Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Star!

My father loved to play the guitar. My best memories from childhood include him playing Beatle's songs for me and my friends when we'd all sing along. Somewhere there are some tape's of our sing-a-long's, but I have no idea where. My dad was the one person in this world who thought I was a good singer. He'd play Bob Dillon records at barbecues and have me sing for everyone. Yes, alcohol might've been consumed by the adults, but they still wanted to hear me! SUPER STAR!

When he was younger, my dad was in a band. I wish I could've seen that. I've seen pictures, but somehow it's not the same.

My brother also loves to play the guitar. I tried, but never had the patience for it. I learned to type instead, which seems to be the better choice for me. *grin*

Now my son has decided to learn the guitar. At first I was afraid it was like the time he wanted to play the violin (which lasted all of five seconds), but he seems to be serious this time. My mother paid for lessons for him and he's been to two so far. I recorded a clip of him tonight just to mark his progress.

It's grainy since I didn't have a lot of light and his playing is raw, but I do detect talent there. I'm soooo proud! I feel like I'm getting back a piece of my father through my son. He even has the long hair! ;)

If only I could get him to learn Twitty....

Monday, September 29, 2008

A blog about nothing

I really don't have a lot to blog about. After the move, I did nothing all weekend. I watched Grey's Anatomy Season 4 on DVD since I never finished it.

I finally found most of my clothes yesterday. I spent the weekend in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Definitely not the most productive time of my life.

I meant to put together interviews and maybe even get back to writing, but my brain wasn't working, so if I owe you anything, I'll be working on it this week! I feel rested now and ready to get back to life.

This past summer and now September has been a crazy time in my life, but I'm hoping its calming down a bit now.

Now it's time to get ready for work...blah...Monday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Until the Cows Come Home...

I think the cows came by to say goodbye this morning.

I will miss looking out the window and seeing them out there chomping on the grass.

The other day one of them was out there rattling the gate. It seemed to be saying, "Yo. Let me over there. I want to chill in your crib." Or something like that.

As you can tell, it was a pretty dreary morning, which pretty much matched our mood. But that's ok. I was too tired to care. I think I finally fell asleep around 3:30...4:00?

I woke up again at 7:00 and went to take my son to school. I got back close to 8:00 and sat down for a little while. When I finally got up to take my shower, there was a knock on the door. It was the power company ready to turn off the electricity. Crap! The house is on a well, and you need electricity to run the water. But luckily there was enough pressure and hot water left for me to take my shower. I couldn't dry my hair, so ponytail it was! At least I made my coffee first...

Now I'm at work and sleepy. My husband is at home finishing up. Bye cows, we'll miss you! Bye house, we'll miss you too! But no, we won't miss you, landlords...

TGIF...kind of.

It's 2:30 in the morning...

And I'm still working. Help! Send professional movers! ;)

Clothes Monster

It's 12:22 in the morning and I'm neck deep in clothes. Not just clothes that we wear day to day, but somehow a pile of clothes grew in our closet. It's insane. So how come I can never find anything to wear???

I'm tired. But I drank some coffee so I'm in it for the long haul. Sleep? Who needs sleep? We need to be out of here by noon tomorrow, so it has to be done.

Oh! I did get to watch Grey's Anatomy and it was GREAT. I was sooo excited to see that they're pulling the team together and acting more like a hospital. But I won't say more for those who DVR'd it. After all, I haven't seen The Office yet and don't want to be spoiled. I guess I'll have to look online for it this weekend.

The mountain of clothes are mocking me for sitting here. They are taller than I am. Of course I am sitting on the floor, but that's beside the point. I was really trying to be organized about this, but now I'm thinking I'll get bag it all and sort it out later.

Pray I don't get strangled by a pair of rabid khaki's....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

TV Update

So today is the day! Grey's Anatomy and The Office season premiere! Whooo-hooo! Although, my husband unhooked our DVR so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage this. *sniff* I can't choose...it would be like choosing between my two children...if I had more than one. I'm sure I'll go with McDreamy. I always do. I'll just have to catch up with The Office online.

In other TV news, is anyone watching Project Runway?

*spoiler alert*

What's up with Kenley? I thought for sure last night was her night to go! Or I was hoping anyway. I guess she has won challenges before while Suede has been on the bottom a lot. Poor Suede. I'm sure Suede is upset. Suede wanted to go to Bryant Park. Melly is soooo going to miss his 3rd-person-talking self.

