Saturday, May 10, 2008


There's nothing like being up at 3:00 in morning. Somehow I've landed on a info-commercial for The Time Life Classic Soft Rock Collection. The sad part is when I find myself taking notes on songs I want and then realizing I already have them.

Actually, what's really sad is the fact that two guys from Air Supply are in the commercial. If you take a look at this link, you'll see them at the top:

Classic Soft Rock Collection

The one guy's hair is so white it hurts my eyes. And they are smiling all the time. Like they joined some Time Life Cult. "You will send us your money and we will send you CD's until we all fly off in our spaceship, making love out of nothing at all. Out of nothing at all. Making love. Out of nothing at all." Ahem. Sorry. Sometimes I break into random Air Supply lyrics. I'm seeking help.

I just realized I'm doing my own info-commercial for these CD's. So it's like a info-commercial within a info-commercial.

You're welcome, Time Life. Really. Now pass the Kool Aid.

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