a resident and decided to prove everyone wrong. Seriously, a lot of prayer and hard work are involved. Be prepared to stay in there when the going gets tough.

Any questions for me?

When’s the next book coming out? LOL What are your plans for the summer? Are you going to be at TTP in July? Do you like living in Virginia? How do you feel having a son going into high school? *Answers at bottom.

Okay, here’s where you can talk about yourself. Say what you want. Try to keep it PG though.

I’m an RN, working part time for the VNA. I do private duty nursing and also hospice visits. Its very rewarding and very stressful at times. I’ve been married 20yrs to a family doctor. Never thought I’d marry a doctor, but after I broke up with a lawyer, decided doctors weren’t too bad. We have one daughter who will be 15yrs at the end of the month. She loves the theater and writing and reading. We’re currently hosting an exchange student from South Korea who plans to stay with us another year and graduate from high school. She plans to go to college in the US. We have a dog who is a lab/collie mix. If I can harness her energy, I would never have to fill my gas tank again! We also have a cat, who is a tortoise shell. She spends her days hiding from the dog who wants to play with her. She just sees a big puppy who doesn’t know her own strength. I’m a big Washington Redskin fan and have season tickets. Sunday afternoons in the fall, I’m at the home games or in front of the TV cheering my team on. My biggest fantasy is to see them win another Super Bowl. My husband says “dream on”……He can be a killjoy at times. My favorite author is Nora Roberts which is how I found ADWOFF and “met” Melly and found out about her books. I’m also active in our local church and community theater.


When’s the next book coming out? LOL I told my publisher I'd be submitting my next book in July. The release date depends on whether they accept it.

What are your plans for the summer? Pretty much what I'm doing now. lol Working.

Are you going to be at TTP in July? Yes.

Do you like living in Virginia? I do like it, although part of me will always be in Maryland, where I grew up. Oh, and I get to work less than a mile away from Redskins Park! *grin*

How do you feel having a son going into high school? Yeah, I'm still in denial about that one. Ask me again in September!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Interview with Wendi Darlin! The yummy cowboys are back!!!

Today I have the author Wendi Darlin with me, and she's brought COWBOYS!! (And doggies!!!) Wendi was the most generous author I've worked with. And when I say generous I really mean it. You'll see what I mean!

So without further ado, here is my interview with Wendi Darlin, the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

You’re a friend of the fabulous Destiny Blaine, for that alone, I’ll give you a 10.5.

I see you write about cowboys. We love cowboys on Melly’s Spot. Can I have one of yours for my collection?

Sure. I have to loan them out. My husband doesn’t like them all hanging around the house. It’s bad enough he can’t get them out of my head.

What kind of games do cowboys play? Do they involve rope?

Yes, ma’am. A little bit of wrestlin’ and some slow talkin’ too.

Can you name a character after me? Can I be a cowgirl? Or a cow?

You’re too funny!

Melanie sounds like a great name for a cowgirl. And I’ve got an idea for a series brewing in my head right now. Yep, I think this can be done. Melanie, the cowgirl – coming soon!

Time for the hard hitting question. Prepare yourself… What is your sign?

LOL! That question is harder than you think. I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. According to most newspaper and magazine horoscopes, I’m an Aquarius. But according to my actual time of birth (and an astrological chart I had drawn up one time), I’m a Capricorn. My sister confirms this. She says I’m as stubborn as a goat.

I was reading the blurb for your upcoming book, Hired Hands. So there are two cowboys in this one? Twins?? You can give me one of those, right?

The heroine Nora had a little fun with both of them, but she decided to keep Cole tied up regularly (and yep, she’s probably using rope by now.) So how about Jesse? Do you want him? He’s just as hot as Cole. (They’re identical.) And Jesse’s a REAL BAD BOY, but to quote Tim McGraw, I have a feeling he can be a real good man. Would you like for me to have Melanie, the cowgirl, tame Jesse in an upcoming book?

I was looking at your website and saw the pictures of your dogs. Can I have one of those? They are sooo cute!

Aww…thanks. You can have Cori. She’s old and grumpy. Bless her heart. When I’m her age, I’m sure I’ll be just as mean. She’s put in her time, and now she just wants the world to revolve around her for a little while. Sparky, the little wiener dog, is seven pounds of pure adorable trouble, and Lappy is a sweetheart.


I see Cowboy Games won lots of awards. You can at least give me one of those right?

Will you take a photocopy? Most awards in this business come in paper form. Although, I did get a cool engraved bookmark for winning the Linda Howard Award of Excellence and a silver pistol pendant for winning the Duel on the Delta contest. Those are kind of neat.

Who exactly is Rough and Ready? Is it another cowboy? (Mine?)

Sorry, I think you’ll have to stick with Jesse. Hollis (an undercover DEA agent and YES, A COWBOY!) is getting busy with Taima right now. She likes him rough and ready 24/7, and she’s not one to share.

Can I have anything? Bookmark?

You’ve got it!!! And anyone else who’d like a bookmark can have one, too. Just email me at with your mailing address.

