Monday, November 15, 2010

Hi! My name is...

Hi! My name is Scooter. Mommy wanted me to post for her this morning. I'm a good dog. Well, sometimes. A lot of times I chew on random stuff I find on the ground. My favorite toy is a paint roller because it's fuzzy and seems like a round animal. Mommy says I'm weird, but she just doesn't understand. I saw the paint roller looking at me funny once so it had to go!

I can also open doors and gates. I have such long legs that I can stand up and reach the handle. I once locked my boy out of the house when he got home from school. He had to climb in a window. It would've been pretty funny if I hadn't needed to go out and pee. I can even open the door on my cage and walk in. I can then walk out. Sometimes. Sometimes I can't figure out how to open the door again. People laugh at me.

Then there is the gate I open up to let my friend Winnie free. I can't leave since I'm on a chain, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I tell Winnie to go get something sharp to break the chain, but all she does is run after my friend, Sam the Cat. She's not too smart.

I like to chew shoes. They say I'm a bad dog, but I'll I'm trying to do is make sure they never leave me. I love my people.

Ok, I have to go now. I have to go lick myself repeatedly and bark at random things. Until next time! This is Scooter's Corner...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week in Review

So ends my first full week back in the blogworld. I think it went well. I'm definitely rusty when it comes to topics (still haven't decided what to do for Friday) and I would like to interview something that isn't an inanimate object. Or an office supply. But at least I know I have more objects if that's all I have. Or animals. I have a dog and cat too that would love to be interviewed. So I'm good to go there. In the meantime I'm just going to list the highlights of this week for me personally.

1. My Entertainment Weekly arrived today. I just love that magazine. And my year subscription to it. It's just the right size for someone with my short attention span.

2. My Facebook posts about Grease 2. We're going to bowl tonight! I love that movie. It's so bad, it's good!

3. I started another Gilmore Girls rewatch. Man I love that show. Plus my friend Suz is watching it as well, so I have someone else to talk to about it!

4. I wanted to put Glee, but it was a weird episode. And I miss Finn and Rachel. They were a big part of the reason I enjoyed the first season.

5. Same with Grey's Anatomy. Just a whole lot of crazy going on there. It's still good and I can't wait to see where they are going with a lot of the storylines, but they really need to just move it along now.

6. My husband and I started commuting part of the way to work. It was a nice break from the long monotonous drive.

7. Veteran's Day. It's so wonderful that we have a day to thank our troops and all they do for us. If only they gave more people the day off. I hate when important holiday's start to lose impact.

8. Interviewing my stapler. I think the stapler had a good time too.

9. My big oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie. But that was Monday...a long time ago. *sigh* I miss you cookie!

10. Oh and the Hostess Orange Cupcakes I have! Wait, is that two dessert related entries? I guess we can see my priorities...

I guess that's it for this week! Thank you for joining me! It's great to be back...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear McDreamy...

It was getting late and I didn't think I'd have anything to blog about, but then I was watching Grey's Anatomy and thinking about how much I loved McDreamy when it hit me. The reason I don't have him is because he doesn't know how great I am! So if I write it out here, in public, he'll see it and then he'll have to find me! So here goes...

Dear Patrick Dempsey,

I am your biggest fan, but I think we should be more. I would like to show you why you need me and don't even know it yet. Please read this with an open mind.

I have a lot of land where you can race your cars. Well, technically, it's my mom's land. But I'm sure she wouldn't mind! I can be your pit crew. Crawl under your engine....check your dipstick. Wait, where was I?

I have a cute little puppy named Scooter. Sure he might chew on your stuff. A few of the hundred dollar bills I know you just pass out like candy, but still. He's a good dog! Just don't leave your shoes anywhere... But I'm sure you can buy another pair when you're taking me shopping for the diamonds I deserve.

I have a cat! Or two. I'm not really sure. They keep hanging out at my house. But a cat is always good, right? I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady! Just

I really like your hair.