But OMG...when LL Cool J laughed at Kenley's "hip-hop" outfit. That was priceless! I just wanted to watch it over and over again. (Which I could do if I still had my DVR...*sniff*)

I've been trying to watch Top Design on Bravo (a Top Chef, Project Runway show, but with interior designers instead), but it's just not very interesting to me. I could care less about the designers and the judges just aren't very exciting.

The one show I do like on Bravo right now is Tabatha's Salon Makeover. Tabatha is a hair designer who goes around making over other people's salons. It reminds me a lot of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare's, but with a female. The same scathing reviews done in a really cool accent. I LOVE this show.

Other than that... I'm still watching Bridezilla faithfully while waiting for the mid-season shows like Scrubs and Friday Night Lights.

I hope my schedule doesn't change when I move...Or maybe I watch a little too much television? Hahahaha. That's like saying you can eat too much chocolate. Impossible!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Procrastination-er-Moving time

I'm at home today, packing up all the odd's and end's that just won't jump in the boxes by themselves...dammit. What's up with that?

But if you get a chance, please check out the blog, "Drawing Stories...With Words," where my blog is featured!

Drawing Stories...With Words

Me and my friend Shiela were discussing her Halloween plans for her blog, which got me thinking I'd like to do something fun here too. Any suggestions? Funny costumes? Where people can send me the funniest costumes they've worn? And I'm not talking about the costumes you wear at night when it's not Halloween. ;o) Not this time anyway...

I've also had a couple requests for interviews (yay!) so I'll try to work on those too while I'm avoiding packing...er...I mean, when I need a break from all the hard work I'll be doing!

Now I need to get some coffee... Hmm...No fridge-no half and half...guess I need to go out! Darn. There goes valuable packing time!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Don't you just hate it when you're reading a book and they mention doing the Macarena at a wedding and now you can't get that damn song out of your head??? Grr...

And of course the only part I can remember, "Hey, Macarena!" So it's on an endless loop in my head. It's enough to make someone want to stick a pen in their ears... Ugh.

My Interview!!

My interview with the Interviewing Author blog is up this week!!! Please check it out for a chance to win an ebook copy of one of my books! The interviewer Crystal is such a sweetheart and bought so many authors to my blog. She's the bomb!

Interview with Melanie Anderson & Contest

Yes, once in awhile people interview ME as well. And not just me interviewing myself. ;)


There is a lot going on in my world right now, so if I seem a bit distracted on my blog, I apologize. In addition to my son starting high school (which has brought on its own changes, some good and some bad), we are going to be moving out again--probably this week, and my job is not going to be the same come October 1st. I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen with either of these things since it's still kind of up in the air at the moment.

But in the meantime, I don't want to neglect my blog, so if anyone would like a shot at guest blogging, let me know! Oh, and I'm always looking for interviews!!! Please put the word out there to any writers or anyone who you'd think would have fun with it.

Yesterday I was watching a NASCAR race. My first race in a long time and it brought me back to where my whole writing dream began. I want to find that magic again. I'm hoping I'll be ready soon. It's time.

Fall is upon us. A season of change. Whether we like it or not...

I miss summer already.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Glow

Since I'm on a new laptop and haven't been able to transfer my old files over yet, I only have one picture on here.

Isn't it beautiful? Just bask in the McDreamyness. Mmmmm.... September 25th!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Interview with Anne Douglas and a lesson on Kiwi's.

Today's interview is with writer Anne Douglas. Anne is a frequent commenter on Melly's Spot and has been sooo patient with me the past couple weeks.

A New Zealand native, she now lives in Florida and enjoys long walks along the beach and...wait, this isn't a dating blog. ;)

So without further ado, I give you my interview with Anne Douglas, the uncut version:

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

You know, Melly’s been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I’m going to go with a 12, just to make her feel good. I’m nice like that. But I’ll be brutally honest if you ask me if your ass looks fat in those pants.

I read that you are from New Zealand. G’day to you! Wait, is that Australian? Hmm… As you can see, we do our research here at Melly’s Spot. Ok, I have a real question: Why are people from New Zealand called Kiwi’s?

Kia ora! Ta’loa’fa, Hello to you and me! Oh wait, that’s the theme song to that preschool kids progam, isn’t it. G’day mate’s a little universal between NZ and Aussie, but those Aussies make a hash of it with their horrendous phonics. Seriously.

