Monday, May 12, 2014

Working Nine to Five in Sweats

I currently have a temp job where I work at home full time. I went to the office for a week and a half and I haven't been back since. Working at home seems wonderful, but like all jobs it has its pro's and cons...

Pro: No longer having to dress up for work.

Con: There's no incentive to maintain your weight. Sweatpants always fit!

Pro: No coworkers.

Con: No coworkers. The best part of working is all the new people you meet. I miss my CACI family so much! There's a bond there you just don't get when you work at home.

Pro: Setting up your own desk.

Con: Having your dog walk all over your desk. There's a window Scooter uses to go outside. It's right at level with my desk. There's nothing like having a dog staring at your while you work. (Almost makes you miss those people who were tall enough to look down over your cube wall at you while you worked. Almost...)

Pro: Having a paycheck. This is a good thing after being laid off.

Con: It's not very much. I feel like Rachel on Friends getting her first paycheck. "Who's this FICA guy and why's he taking my money?" This is an entry level data entry job. I was making the same amount when I started my job 12 years ago. But hey, like I said, it's a paycheck!

Pro: No commute! This is how I can make this little amount of money.

Con: No commute. Call me strange, but I enjoyed my commute (as long as there was no traffic). I enjoyed listening to my satellite radio and having that time to think. Now I just leave my desk and go in the other room. The only traffic I get is when Scooter and I try to leave the room at the same time. (He always has the right-of-way!)

Pro: Everything is online so there's no paperwork. After years and years of killing trees, I'm hoping they have now forgiven me.

Con: Everything is online. I live in the country where you are limited on internet options. We have satellite internet, which limits your downloads. It's been a problem at times, but I'm learning to work around it. It would be better if someone would bring a better internet out here, but since it's a temp job, I'll deal.

Eventually I will probably need to pursue a full time job, but at the moment this will work. It is lonely though. I keep the television on in the background, but it's above my head where I can't see it, so it doesn't distract me from my work.

Oh and as you might've noticed, my blog moved! I decided to save money and not renew my Godaddy blog at this time. It wasn't very user friendly anyway. One of the reasons I stopped blogging is because I didn't feel like going through the trouble of logging in every time. Yes, I'm lazy. I always loved Blogger because they keep you logged in. Plus, it has my interview with Nora Roberts in it! For those new to this blog, feel free to look around. I especially love all my interviews. They are my pride and joy and are worth a read! Maybe I'll start them up again... I have time on my hands!

I did import all my Getting Laid... Off blog entries over here. That wasn't easy! First I had to import them to WordPress and then export a file out of WordPress and then convert that to a Blogger file.... Anyway... It wasn't easy!

I hope everyone continues to follow me here!