I can help you with your fake brain surgery's. You could even use my brain if you'd like! I'm not using it for anything!

I would give my firstborn son. Ok, so he's 16. And a little obsessed with his hair. Hey, see, it's almost like he's your son already!

My husband is really good with cars. I'm sure he wouldn't mind working on yours while we're making out! Oh yeah, he'd have no problem there!

I'm blonde. All men loves blondes! We also have more fun! Sometimes we just do stupid things like lose our keys. Or write notes to celebrities who could care less about us.

I have a really good imagination! We can make up all kinds of stuff to do. Some involving cake. Mmm...McDreamy cake.

Where was I? Oh yes, McDreamy. See, I have a lot to offer to a man like you. I'm sure you'll agree after you read this blog.

I'm waiting for you Patrick! I'll even cook for you! Well, I will pick something up for you. Do you like McDonalds Value Menu? I hear the McRibb sandwich is back.

Love always,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview with my Stapler

Did you think I was lying about interviewing my stapler? How silly!

On a scale from 1 to 10, how awesome am I? No excuses about how you hardly know me…

That's silly. I am your stapler. I do know you. You are kind of annoying and spacey. And you like to hit me really hard.

Whatever. Time for the hard hitting question. Prepare yourself… What is your favorite book?

I am a stapler. Seriously. Are you not understanding this?

Fine. An easy question then. What is your name?

Do I have a name? I believe I used to say Swingline until your grubby hands rubbed it off.

Wow, I had no idea my stapler was so hostile. And has kind of a slight French accent. Have you been to France?


Did you know I got to pick you myself? Most people just got handed staplers. But I picked you myself.

Oh no, not this story again...

Yes. When my manager handed me that Staples catalog and I went through its glossy pages, I picked you especially. Because you were purple.

Wow. That's great. Because I am purple. Seriously you should be writing this stuff down. You'd make millions! Denzel Washington would play me in the movie.

I'm not sure I like you anymore


Ok, interview done! It's time to staple a whole lot of papers! Maybe a whole boatload of papers. Lots of slamming!

You know I like it rough...


Until next week!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Trip to a Scary Place

Since I couldn't think of a really good list for today, I decided to just do some free association. I'm going to empty my brain (more so than it already is) and just list random thoughts that go through my head. Ready? Yeah, it's scary, I know...

1. What should I type?

2. Why are my coworkers talking when I'm trying to write my list?

3. It's sad that my Grey's Anatomy calendar still has Izzy on it. I don't even miss her that much. Well, I miss old Grey's, but I don't miss her exactly.

4. Why am I so tired? I had so much caffeine today.

5. I really want a cookie.

6. Yikes, my brain really is blank.

7. Sleepy.

8. I wish people would stop asking me if I had an interview just because I'm wearing a suit today. Do I usually dress in rags?

9. Ooo, I think there's a new Glee on tonight!

10. I want to go home.

That was exciting, wasn't it? Now you know what my brain is like. Be very afraid.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Scooter's Corner

Hello! And welcome to the first day of Scooter's Corner! I'm not sure exactly where we are going to go with this, but I guess I'll figure it out as I go. That's how I usually do things around here.

Scooter does this thing now that's really annoying. When I go to take his picture, he automatically closes his eyes when he sees the camera start flashing.

I mean, I can't blame him, because I do take a lot of pictures of him. He probably thinks I'm some sort of puppy paparazzi.

I just want to get one picture with his eyes open!

So close!

Damn it!

Finally! SUCCESS! There's my cute little boy!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Shoes

In case you wanted to see the totally awesome shoes my son picked out!

He loves them! I think it was the first thing he did this morning was put on his shoes. I was going to let Scooter out and he's like, "I'll do it!" Maybe I will get my money's worth after all...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What happened to Power Rangers?

So it's started. Today my son told me all he wanted for Christmas was clothes. Seriously?? No matter how much I wanted nice clothes growing up, I would not sacrifice other cool things for them. I said, "What about video games?" He said, "Well, yeah, but I don't want to get less clothes for them."