Now some might think we are called Kiwis because of a certain little round, brown, fuzzy fruit… but they’d be wrong.

The little round brown fuzzy fruit got named after a certain endangered, round, brown, fuzzy, flightless bird: The Kiwi.

And for some fun Kiwis:

You might have to think about this one a little, it’s really quite sweet and touching along with being funny:

And before tv went 24hrs in NZ it used to shut down around midnight/1pm then the midnight Kiwi used to play: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2H2BOGGUbm4

Do you know any hobbits or orc’s?

My palatial mountain peak hideaway (right beside Helms Deep) is free of all Orc and Hobbit infestations at present. Pesky little bastards, they leave stains if you kill trap them so we had to go to catch and release - they’re worse than trying to catch a cat for a flea bath!

I see you now live in Florida. I’ve asked this before, but maybe I’ll get lucky this time. Do you know my grandmother? Maybe my uncle?

Was she that old lady down at the beach with a string bikini on? At least I think it was a bikini… la la la la la la la I don’t want to think about it. Hell, who am I to talk. I haven’t been to the beach this summer for fear that they’d call out Green Peace and the whale watch!

I guess I should ask about your writing now. In your coming soon section, you have a book called Curious Intimacies, which involves a threesome. Do you have an inspiration for that? Are there any hobbits in it?

Hobbits, no - although it’s set here on the beach in Florida, my guys might know your granny. As for inspiration… fantasies baby, fantasies. Especially this short story as its more erotica with a nice ending than anything else. Oh and Porn. Porn is good. Although the plots? Oy Vey! Maybe I should write a porn screenplay? I’d be good at that, especially if I get to be one of those screenwriters who’s on the set to make on the fly revisions to the script. Oh yeah babeee!

Your book Husbands and Wives: Par 3 also involves a threesome of sorts. This book sounds like a real hole in one! I’m sure you had a ball writing it. Are you tired of the golf terms now? Do you play golf? (That was the real question).

I don’t play golf. I don’t think I’d mind it, but my Father’s never offered to teach me. But then again after the disaster of attempting to teach me to drive, play field hockey, ride a push bike (I have a whoa, how’d I end up on my face bad sense of balance), waterski, back a trailer he might have just given it up as a bad deal. Then there was the incident of me being dragged around the course as a ‘caddy’, a bunch of pine tree’s, a Magpie, a driver and me being left with a humongous scrape and bruise that ran up my chest and ended at my chin. Seriously, if ever confronted by a Magpie on the offensive throw away the golf club your holding before you duck and cover…

As for the book? (Look Dad I DID learn something!!) This story came together really fast as I’d pitched it as part of a trio of books (with my cp’s Amanda Young and Michelle Cary). Loose Id tossed it around a little then sort of said we need the first story NOW. There was a lot of swearing, hair pulling and late nights, but got done it did. And yes, I did have a bit of fun with this one as I set it back home in NZ. I never have a problem with the ‘background’ when I write stories set back home, although sometimes I give myself a bit of homesickness.

Now for the hard hitting question… You ready? Who is your favorite author? (You can say me if you want…really, it’s ok. Nobody will think you are sucking up).

GENA SHOWAL… oh wait, wrong interviewer. CRAP!

I like your cover for Accidentally Were, which is about werewolves and looks really funny. Can I have the werewolf? I’ll treat him good! I’ll make sure to walk him every day…

(whispers… he’s a bear, honey. A big ol’hairy beefy bear - I don’t think he’d take to a leash too well.) Mmm, Rex. I LOVE that cover. It’s so pink and sparkly! This is actually the second version. I hope they do as well for the second cover (I just signed a contract for the next in the series - my editor and I are still debating title options)

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here looking up what exactly an Orc is. It’s all about research on this blog!

Curious Intimacies is about to be released Sept 19th - WOOO that’s like tomorrow - my first Ellora’s Cave release. Here’s the blurb:

Ready for a night of sports and beer Shane’s straight best friend, Jason, throws Shane a curve ball with the words “Kiss me”. Shane’s gay, but Jason’s not…right?

Jason’s got a problem. His girlfriend’s got a strap-on, and she’s not afraid to use it…on him…and he likes it. Where does that leave him? Straight? Gay? Or in between?

Lucy’s not afraid of sexual experimentation in a safe situation. Who’s safer than your best friend—especially when he’s already curious about your sometimes not-so-private love life.

