Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Duck Party

The other day I was leaving work when I realized I wasn't alone. I looked to my right and apparently I'd interrupted Happy Hour...for the geese. Or big ducks. I call them ducks by mistake a lot. My husband is still waiting for me to actually find a real duck so I'll be right one time.

Zooming in. You can kind of see how our parking lot is full of their "droppings". You have to watch your step.

Bonus Picture:
My Precious

Actual conversation last night between me and my son on the way to the store:

"Mom. Do we have to listen to Twitty all the time?" Reaches for iPod.

"Don't you touch that!"

"But I don't want to listen to it..."

"You'll listen to Twitty and you'll LIKE IT!!!"

TGIF! I hear Hannah is supposed to visit us this weekend, so I guess I'll go rent a boat. ;) Stay dry!

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