Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eeeeeeee! I got Nora Roberts!

And no, she's not locked up in my basement! Not this time! She generously agreed to do a follow-up to Suz's interview. If you missed it, you can find it here: Suzanne McErlain Interview.

So without further ado, and with just a little squealing from me, here is my interview with Nora Roberts, uncut:

Nora, I heard you picked Suz as your innkeeper only because I was so famous you were afraid to ask me. Is that true?

Melly, that is true. I was intimidated by your fame and renown. I mean Suz is great and all, but really she's nobody special.

Are you really sure you want Suz working at your inn? Have you met Suz?

The way I figure it is, I need somebody who'll do whatever I tell them, and be an absolute slave to me and the guests at the inn. Plus, she SAYS she can cook. We'll see about that. I'm thinking I might try her out here at home, cooking, cleaning, doing my bidding, bringing me food on trays.

Can you name a character after me? Someone smart, intelligent, and not blond at all?

Hmm. I think I could work this. You could be my next hero! He was orphaned in the jungle and raised by a pride of lions (which is so NOT Tarzan), but is really the heir to a fabulous fortune in Belize. He's really smart, and can speak British accented English, lion, ape, elephant and fluent Italian. Plus, he looks totally hot in a loin cloth. I think Melly is a perfect name for him!

Really? Suz McErlain? Dark hair... You really have met her?

She will soon be my slave. I really need somebody to wash my car. The pollen's murder this year.

I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, not far from where you're from. Does that make us related? Can you just tell people we are?

Oooh, sister! I just KNEW I had a sister somewhere. Did you borrow my green cashmere sweater? Don't deny it. It better be in the drawer when I get back.

Suz, huh? Okay.

I also need somebody weed this one area of my garden where I saw a snake. I wish she's stop screwing around and get her butt down here.

Okay, I guess the five people who read my blog would want me to ask you a real question. Let me see if I can try that for a change. Hmm... Can I come live with you?

Do you cook? Plus, I've got some hand washing piling up.

Alright, no, that wasn't my real question. Please don't file a restraining order. Here is the real question... How does it feel to have 4 additional movies made from your books?

Feels great. It's really nothing but fun for me. And maybe I can make a trip to the set again and get to hang out with movie stars--which I was, as everyone knows, born to do. Plus, I get my name on screen, a couple times. Which it was born to do. Other then that--which are the priorities, after all--it's very cool to see how screenwriters, directions, actors, costume designers and so on interpret my story for TV.

Can I be an extra in one of your films?

You're not starring in one? I'm going to talk to my agent about this!

Really? Suz? Are you sure you know who she is? Maybe if I sent you a picture...

My gutters need cleaning out. I mean it's not like she'll have anything else to do with her spare time.

Finally, this is where I usually let my guests say whatever they want. If they have something special to promote, etc, you're welcome to do that if you want. Or you can use the time to change your email address so I never contact you again. It's up to you!

I just want to say I think Susie, Sueanne--what was her name again?--whatever--I think she'll be a great innkeeper. Any complaints from any guests should be sent directly to her, because it's her fault.


Suz said...

Boy, I really know how to make the career choices, don't I? I get to be Nora Roberts's minion. Really, who has minions in this day and age?

I'll get out my flute to charm the snake in the garden. But gutters? I've been trying to stay out of the gutter actually.....

Suz said...

Oh. I forgot to mention that I think jungle hero Melly is so sexy.

Anonymous said...

Great Interview Melly!

Jennifer A. said...


That's all I have to say....

Jeannie said...

mBut Suz...I thought you did your best work in the gutter ;)

Great interview Melly...but I still can't believe you made us wait so long LOL

Suz said...

Jeannie! I'm trying to clean up my image. Yanno, be respectable.

What's with the "mBut?" Are you channeling The Hanson brothers? "mmmm bop, doop-bah-doo-bop......"

Unknown said...

Yanno, I was kind of hoping that Suz would have a "it had to be snakes" comment. I see her as the Indiana Jones of innkeepers. Plus apparently she's willing to be a minion.

Lovely interview.

Suz said...

Indiana Jones of innkeepers! hahahahahaha Connie! :) I do look good in a hat......

Dude, if some big rock comes tumbling down the stairs after me, I'm done.....

Jeannie said...

I bet she already has the whip LOLOL

Suz said...


Shiela Stewat said...

First off I want to say good job Melanie on the interview. Second: you rock Nora. Love your books. Wish I got to see your movies though but so far they haven't been on any of my channels here in good ole Canada. Soon, I hope.
Third: why hasn't my name been mentioned yet?? LOL

As for snakes. I hate snake, with a passion. Had one slither down my back once while I was garnening and let me tell you, that garden went to hell that year. No damn way was I going back into it. LOL

Suz said...

Woo-hoo! Shout out to Sheila in Canada! :)

Dude! Ack! A snake slithering down your back?!?! Ohmygod.....serious freak out going on over here.

J.K. Coi said...

Cool interview Melly. Great tips from La Nora on choosing the best minion for your needs. I think you'll do fine Suz as long as those gutters get done.

Unknown said...

I want to thank everyone for stopping by my blog today!

It was really hard for me to wait until Thursday to post it, but somehow I held off. It just made it that much better!

Now that Nora Day on my blog is winding down, I'm feeling a bit sad, but I know there will be a lot more fun interviews in the future!

Just remember, if you want me to interview you, send me an email to I'll try to be nicer to you than to Indiana Suz. ;o)

Unknown said...

Oh and keep the comments coming! I LOVE comments. :o) I'm a bit of a comment ho. ;o)

Shiela Stewat said...

Suz, how do you think I felt? And the damn thing was freakin long too. His beady little eyes narrowed on me as I held his head in my hands and I knew he was thinking, “You are mine bitch!”
I flung that sucker good and far. See who the bitch is now. LOL