On a hot, humid Floridian night, friends find being curious can be very intimate indeed.

It’s all about sexual experimentation - seeing if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It started life as a short story for another publisher, by 3-4k in I couldn’t make it work, so I dumped it and started on something else that was rejected but became Red Skirt, Cool Fountain once I added about 20k and sent it to Loose Id. When I went back to the story a couple of months later I instantly saw what was wrong: I was trying to make the story have a happy ending when it didn’t need one - it wasn’t a romance, it was erotica. Once I’d figured that out the rest of the story came easily and I sent it to EC for their Exotika line. It’s short, but it packs a punch. :)

Thanks for reading everyone, and to Melly for interviewing me!

You can find Anne at: http://www.annedouglas.com/

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BBAW - Book Blogger Appreciation Week

I wasn't able to get the interview I had planned for today up because I realized I didn't have Word on my laptop yet. Duh! But I'll work on that for tomorrow. In the meantime, I wanted to mention that I'm participating in BBAW-Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which is being put on by My Friend Amy Blog.

Below I'm including the list of participants:

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So go ahead and check out a few or hopefully all of them! Maybe you'll find a new favorite! Now I need to go get ready to drive my son to school, go to the dentist and then work. Fun! I love my glamorous life.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

True Love

I am so enjoying my Conway Twitty box set. It's all I've listened to in the car since I got it. I'm serious. It's ALL I listen to.

But I do have to admit that I'm not always a fan of the Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn duets. Yes, I know they won lots and lots of awards for them, but that doesn't mean some of them aren't....well, cheesy. I was driving home today and I heard the song It's True Love. In addition to being repetitive (something that drives me CRAZY), some of the lyrics just made me crack up. So....here we go.

I couldn't find a good lyric site for this, so I'm going to type them.

It's True Love, Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn

Conway: See that mountain over there? I'll move it for you.
Loretta: Ahh, I know you would.
Conway: You know I'd move it for you.

The first time I heard this song I was like, Awww...that's so sweet. He'd go to any lengths for her! *sigh* Love you, Conway!

Loretta: See the color of my hair? I'd change it for you.
Conway: Mmm... You'd do that for me?
Loretta: You know I'd change it for you.

Wait. He'd move mountains for her and all she's willing to do is dye her hair? A little Clairol is showing love???

Both: Baby, it's true love.
Loretta: And I've never had this feeling.
Both: It's true love.
Conway: And I can't believe it's real.

It's not. She just said she'd dye it for you.

Loretta: No more broken hearts for you.
Conway: Girl, I feel the same way too
Both: 'cause it's true love. Brand new love. With you.

Umm...exactly how many broken hearts has he had??? Maybe he should grab some protection for her as well.


Conway: See that star up in the sky? I'll go get it for you.
Loretta: Aww honey, you don't have to do that.

Major eye rolling moment. She does know he can't really pull down a star for her, right?

Conway: You'd know I'll get it for you.
Loretta: See these tears in my eyes? You're making me cry.

Me too. But not in a good way.

Conway: Hey, did I do something wrong?
Loretta: 'cause I'm so happy inside.

*gag* Oh please. Where are my boots? I'd be more impressed if he'd say, "See that diamond in the display case over there? I'll get it for you." And yes, I write romance books. The point is...?

L&C: Baby, it's true love.
Loretta: It's a supernatural feeling.

Supernatural: of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal.

Ok...I'll go with that.

L&C: It's true love.
Conway: And this time I know it's real.
Loretta: No more broken hearts for you.
Conway: Girl I feel the same way too.

We get it. You're a male slut. Moving on...

Both: Because baby it's true love. And I've never had this feeling. It's true love. And I can't believe it's real.
Loretta: No more broken hearts for you.
Conway: Girl I feel the same way too.

Didn't we just say this???

Both: Because it's true love. It's a supernatural feeling. It's true love. And I can't believe it's real. It's true love. It's a supernatural feeling. It's true love. And I can't believe it's real..fade out.

By this point in the song I'm screaming (in my mind), "Shut up, Shut up, SHUT UP!"

Let's recap: He's moving mountains; she's going to the salon. He's stealing stars from the sky; she's crying. A little unbalanced relationship, eh?

And it's true love because they've never felt that way before. It's supernatural. Unexplainable. Abnormal. And he's apparently had his heart broken a lot. Or he's broken a lot of hearts. I'm not quite sure which.