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here looking on Craigslist for Hired Hands. Specifically cowboy ones…

If Craig’s list has cowboys, I need to get over there myself. LOL!
Thank you so much for having me here. And for the laughs. You’re a blast to hang out with. I guess I should let everyone know I also write non-erotic stories as Wendi Christner. My coming-of-age story, The Water Bearer, will be available from BookStrand in a couple of months. I’m really excited about The Water Bearer. The characters grabbed hold of my heart more than any other characters ever have. I hope readers fall in love with them the way I did. Right now, I’m working on a cozy mystery that will be out in December and getting ready to dive into that new cowboy series I mentioned.

Oh wait, did I forget to bring up the eye candy? I tend to keep a lot of hotties hanging around. If you ever get a craving for something sweet, drop by and see me. I’m usually hanging around my blog, I do my best to keep up with friends on Myspace, and I have a website This was so much fun! Thank you again, Melanie.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You want more cowboys?

We got more cowboys!!! Yeee-hawww! And they are hot, too! Only the best at Melly's Spot!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my interview with Wendi Darlin! :D

P.S. No, we don't have Kenny Chesney. But how could I resist that picture?

I'm a Cooking Mama!

A lot of people know I LOVE computer games. I just love games in general. When I was a kid, it was board games, but once Atari hit the scenes, that was it. I was hooked. I played Zelda and Mario Brothers on Nintendo, and then Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega. (This was before I had a kid). Then we got the PS1 (Crash Bandicott, Final Fantasy!), PS2, PS3....etc. J is the one who plays with them now since it's hard to get me off the computer. That's how I found computer games!!! That wasn't good. I don't need anymore distractions.

Anyway, J already had a Nintendo DS, but during the move he lost it. Santa ended up bringing him the new Zelda DS for Christmas, so when we finally did find his old one, I got it!!! I love this thing! It's the perfect handheld game to play with while sitting on the couch. Err...should I really admit that out loud?

So on Saturday, with gift card in hand, I went to Best Buy. (BTW, never offer to let your thirteen year old son get a 'little something' with your gift card. They don't seem to understand the meaning of that). That's when I found Cooking Mama!

OMG. I LOVE this game. Using the stylus you can cut, stir, saute, add ingredients. You can even "blow" into to the microphone to cool things off. I'm really good at blowing. ;)

The sad thing is that I've spent so much time on it that I've almost ran out of recipes, but there are other things you can do like test your skills and combine recipes. The good times can roll on!

If you're a game freak like me (most people would say you could drop the 'game' part), you should really pick this one up. There's a sequel and I'm going to buy that next. Yes, I'm a nerd. But a happy nerd!!!

Now if only I could cook in real life too...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Quickie Review - Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas

I finished my final Memorial Day book yesterday while fishing with my husband and son. It was Sugar Daddy, by Lisa Kleypas.

My friend Jen had recommended this to me awhile ago, but because it was in hardcover, I decided to wait for it to be out in paperback.

I loved it! This is the kind of book I've been waiting for. It has the kind of romance that I've found lacking in books in the past few years.

In a way, it reminds me of a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book-the way it starts out with the heroine as a child and travels across the decades. It's also first person, which was a bit of a shock, but I hardly even noticed it at all.

This book is about Liberty Jones who grows up poor in the town of Welcome, Texas. While living in a trailer park with her mom, she meets Hardy Cates. Although Hardy feels the spark with Liberty, he knows he wants more to life than living in a trailer park.

Years go by and Liberty's life is touched by tragedy and struggle, before finally being helped by a guardian angel or a sugar daddy, depending on how you look at it.

What's weird to me is that this is yet another book about chance encounters. What are the chances of me reading three books like this in one weekend?

But regardless, I LOVED this book. I can't wait to read the second one, Blue-Eyed Devil. But since it's in hardcover, I'll have to wait again. That's okay.

So three books in one weekend. In the past, that wouldn't have been that big of deal, but now I consider that something to be proud of!

This book is definitely going on my keeper shelf to be reread over and over again.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

You know it's real love when...

Your husband comes downstairs to tell you Purple Rain is on. Or does is it mean I'm very predictable?

I do loves me some Purple Rain though. Especially the end. Right now it's right around the time he's starting to lose it a bit.

Yep, there he goes running backstage and kicking things. Poor Prince. Poor sad, sad Prince. Oh! Here's the part with the Appolonia Six. Very tasteful. Even Prince is disgusted with it. That's saying something right there. There's nothing like singing in your underwear. Leaves so much to the imagination.

I get so impatient for the end when I watch this. I just get so tired of watching Morris Day smirking so much. Just bring on the singing! What's with this whole plot thing? Oh no... Morris Day is flashing Appolonia. Yes! Prince just drove by on his motorcycle and pushed him down. Talk about Rollin' Thunder!!

"Get on! C'mon!"

Prince is just soooo cool. Like totally! I'm reverting back to my 80's childhood now.

Oops, the fighting part. Don't do it Prince! Don't be just like your father! This is what it sound like when doves cry! I guess. Honestly, I've never heard one cry. Have I?

Dammit. Commercial. I really need to buy this movie. Of course I'd still watch it whenever it comes on VH-1. Because I really am that predictable.

Oops, back from commercial and his father just well, you know... I hate this part. There's no singing involved here. It's just too damn depressing.

Anyway.... Lalalalalalalala

Prince is freaking out. For real, for real. Poor guy. He should sing. That would make me-err-him feel better. Okay, yes, kicking, throwing and breaking things might work, too. His choice.

