Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just keep smiling

With all the bad news out there right now with our economy, etc, it's hard not to let it get you down. I mean, gas prices for one... It's awful.

But I'm someone who always tries to find the little things that make me smile. So in Melly's Thoughts, I'm going to list things that still make me smile.

1. Yesterday, my coworker and I decorated my other coworker's cube with smiley faces. We drew them and stuck them up all over the place. He loved it! He couldn't stop telling everyone about it.

2. LOLcats. They just crack me up. They are so silly and fun!

humorous pictures

3. Top Chef. Yes, it was on last night. Whooo-hooo!! I love me some Tom!

4. My interviews. They are so fun to do! Have you read the Suz one?

5. My coworkers beta fish. I like to aggravate it. Today I had a pink stress ball and whenever I put it near the bowl, it just freaked out. I'm the prettiest fish!!

6. Finding Nemo. I just think of scenes and quotes from that movie and they make me smile. I'm the Dory fish!

7. Finding pictures for my blog. Can you tell?

8. Cupcakes!! I got these mini cupcakes the other day that was soooo delicious.

9. This guy!

Made of Honor coming out next week!!!

10. Finally, my son and husband. My son when he's not a teenager and my husband when he's telling me things are going to be fine and not to worry about anything. Of course I still worry about stuff, but he has enough confidence for both of us that I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. Everything happens for a reason.

In conclusion, I know it sounds corny, but I just think life is way tooo short to worry all the time. You just really have to find something to make you smile. And let yourself smile. Even if they are fiction. Or pastries.

Until next time! This is Melly's thoughts...

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