Now I'm just picturing Loretta sitting on her mountain with blonde hair and a big ball of gas hovering right above her. Do I take things too literal? Hmm...maybe...

But in my world, true love takes Visa. (Songwriters, feel free to use that).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My New Precious!

My husband went out and got me a new laptop tonight! Well, my mom gave us the money and my husband picked it out. I just sat at home being lazy. ;) Actually, the stronger antibiotic I got on Tuesday are just kicking my butt. I feel sooo sick and drowsy. But it's working, so I can't complain too much!

Anyway, my new laptop is a Gateway and it's awesome! I'm still transferring all my old files over from the other laptop. I just hope it stays up long enough to finish! (That's what she said).

Okie-dokie, time to go back to playing with my baby. Just need to figure out what I need to do next. I guess it's time to stop petting it while saying, "My Precious"

It's sad that I have to give up the laptop my dad picked out for me, but my husband said he felt like my dad was with him tonight helping him pick out the computer, so that will do.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Visit from Tara

Meet Tara.

She came to stay with us last weekend when my MIL was in the hospital. She loves looking out the window.

Then sometimes she likes finding strange crap and chewing on it. Like a toilet paper roll.

But mostly she likes looking out the window. Oh! Wait! What is that? Is that cows? Let me put my paw on the window and see if I can touch it.

Must get more comfortable.

And then I'll bark all morning long while Melanie has a toothache. Kind of like this:

The End.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Better

I'm feeling so much better today! It's just been crazy! I don't know why everything always has to be so difficult for me when I have a toothache.

Tuesday, I got ready for my appointment, determined I was going to demand pain killers this time. Enough was enough. For the last day or two before that, I'd practically been in tears thinking they didn't care and wanted me to be in pain. (I get emotional when I hurt).

I get to the dentist at nine, which I'm positive is the time they told me, but they tell me my appointment is at 10. Fine, whatever. I leave and go to Target, which is in the shopping center right next door. No, I did not plan that. Ok, maybe I did. ;) Grey's Anatomy was out on DVD (I have my priorities!) and I'd planned on going after my appointment anyway.

I kill time in Target. I buy two books, Grey's and some stuff from their dollar section. The office manager at the dentist office had told me to go get some coffee or something, but I'm one of those people who won't eat or drink anything before seeing a dentist since I'd just brushed my teeth. So I'm definitely not drinking coffee!

When I get back to the dentist office, there's not a parking space to be found. There's a big gym a couple doors down, which must've had someone famous in there or something (Richard Simmons?) because a hour ago the parking lot was almost empty. Whatever. I park out back.

After I hike back to the dentist office, I sit down and start reading Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. When they call me back, one of the dental assistants asks me, "How are you?"

I tell her, "I'm in a lot of pain."

When the dentist walks over, the first thing I notice is that it's not the same dentist I had before. I'm pretty sure this guy is like the main dentist. I tell him what happened, and how Sunday my husband had paged them since I was in so much pain I was crying, and how no one answered the page. They knew all about this since someone did finally call my husband Monday. So while I'm sitting there he makes it a point to call in his office manager and tell her that they need to fix the answering service. Today. Immediately.

He then explains to me that the lady I'd had the week before had given him my file to look at. I have a rare nerve in my tooth that does not just go straight up and down, but forks like a V. He tells me that he could open up the tooth and try to help me, but there is no guarantee, or I can go to an Endodontics Specialist who has a better chance of helping me. When I agree to that, he tells the assistant to call the one they refer people to and to make me an appointment. He tells me that the money I spent for the root canal on Wednesday will be refunded to me.

The assistant comes back and tells me that they will see me in an hour...and it's in another town. When she asks me if I know where it is, I must look confused (and blonde) because the dentist tells her to Map Quest it for me. They were very nice and kissing my butt, which tells me that they know they made a mistake.

The next thing you know I'm in the car on the way to the endodontist. It was one of those surreal moments where you're wondering, "How did I get here?" I didn't even call work because I thought it was just a consultation or something. Oh, how wrong I was!

When I get there, I have to fill out millions of forms. Then they call me back. I wait for a long time, but I guess that's because they had to fit me in. When the specialist finally comes to see me, he's very nice and very concerned. He wants to drain the abscess and do another root canal. He explains to me what the other dentist explains to me; that I have a rare tooth and that even for him, it will be tricky.