He's passed out on the floor now. Why doesn't he have a shirt on? Didn't he have one on before? Did he tear that off, too, like The Incredible Hulk? comes the magic. He's writing songs. Maybe the doves will stop crying now.

Does anyone remember when the Purple Rain album came out and the radio stations censored the whole "masturbating with a magazine" part of Darlin' Nikki? Of course as a kid that made me even more curious what the hell he was talking about.

Am I aging myself? I hate when I do that.

I can't believe there's already a commercial. I thought we just had one.

Did I mention I'm drinking a Smirnoff Ice? It might explain why this blog post is going on so long. It wasn't supposed to. I was just going to mention that part about my husband and end it.

Alright!!! Here comes The Time. I might hate Morris Day's smirks, but his songs rock! My son just came down the steps, pointed at the TV and then asked me, "What the heck is this?" I feel close to crying like a dove right now. How can he not know? Have I taught the boy anything at all? I feel like such a failure as a parent.

Prince and the Revolution are sitting around in a awkward silence while Morris Day is squawking on the stage. Literally.

Now Morris Day is off the stage mocking Prince's family life. Nice man. Of course after the rest of his buddies are away you can see the pain etched on his face. I guess nightclub life is a lot like high school. Peer pressure and all.

Who knew?

Oooo, now is when the magic really happens. It's electric. No matter how many years go by goosebumps still go down my spine when he sings Purple Rain.

"Baby I could never steal you from another.
It's such a shame our friendship had to end.
Purple Rain. Purple Rain."

And I always wave my arm in the air like they do in the movie. Even while I'm sitting in my living room. Man, he can play the guitar. There's something to be said about a musician who can write, sing, play the piano and the guitar. Among many other talents I'm sure I don't know about.

He ran off the stage again. But this time it wasn't a bad thing. I guess he just gets worked up. Dammit! Commercial. That's just wrong! The ending is meant to be seen in one continuous uninterrupted loop.

My husband just walked downstairs. "They actually know what he's singing about?"

"Of course. Purple Rain. Doh!" Yeah, just like the doves, I'm not exactly sure what purple rain means either.

Wow, just went to a messageboard of people trying to figure out what Purple Rain means. I got a bit scared. Let's just say it's a metaphor for something and leave it at that.

I would Die 4 U! I do the hand gestures for this one too. Really, I do. It's shame no one is videotaping me right now. I could put it on YouTube.

Damn, I think he's breakdancing a bit right now. I miss breakdancing. My friend Robin and I rented a videotape once. Of course I never actually learned how. But it was fun trying.

Baby, I'm a Star!! Oh yes, you are!!! And with that, I think it's time for me to finally end this blog. Sorry, for the long ramble. But that's just me...

"Honey I'm rich on personality..."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not Another Bad Date

I've finished a second book. This time it was Rachel Gibson's, Not Another Bad Date. What can I say about Rachel's books? I've enjoyed all of them, some more than others. The one thing that always impresses me most is the way she does the male POV better than a lot of romance writer's. Sometimes too well. They can come across as jerks until the very last minute when they redeem themselves.

This book is the final book in her series about four writer friends. Adele Harris has been cursed (literally) with a series of bad dates over the years. It seems like she can never catch a break. Until she runs into Zack Zemaitis again. (It's a "Z" thing).

There was also a subplot about "life after death" in the form of Zack's late wife. It reminded me a bit of Wishes by Jude Deveraux. (Back when she didn't write crappy books). Wishes is one of my favorite books of all time so I enjoyed that part a lot. It added some humor to the book.

I enjoyed this book. It's a good beach book. I'm not sure if I'll read it again, but it definitely made time fly by. And as always, her love scenes were hot!

The one complaint I have about Rachel Gibson's books is the way she always seems to rush the endings. But overall, I've enjoyed all her books and will continue to read them as soon as they hit the shelves.

But if you want to read a really good Gibson book try See Jane Score.

Oops, and I just realized this book wasn't supposed to come out until this Tuesday. I had no idea since I've been really bad when it comes to keeping track of release dates. Bad Borders!!!

I guess I should've looked for the new Julia Quinn one too. ;)

Love the One You're With

It's 1:53 in the morning and I just finished a book. A book I started around nine o'clock in the evening. The book is called Love the One You're With, by Emily Giffin. I've read all her book and loved (almost) all of them. I guess you can describe her books as chic-lit, but with a little twist. She always seems to tackle the hard topics in such a way to make them almost breezy yet still painfully realistic.

This one was no exception.

The book starts when the heroine of this book, Ellen, has a chance encounter with Leo, the one who broke her heart eight years ago. He's also the one who tore her life apart and brought out all her worst qualities. But has she gotten over him yet? And what about her happy marriage? Is it really that happy? The tagline for the book is: How can I truly love the one I'm with when I can't forget the one who got away?

That's the short description, but it was really about so much more. Emily takes you on a roller coaster of a ride, where even you're not sure which one she'll choose in the end, and if there will even be a happy ending. There is a happy ending, but not one of those unrealistic endings where everything is neatly tied in a bow.

I'm not going to say much more than that. If you haven't read any of Emily Giffen's books, I suggest you do. Start with Something Borrowed, the book I fell in love with first. It's probably one of the few books I stand by 100% when recommending it.