My jaw just about dropped.

This conversation took place after I took him to the mall. He said he wanted a jacket, but he admitted later that it was just a pretense to get me to go. If he acted like it was something he needed instead of just wanted, he could get me out of the house. Sadly, it worked. I'm not a rich person. I rarely have money to drop on clothes for any of us, but I don't want people to say I can't get my son a jacket.

What we ended up getting was a t-shirt and a pair of shoes. And before you think, "Oh, just a t-shirt. That's not bad." We went to the store Hot Topic. A t-shirt is $20. At least I told him no on the second t-shirt.

The shoes... The shoes were these God-awful baby blue checkered Vans. They were $41. I so wanted to judge him for it, but I grew up in the 80's...I wore florescent clothes. I can't judge. I have no Jordache covered leg to stand on here.

If you're wondering what we'll do about a jacket then, don't worry, he does have various jackets around the house. They will just have to do. He knew the choice he was making. If he has to shiver a little, he can just look down at those lovely shoes he picked and remember.

We were walking through Target and he said, "Do you remember when I used to hate clothes and I would go straight for the toys?"

"Yes, I do," I said in a sad voice. Yes, I do...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Under the Influence

I have come to the realization that I can't read reviews. Whether it be of a book or a movie or a television show. I have always respected a critical review of the above mentioned subjects. Back in the day, I used to read any book that got a good review of Amazon, without realizing that a lot of the reviews were done by friends or family or fans of that author and ended up with crap.

That's when I found the review sites that would tell it like it is. I ended up finding a lot of good books that way. Plus, I got the chance to read a lot of bad reviews that made me laugh. Heck, even I snark on some of the Harlequin Presents books.

But then it all backfired on me. I'd go on Television without Pity to read a recap of a favorite show and find them tearing apart a scene that I really liked and it started clouding my judgment. Suddenly, I was looking at the show through someone else's eyes.

Then I'd start getting defensive. Defending why I liked it to myself and forgetting one important fact. These are all people's opinions. One person's opinion. Not mine.

The logical answer here is for me to just stop going to these sites. I should just form my own opinion, which makes sense, but I enjoy these sites. Like I mentioned above, I've found some good books from them. I don't want to go back to reading fangirl reviews on Amazon. And TWoP is funny when it's not making fun of a character or scene I liked.

Is there a middle ground? Maybe I should stop reading negative reviews. Or stop reading recaps of shows I like. Or just stop being wishy-washy. I like what I like. If I like Finn on Glee despite the fact a lot of people think he's a crap singer, I should just stand by that. If I like Meredith on Grey's despite the fact a lot of people think she's whiny, I should stick by that.

And maybe stay away from the internet and television for awhile and get a life. That might be a good idea too...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bringing Melly Back

It's time for me to get serious about blogging again. After my hiatus of about two years give or take, it's time for Melly's Spot to get rolling again.

Here is the new schedule I'm proposing. I might tweak it a bit.

Monday: Scooter's Corner. Because everyone loves a puppy!
Tuesday: Lists. This is where I will make a list of something--anything. Like how many ways this blog could end up sucking.
Wednesday: Interviews. Yes, I'm bringing them back! But first I need someone to interview! Of course if you know me, I can pretty much interview anyone or anything. I might end up interviewing my stapler.
Thursday: Melly's Thoughts. This is where I ramble about some nonsense.
Friday: Yeah, I don't have anything for Friday yet... I'm thinking of something Facebook related. Random status or something. We'll see...

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Of course this all hinges on whether I have internet at home, etc.

Please let me know if there's anyone out there who wants me to interview them! You don't have to be a writer, but you would have to give me some clues about who you are and what you like to do or I will just be guessing...

Edited to add: If you're interested in an interview, please email me at: Please be sure to include Interview somewhere in the subject line. Thanks!