Let me just say right here that I'm glad I know why the first dentist wasn't able to complete my root canal, but that I wish someone had properly explained that. I also wish someone had given me an antibiotic the first day or told me that it might become abscessed. I've never known a dentist or doctor causing more pain than before you walked in. I'm still not even sure why it became abscessed. Everything was such a blur on Tuesday. I wasn't expecting to go through such an ordeal of pain as I did.

I'm not going to go into details about the procedures I had done or the root canal. It's not for the squeamish. Let me just say that there was no going to work for me after that.

When I left they gave me more painkillers (two different kinds) and a stronger antibiotic, so now I'm on two of them.

My chin is still a little puffy, but not as bad as it was. It still aches at night where they drained it at. I have to go back next Wednesday and I'm not really sure what he's going to do. I'm a bit scared.

What really sucks is that while this was going on another tooth started bothering me. *sigh* I don't even know what to do about that. Do I go back to this dentist? Was what happened a fluke? Should I trust them? Not to mention, I think I've used all my insurance on this one tooth.

Then there is my laptop, which keeps shutting down without notice. It's shut down like five times since I started this post. I'm not sure what to do with it since my dad was the one who always fixed my computers before. I'll probably have to buy a new one and give this one to my brother to play with, but it makes me sad. My dad gave me this one and it even has the Jimmie Johnson wallpaper he made me for me on it.

So there's a lot going on right now and not just with my tooth and I'm dealing with it. But man... I would just like to have one good week.

It's 9/11 today and I feel like I should say something, but I'm not sure what. Seven years. It's hard to believe it's been that long.

Well, need to finish this up before my computer shuts down again...grr.... I'll be back tomorrow with pictures! No, don't worry, it's not of my tooth. ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'll probably be missing for a couple days. My computer is giving me problems and I went back to the dentist again today. They made me an emergency appointment with an endodontics specialist, who drained my abscess and did another root canal. Fun! But I did get pain killers...finally.

Anyway, I'll be back soon and I'll have another interview! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Sitcom *Coming Soon*

After my post from yesterday, I got to thinking about how much I miss the old sitcoms. So me and my son came up with a new one. It's still a work in progress, but the title is:

Plastic Sporks

Here we are, face to face
A couple of Plastic Sporks
Hopin’ to find, we’re two of a kind
Are we a fork? Are we a spoon?
Together, we’re going to find our way.
Together, taking the time each day.
To learn all about those foods you just can’t scoop or fork.
Two plastic sporks together
You and I together (We’re going to find our way)
You and I together (We’re going to find our way)
You and I together.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What I'm Watching Now

Two Silver Spoons together...you and I.

I bought Season One of Silver Spoons because it had been so long since I'd watched this show, I could hardly remember what it was about. It's not a show that has been in syndication much.

The first thing that brought it all back of course was the train. Who can forget the train? That was really cool back in the 80's. Who else had a train in their living room? Ricky had the "cool" dad.

The thing I'd totally forgotten about was that Jason Bateman was Ricky's first friend. I'd remembered Alfonso Riberio of course, but he's not even on the first season.

My favorite episode so far of Season One was the one where Ricky's father (Edward Stratton the third) hired Mr. T to be Ricky's bodyguard from the bully at school. When Mr. T busts into his classroom, I was laughing so hard I had to call J down to watch it again with me.

There was another episode where Arnold (Gary Coleman) is a school reporter and comes to Ricky's house. They end up in trouble when Ricky hacks into a gov't site on his computer and Arnold photographs secret plans for a fighter jet. I just couldn't help but laugh when Ricky predicts that soon everyone will be using computers for banking, for shopping...for everything! How right you are Ricky!

Oh and Pac-Man is a big part of the Silver Spoon's trip down memory lane. Since Edward has all those video games in his living room they play Pac-Man a lot.

Me and J keep laughing at how bad sitcom's used to make their sets. This was supposed to be this huge mansion and yet you only see the two main rooms. Oh and Ricky's bedroom. That's it. And when you look outside the doors (which open by remote control, don't forget) there's these steps leading down to the doors. But if you look at the picture they show in the opening credits, there are no steps!

But hey, it was the 80's. Things have come a long way since then. Honestly, maybe too far. All the shows now or so serious or edgy. There just aren't too many good corny shows anymore.