Now I'm all hyped up on that staying up late to read high. It's always hard to fall asleep after that. The good news is that I have two more books to read after this! Well, not tonight obviously. I do plan on getting some sleep. Maybe.

Oh and do you know the real sign you're reading a good book? When you're finished and you realize the television has been on Nickelodeon the entire time you've been reading (my son turned it on before going to bed) and you didn't even notice.

*sigh* I've really missed losing myself in a book. Now I'm going to go look for some Time Life commercials to make this the most perfect night ever! I hope I find Air Supply...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ballerina Melly

Most people know that I can't dance. I'm clumsy and awkward. But for one glorious year, I was a ballerina!

I'm the short blonde one. (Thanks to my friend Robin for letting me steal this).

Okay, so it wasn't so glorious. All I remember is a very cold room with the long bar in front of a mirror. (And not the good kind of bar). And I don't even think I was that graceful. But I did dance ballet! :oP Or tried.

Well, happy Memorial Day to those who are going out of town or shutting down their computers! I should be around from time to time, still blogging if you want to visit. I have no life!

Oh, and if I owe you interview questions, I'll be working on those too. Don't forget if you want an interview at Melly's Spot, please email me at

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Morning Surfing

I was blog browsing this morning when I realized I hadn't done my own blog! Oops. It's been really hard for me to blog this week and I'm not sure why. Maybe my mind is already enjoying the three day weekend? I don't know. After I realized I needed to blog, I also remembered I had to let my dog inside. I walked downstairs and she's sitting on the porch waiting for me. When I opened the door, she looked over her shoulder at me like, "Well, it's about time, woman!"

Whatever, dawg. Now, I'm still sitting here trying to think of what to blog about. I'm also watching the news, which is really depressing. All they keep talking about is how bad the economy is. Like we needed a reminder. Then they said something that made me so very sad, I don't think I can take it. I'm not even sure I should share it here. It might make me cry. But I guess I need to get it out.

The Dollar menu at McDonald's might not be a dollar anymore. *sob* Forget $4.00 gas prices, this is a sign that the world's coming to an end. Why???

I don't know what I'd do without my double cheeseburgers. *sigh*

Then they keep showing the traffic, and of course there's an accident on the road I take everyday. Why people? Why must we drive like idiots and get into accidents?

I've changed it to the Fox morning news but they can't stop talking about American Idol and who won. Umm...who cares? It's a David someone. I just couldn't watch it this year. I think, like Survivor, it has just lost its appeal to me.

But let's talk about good news! My MIL got a new puppy! It's the cutest thing EVAH.

I'm seriously thinking of stealing her for myself! She's a bichon frise. My son named her Tara. (When you can't think of anything to blog about, just throw in pictures of puppies. That's my new plan).

Anyway, I just turned the television to the Spanish speaking channel, which is also doing the news. I can't understand what they're saying, but it definitely less depressing. This woman is doing the weather in skin tight pants and a ruffled sleeveless shirt. Nice!!! Definitely prettier than the dude on Fox 5.

Does anyone remember when they used to show cartoons on the week day mornings? And I'm not talking about Cartoon Network. Why do the networks think we need so much news forced on us first thing in the morning?

I just switched it to CNN and they said that cookouts cost 6% more this year. Wow, nice thought right before the Memorial Day weekend.

A-HA!!! I've found Saved by the Bell! Zack and the gang are wearing toga's! Why? Hell if I know! But I'm so happy to not hear the words "oil prices" that I don't even care.

Ahh... Zack is such a wily guy. You know he's not going to get caught in this lie! That never happens on this show! Aww...they were drinking and driving and got in an accident in Lisa's mothers car. Now Lisa can't go to homecoming! I sense PSA coming up.

Oh wait, he confessed to the accident. Because this always happens in real life. Teenagers confessing to their wrongdoings.

Kids, don't drink. Or you will end up in a toga. That's what I got out of this episode, anyway. Is that wrong?

I should get ready for work now. I'm sorry Melly's thoughts ended up a long ramble on nothing. I'll do better!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toss the Confetti!! It's Ann Cory!

Hmm... That doesn't rhyme, does it? Never mind!!! Because I have Ann Cory on my blog! Ann was a great author to interview. Plus, she has snakes! The good kind! ;o)

So without further ado, itssssss my interview with Ann Cory, uncut.

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

I’m going to have to give you some extra bonus points and say 12 – it just seems so obvious based on the very tiny bits of info I know about you.

Judging from your website you are really busy. Can I have a lock of hair so I can clone you?

Only if you let me clone my clone. I actually do double duty – I write erotic romance and erotica as Ann Cory and horror and dark fantasy as Nancy Jackson.

Okay, here is the hard-hitting question. You ready? What is your favorite food?

Wow, you really don’t hold back, do you? This is a toughie because it comes down to the mood I’m in. First off I do believe dark chocolate truffles are a food, I mean – they have to be, right? I see you hesitating, so I’ll answer with pizza on most days, or a filet mignon with a glass of red wine on fancier days.

Do you practice all your love scenes first? (I’ve always wanted to ask that of someone)

I would say the majority of my scenes are well…researched, however the ones in Next Floor Naughty are next on the list to try. enter big grin here

Can you name a character after me? Someone cool that everyone wants to hang out with?

Sure – if you don’t mind having an insanely handsome guy ravage your body all night long. Some people might object to that.

