Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear McDreamy...

It was getting late and I didn't think I'd have anything to blog about, but then I was watching Grey's Anatomy and thinking about how much I loved McDreamy when it hit me. The reason I don't have him is because he doesn't know how great I am! So if I write it out here, in public, he'll see it and then he'll have to find me! So here goes...

Dear Patrick Dempsey,

I am your biggest fan, but I think we should be more. I would like to show you why you need me and don't even know it yet. Please read this with an open mind.

I have a lot of land where you can race your cars. Well, technically, it's my mom's land. But I'm sure she wouldn't mind! I can be your pit crew. Crawl under your engine....check your dipstick. Wait, where was I?

I have a cute little puppy named Scooter. Sure he might chew on your stuff. A few of the hundred dollar bills I know you just pass out like candy, but still. He's a good dog! Just don't leave your shoes anywhere... But I'm sure you can buy another pair when you're taking me shopping for the diamonds I deserve.

I have a cat! Or two. I'm not really sure. They keep hanging out at my house. But a cat is always good, right? I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady! Just

I really like your hair.

I can help you with your fake brain surgery's. You could even use my brain if you'd like! I'm not using it for anything!

I would give my firstborn son. Ok, so he's 16. And a little obsessed with his hair. Hey, see, it's almost like he's your son already!

My husband is really good with cars. I'm sure he wouldn't mind working on yours while we're making out! Oh yeah, he'd have no problem there!

I'm blonde. All men loves blondes! We also have more fun! Sometimes we just do stupid things like lose our keys. Or write notes to celebrities who could care less about us.

I have a really good imagination! We can make up all kinds of stuff to do. Some involving cake. Mmm...McDreamy cake.

Where was I? Oh yes, McDreamy. See, I have a lot to offer to a man like you. I'm sure you'll agree after you read this blog.

I'm waiting for you Patrick! I'll even cook for you! Well, I will pick something up for you. Do you like McDonalds Value Menu? I hear the McRibb sandwich is back.

Love always,

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