Thank God for DVD's...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still in Pain

After the root canal on Wednesday, my jaw started to swell up and hurt...a lot. But I thought that was probably normal after a root canal. Well, by yesterday, the pain was worse than before I went to the dentist and I couldn't take it anymore. Even my coworkers noticed how swollen and red my jaw was.

I left work early and they fit me in for an appointment. They took me back and the dentist (a different one from the one I had before), filed down my tooth a little. She said that I was biting down on it wrong, which was causing the problem. She also gave me an antibiotic.

When I mentioned the pain, she said that the filing it down and antibiotic was going to make the pain go away. Oh really? Because that's what they told me Wednesday and look how well that worked out!

So last night I had another restless night. I have a schedule of OTC drugs down to the hour. I have to write them down so I don't take too much. I've also been taking the antibiotics but they haven't kicked in yet. My chin is still swollen and red and sometimes I feel myself want to drool a little. Fun!

If the pain doesn't go away by tomorrow, I'm never going to this dentist again. Well, I might go back Tuesday to get the crown done so that this tooth doesn't fracture, but then that's it. Who heard of a dentist that doesn't try to help with the pain? I was almost crying yesterday. If they don't like prescribing pain medication, they could just give me a couple days worth. All this OTC medication cannot be good on my stomach.

Anyway... The other morning I was up and in pain and I found something on YouTube that made me smile. Does anyone remember the "Carlton dance" on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Well, someone made a compilation of his dances. I love Alfonso! :o)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Duck Party

The other day I was leaving work when I realized I wasn't alone. I looked to my right and apparently I'd interrupted Happy Hour...for the geese. Or big ducks. I call them ducks by mistake a lot. My husband is still waiting for me to actually find a real duck so I'll be right one time.

Zooming in. You can kind of see how our parking lot is full of their "droppings". You have to watch your step.

Bonus Picture:
My Precious

Actual conversation last night between me and my son on the way to the store:

"Mom. Do we have to listen to Twitty all the time?" Reaches for iPod.

"Don't you touch that!"

"But I don't want to listen to it..."

"You'll listen to Twitty and you'll LIKE IT!!!"

TGIF! I hear Hannah is supposed to visit us this weekend, so I guess I'll go rent a boat. ;) Stay dry!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Back!

see more puppies

Yes, I only missed a day of blogging, I know. But since I really didn't have a real blog Monday or Tuesday either, I feel like I'm been missing for awhile.

Yesterday, I finally called in sick and went to the dentist. I was feeling achy and sick and was afraid the tooth was infected.

I went to the dentist expecting to get antibiotics and painkillers and instead got a root canal. How rude! Most dentists I've been to in the past will refer you to another dentist first, but these people just did it right there! They numbed me up (oh how much I hate when they do that. You'll just feel a little pinch...uh-huh, right) and started drilling away.

The other problem was that they had fit me into the schedule, so the dentist had other patients she had to see. I'm sitting there all numb and she'd just leave me there for awhile. It seemed to go on forever.

Next week I need to go and finish the crown. Fun! But it really doesn't hurt that much right now. My jaw is sore and stiff, but that's to be expected.

I'm also beginning to think I was actually sick on top of the tooth pain since my son woke up this morning with a fever. I'm just glad the dentists wear masks and gloves at all times. It's a good thing I did stay home!

I'm feeling better this morning. Tired, but better. In between feeling like crap and going to the dentist yesterday, I did finish watching my Season 4 DVD's of The Office. That season was way too short. I also got my Conway Twitty box set!!! You don't know how happy I was to see Twitty's box on my porch when I got home!

Anyway, I'm going to start working on interviews, so I can get back on track. Don't forget if you want an interview to let me know! I'm also thinking about doing a guest blog kind of thing too. If you want to be a guest on my blog...say you want to interview your sock monkeys, please let me know!

Well, I'm going to go make me some coffee and get ready for work. Yay. Thanks for your patience! I'll be back to normal in no time! Well, normal for me...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I wanted to blog about something, but I've been fighting a toothache for days. And of course I have way too many deadlines to take off, so I'll have to go to work before calling a dentist. *sigh*

Have you ever noticed the more pain you're in, the less together you are? I can't find crap this morning and I'm running in circles like a dog chasing his tail. And this is before I even start getting ready! It's going to be a long day...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!


Not much to say today. I'm enjoying the day off by chilling and maybe even getting some writing done. It's about time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and for those down South being hit with Gustav, stay safe!