I see you have a book called Snake Charmer. Is the “snake” you’re referring to, what I think it is?

It’s a sexy shape-shifter book about Faotin, a Naga who escapes from a nasty Naga Queen who kept him as her own personal sex slave. He’s desperate to break the curse of changing into a snake and needs an innocent woman to sacrifice. Enter Berlin who charms the dishy snake and gets him all hot and bothered.

Can I break in Levi for you?

Only if you promise to have him back by midnight and don’t leave bite marks on his tush. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here looking for the snake.

At this time I’m published with Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Liquid Silver Books, Total-E-Bound Publishing, Whiskey Creek Press, Cobblestone Press, and Forbidden Publications. I tend to write in all genres, usually driven by a relentless and restless muse. I also enjoy writing in all different heat levels from sensual to all out naughtiness.

Oh, and as most will know, I tend to toss around a lot of confetti everywhere I go – but I always bring along my two hot and hunkies who clean my mess in the buff.

My website and blog are updated on a regular basis, so please stop by to see what is new and coming up in my exotic writing world. I, of course, live a very lavish life as an erotic romance author.
Magical Seduction blog:
MySpace blog:

I’m also part of a few groups:
Moonglade Elite Authors
Authors Who Dare

And most recently Destiny Blaine and I are busy every Monday with a fun group devoted to all things paranormal called Paranormal Monday. If you’re a fan of that genre, please join us! The group is only open on Mondays, so your inbox won’t be filled up the rest of the week. We’d love to have you:

Thanks so much for having me over to your place, and I really appreciate the expensive bottle of wine. What do you mean it’s just for show?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Better be good to Barney!

iDog is back! But he's insisting on a name.

iDog: No, I'm not.

I think I should name him Barney.

iDog: Do you really hate me that much?

When I was growing up we had a dog named Barney. I miss Barney.

Barney: Fabulous.

So, Barney, what are we listening to today?

Barney: I'm afraid to find out.

First song up: Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band

Barney: What exactly is this song about? A magician who molests people? "First I will pull this rabbit out of my hat! Then for my second trick, I'll grab your boob. Where are you going? Don't you want to touch my wand?"

I Honestly Love You, Olivia Newton-John.

Barney: I honestly hate my life.

When I Call Your Name, Vince Gill.

Barney: Please don't call my name. It's embarrassing. My owner has issues.

Cha Cha Slide, Mr. C

Barney: Don't dance. I'm serious. You're going to hurt something.

Take It Easy On Me, Little River Band.

Barney: Good advice. I wish you'd follow it.

What You Give, Tesla

Barney: Good song. Hey, what are you doing? Stop that! Stop swaying right now! You have no rhythm, do you? Okay, I'll wait. Can you turn me around first? I'm scared.

Don't Let It End, Styx.

Barney: Oh please, PLEASE let it end. Have we heard anything from this century?

She Knows When You're On, George Strait.

Barney: Don't I know it! And I keep trying to play dead, too.

American Honkey-Tonk Bar Association, Garth Brooks

Barney: You really are a redneck, aren't you?

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen.

Barney: Wow, from Garth Brooks to Queen. That was a smooth transition.

Help Is On It's Way, Little River Band.

Barney: Don't tease me like that!

Better Be Good To Me, Tina Turner

Barney: Amen, sister!

Youth Gone Wild, Skid Row.

Barney: Are you head-banging? You really are a confused child. The 90's are gone. So is your Aqua Net. Get over it.

Lonesome Loser, Little River Band.

Barney: Have I heard about the Lonesome Loser?!? Hell, I'm looking at her!

Macho Man, The Village People.

Barney: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm dying. Call 911. Call The Little River Band!

Fake It, Seether.

Barney: By the way, you remember when I was moving my head like I enjoyed your music? I was faking it. I'm sorry.

Live Those Songs, Kenny Chesney

Barney: Are you serious? If I lived these songs, I'd be a perverted magician in a Indian suit crying because I'm such a lonesome loser.

Need I Say More, George Strait.

Barney: No, I really don't.

Okay, that's enough from Barney, my iPod dog. He seems a little grouchy tonight.

Barney: Bite me.

Until next time!

Monday, May 19, 2008

P.S. I'm Hungry

I'm going to try something new. Instead of waiting until after I've watched a movie to review it, I'm going to review it as I go. My memory is so bad I'll usually forget details five minutes after watching it. I guess this will be like Television Without Pity. But nothing like it.

Today (Sunday) I'm watching P.S. I Love You. Netflix mailed it to me awhile ago and I really need to send it back so I can get more. They've taken way too much money from me as it is.

So here it is... My impressions of P.S. I Love You. Melly style. (BTW, I'll try not to do spoilers, but you should still read at your own risk. Oh and I've read the book, so if we were at the movie theater I'd be that person. The one who knows more than the other person.)

I just got through the fight scene at the very beginning. It was cute although I couldn't understand half of what the Irish guy was saying. Okay, looked it up and the Irish guy is Gerald Butler. There's this stripping scene in the beginning, and the second he started dancing (it was actually funny rather than sexy), my son ran out of the room. Now I know what it takes to get rid of him!

Credits are on now. That was a long scene before the credits.

What happened to the volume? Crap where the hell is the volume??? It's not muted. Okay, I pressed stop and then play again. Volume is back. But now I need to rewind. This is not getting off to a good start.

J (my son for those who might not know) just walked down and asked if he died yet.

Hey, it's Harry Connick, Jr! Phoebe! I mean, Lisa Kudrow!

Aww... I guess he's dead now. Should I tell J?

Me: He's dead.

J: Cool! *Walks outside*

I could've sworn everyone was Irish in the book, not just Gerry (Gerald Butler, the dead husband). I guess they changed it. (See, I am that person!)

Drinking!! This is my kind of movie.

Wow, awkward moment from Harry Connick Jr. He looks good with his foot in his mouth.

Where is Denny from Grey's Anatomy??? Jeannie promised me Denny!

J is taping up a sword in front of the TV screen. WTF?

Aww...She's calling the voicemail to hear his voice. I remember we did that with the answering machine after my FIL passed away.

Despite what I'm saying here, this is really very sad. It's achingly realistic. (Just like the book).

Gerald Butler is back (in her imagination) and I still don't understand what he's saying. But he looks good.

Oooo, greasy hair. She looks like I do sitting here right now. Oops. Busted acting crazy. Don't you hate when people pop in on you?

Aww... She just got the first of the letters he sent after his death. But no, there wasn't a tape that I know of in book, but it was a good idea for the movie. Gives it more impact.

Isn't this a great commentary? You have no idea what's going on do you? The movie is just going on and on.

Okay, fine, they just walked into an exclusive club by pretending like Holly (the widow) was a princess. How's that?

Harry Connick Jr is doing a lot of talking. Talk, talk, talking. Ooo, puking. That's always fun to watch.

The next letter! She was running down the street to get it and J asked me if she was getting the golden ticket.

I bet they liked putting her little fantasies of her husband in this movie, so they could ask Gerald to keep taking his shirt off. I know I'm enjoying it.

LOL This leprechaun scene is really funny. Trust me on this. Ahh...karaoke! I remember this from the book. Yeah, I don't remember it going exactly like this in the book. Oops, battery in laptop is about to die. Okay, all better now.

*sniff-sniff* She's singing to Gerry.

Lisa Kudrow is a bit of a slut. But in a good way.

I'm hungry.

I should make a sandwich.

Harry Connick, Jr is babbling again. Poor man. I want to reach out and move that piece of hair out of his eyes.

Ooo, I have email!

Another letter. At the end of each letter it says, "P.S I love you" and J is over here saying, "I didn't see that coming!" Smartass.

Man...they are talking about corned beef. Dammit, I'm hungry. Now instead of drooling over HCJ, I'm drooling over his sandwich.

Gerald Butler. Shirtless again. Did they have so many male actors, there wasn't enough shirts to go around? Still not complaining though.

Next letter. I'm really hungry.

Kathy Bates just tied Hillary Swank to the bed and she's raising a hammer. Oops, wrong movie.

I must have something around here. Potato chips? Something. Okay, popcorn in microwave.

They are on a trip somewhere, but I missed the destination while in the kitchen.

Hillary Swank looks like Judy Garland right there. Is that weird?

SHEEP! Baaaaa!

DENNY!!!!!! *drool* (Kind of sad I went from sheep to Denny aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan right there, heh?) Ooo, and he has a Irish accent! I guess that means we're in Ireland. I'm quick!

Ick. This popcorn is kind of burned.

Dude, he's singing. Wait, now they switched to Gerald Butler singing. But I didn't recognize him at first since he's wearing a shirt.

J was walking outside with his sword and I said, "Good luck on your quest." He didn't look amused.

They are stuck in a boat with no oars. The three girls on the movie. I thought you might want to know I'm still watching.

Awww...all her friends have good news, and she can't be happy for them. That's rough.

Damn! I wish I could be rescued by Denny! Where is a boat? Where is water?

Mmm...they are eating again. I'm still hungry. That popcorn sucked.

Look at Denny's dimple. Why can't he be the shirtless one in this movie? They had enough shirts for him??? Maybe he stole Gerald's shirts.

HOLY CRAP. I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!! I must rewind. Dammit, J is in here.

Full backtal nudity. Wait, what's the opposite of frontal? Seriously, you should watch this movie just for that!

J is whining because I burned the popcorn.

Lots of Denny shirtless. Nice tattoo.

She's with Gerry's family. Lots of talking.

Next letter.


Pretty purple flowers. I wish I could go to Ireland.

Gerald Butler with both shirt and jacket. Look at his hair blowing in the wind. LOL This is a funny scene. And a pretty scene. Everyone is as pretty as the scenery. I can kind of understand him too. Yay for me!

Where is my cell phone? Maybe I can get my husband to pick up some food. J had it last.

Aww... He loved her even though she's a bit insane. That is true love right there. Ask my husband.

LOL Irish Wild Dog.

*sigh* Kissing. J just said, "Eeeh."

That's a cool purple hat she's wearing. I wonder if I could pull it off?

Oh, there was another letter and she's not talking to her friends. But she might be figuring out what job she wants. Sorry, I got distracted.

Damn, Lisa Kudrow is giving it to her good. But now they are getting along.


Hey, it's Harry Connick Jr! Long time no see! She should jump him.

Kathy Bates is telling them to turn the life raft back around. Oh. Wrong movie, again?

Another awww moment.

I'm so glad they aren't changing the plot much from the book, just some of the details.

I'm crying now. Oh man. Kathy Bates is a hell of a actress. I want to be her.

Tears are streaming down my face. Dammit.

I'm trying not to be spoilerish here.

Harry's back. So many men in this movie. What's not to love?

Oh shit. Crying again. More like sobbing instead of just tears this time.

How did I wait so long to watch this?

Oh good, they didn't change that part from the book. I was worried. (I can't tell you what part since it's big time spoilerish).

Heh. Good ending.

Awww...what a wonderful movie!!! Even for someone who has read the book! I'm definitely giving this one 5 out of 5. And even though I cried, it was the good kind of crying, not bad. I highly recommend it.

And really, how can you not watch it after my commentary? ;)

I'm still hungry though.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What can McDreamy do for you?

I was sitting here looking for a name of a character I'd written down in the composition book I keep for my ghost story when I found this sentence on the back of a page: What would McDreamy do? I guess I was looking for writing inspiration and that's what I came up with.

It just shows how frighteningly obsessed I am with that show. Is there therapy for TV obsession?

Speaking of which, the Grey's Anatomy season finale is on this week! Oh, I'm so excited. Too excited. But they promised they were going to get Meredith and Derek together for good this time!!! They promised! I understand a lot of people don't like Meredith, but I was never one of those people. I think she's a scarred woman who makes a lot of stupid mistakes. Like all of us do. I can think of a lot worse people to be.

Plus, the chemistry between her and Derek is out of this world! I've never seen that chemistry with any of the people they've tried to pair them up with before.

It's that kind of chemistry that I'm trying to write into my story. If only I could figure out the formula for it. I was never good at science.

What would McDreamy do? Mmm...What wouldn't McDreamy do? Must...not...pull...out...Season Two...DVD's...Must resist.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Say hello to my little friend...


This was on our side deck today. My husband managed to "wrangle" him into a trash can. (Read: picked him up with a shovel). It was like one of those shows on Discovery Channel, but not really.

Isn't he cute? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Edited to add: BTW, if you click on the picture he gets bigger, which even freaked me out. And I was there!

What time is it?

I went to sleep early last night and woke up in the middle of the night...of course. I tried to go back to sleep, but then I got distracted by the Garth Brooks concert on GAC (Mmm...Garth) and I gave up.

But instead of watching the Time Life commercials like I usually do, I worked on interviews. I'm excited to say that I have a bunch of interviews in the works. This Wednesday I've scheduled Ann Cory! She'll be here with her snake, scattering confetti. You really shouldn't miss that!

As for me, I'm starting to zone out here. I might need to go get a little more sleep or I won't get a thing done today. (As if that's different from me on a normal weekend...) I do have one more interview to put together, but I keep finding myself making stupid mistakes, so it's probably time to stop before I leave a reference to one author's book in another author's interview... Oh wait, I already did that. :oP Just once.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Last night I was talking to my friend Jeannie about info-commercials and she sent me a link to one on YouTube. Well, you know I just HAD to look for the one mentioned in this post: Insomnia. And can you believe I found it?? I LOVE YouTube. lol So here is a condensed version of the Air Supply Time Life commercial. Watch it...if you dare.

Picture of the Day!

Below is the picture I have of me and Nora on my desk at work. (That's still not stalkerish! It's just because we're related. She's my sister! She said so!)

It might look like I'm all self-conscious and slouching, but really we're conferring on the next book she's going to write. I'm giving her tips!

Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eeeeeeee! I got Nora Roberts!

And no, she's not locked up in my basement! Not this time! She generously agreed to do a follow-up to Suz's interview. If you missed it, you can find it here: Suzanne McErlain Interview.

So without further ado, and with just a little squealing from me, here is my interview with Nora Roberts, uncut:

Nora, I heard you picked Suz as your innkeeper only because I was so famous you were afraid to ask me. Is that true?

Melly, that is true. I was intimidated by your fame and renown. I mean Suz is great and all, but really she's nobody special.

Are you really sure you want Suz working at your inn? Have you met Suz?

The way I figure it is, I need somebody who'll do whatever I tell them, and be an absolute slave to me and the guests at the inn. Plus, she SAYS she can cook. We'll see about that. I'm thinking I might try her out here at home, cooking, cleaning, doing my bidding, bringing me food on trays.

Can you name a character after me? Someone smart, intelligent, and not blond at all?

Hmm. I think I could work this. You could be my next hero! He was orphaned in the jungle and raised by a pride of lions (which is so NOT Tarzan), but is really the heir to a fabulous fortune in Belize. He's really smart, and can speak British accented English, lion, ape, elephant and fluent Italian. Plus, he looks totally hot in a loin cloth. I think Melly is a perfect name for him!

Really? Suz McErlain? Dark hair... You really have met her?

She will soon be my slave. I really need somebody to wash my car. The pollen's murder this year.

I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, not far from where you're from. Does that make us related? Can you just tell people we are?

Oooh, sister! I just KNEW I had a sister somewhere. Did you borrow my green cashmere sweater? Don't deny it. It better be in the drawer when I get back.

Suz, huh? Okay.

I also need somebody weed this one area of my garden where I saw a snake. I wish she's stop screwing around and get her butt down here.

Okay, I guess the five people who read my blog would want me to ask you a real question. Let me see if I can try that for a change. Hmm... Can I come live with you?

Do you cook? Plus, I've got some hand washing piling up.

Alright, no, that wasn't my real question. Please don't file a restraining order. Here is the real question... How does it feel to have 4 additional movies made from your books?

Feels great. It's really nothing but fun for me. And maybe I can make a trip to the set again and get to hang out with movie stars--which I was, as everyone knows, born to do. Plus, I get my name on screen, a couple times. Which it was born to do. Other then that--which are the priorities, after all--it's very cool to see how screenwriters, directions, actors, costume designers and so on interpret my story for TV.

Can I be an extra in one of your films?

You're not starring in one? I'm going to talk to my agent about this!

Really? Suz? Are you sure you know who she is? Maybe if I sent you a picture...

My gutters need cleaning out. I mean it's not like she'll have anything else to do with her spare time.

Finally, this is where I usually let my guests say whatever they want. If they have something special to promote, etc, you're welcome to do that if you want. Or you can use the time to change your email address so I never contact you again. It's up to you!

I just want to say I think Susie, Sueanne--what was her name again?--whatever--I think she'll be a great innkeeper. Any complaints from any guests should be sent directly to her, because it's her fault.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yummy Cowboys--My Interview with Destiny Blaine!

Thanks to Crystal who sent out the word that I was looking for writers to interview, I was able to meet the wonderful Destiny Blaine. She writes about gambling and cowboys. Did I mention cowboys? She was a great sport about dealing with my lack of interview skills. Please pick up her books wherever ebooks are sold!

So without further ado, here is my interview with Destiny-the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

Oh wow, I couldn’t even begin to place a numerical value on infinite perfection. Definitely above a ten—oh yeah, certainly more than ten (Smiles) Plus ten, let’s leave it at that. Ha!

I see from your website you like to gamble. Can you teach me how to bluff?

I don’t know, do you have lying eyes? If you do, then you’re on and if not, hide them. I suggest Ray-Bans. Would I make a great spokesperson for the Ray-Ban brand or what?

Okay, here is the hard hitting question… What is your favorite flower?
Orchids and Tulips—and I can’t pick between the two. Remember, I’m fickle. Tomorrow, it may be purple and black roses. Maybe.

I see you’ve won an award (Predators and Editors 2007 Best Romance Short Story for Casino Player). Can I have it? I want an award!

In a word? No. (Laughs) Well, okay, you can have it—but Jim Sturgess must stop by to pick it up or all bets are off.

Can I have your cover for Beyond the Valley? Not for one of my books. I just want to sleep with it besides my bed.

Okay, you can have Beyond the Valley. After all, I can relate, the cowboy on the front of the cover does look good enough to errr..ride! And why not, frame perfection? But, check out A Matter Among Men too—the cowboy on this cover looks good enough to tie up to a bedpost and yes, keep him there for days and days and—okay, I’ll behave. My teenagers might read this and ground me from blogging (translation—stop me from embarrassing them).

Can you name a character after me? What if I bribe you?

Let’s discuss this because I can and will. How bad do you want to be? Do you want to tie up your hero or be tied up? Battery-operated or Rubbermaid dolls. (Snickers) Are you sure you want to be in the next one because I’m thinking kink for my next story. No bribe necessary—it would be my pleasure to write my friends into a book or short novella!

Your website mentions spice. If you were a spice, which one would you be?

Hmmm—is this a trick question?

I have a Granny who lives in Tennessee. Do you know her?

Sure! Sure! She said to tell you hello and oh yes, she also said to let you know that she is very impressed with the guests you interview on your blog. Imagine. Who would’ve thought?

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here trying to find my way ‘beyond the valley’ on Google Maps.

Make sure you join me and author Ann Cory for Just Another Paranormal Monday ( each Monday from early morning to late at night! We chat it up about all things paranormal and you never know who you might find there! You’re always invited!

Be sure to watch for these titles coming soon! Winning Virgin Love, Winning Virgin Lust, A Matter Among Men, Unspoken Truths and the entire Unspoken Series (Whispers).

Also, can I have a moment or two for a shameless plug or two? Okay, here goes—My first paranormal novel Winning Virgin Blood gained phenomenal reviews so check it out here: Winning Virgin Blood and yes, Beyond the Valley has a to-die-for cowboy so check it out too at Beyond the Valley.

Thanks so much for allowing me to be here with you! And don’t forget, if you find either cowboy on the covers mentioned above, do remind him that I have his rope!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Have you guessed who my special guest is yet? Here's a hint: Who do you think of when you think, BEST WRITER EVER? Other than Melanie Anderson, of course. ;)

You need a better hint? How about: On average, 21 of her books are sold every minute.

Nope, still not Melanie Anderson.

Two more days!

In the meantime, stay tuned for my interview with Destiny Blaine tomorrow! :o) Do you like cowboys? Well, if you do, you'll LOVE this...

You say its your birthday...

Today is my Dad's birthday, so I just wanted to send a little shout out to the man who gave me my sense of humor, most of my looks and a lot of other stuff I'm not going to get into here.

I don't have a picture of him since he's camera shy, but just imagine a cross between Willie Nelson:

Tom Petty:

And me!

Hmm...on second thought. That would be one strange looking dude. ;o)

Happy Birthday Dad!