Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bringing Melly Back

It's time for me to get serious about blogging again. After my hiatus of about two years give or take, it's time for Melly's Spot to get rolling again.

Here is the new schedule I'm proposing. I might tweak it a bit.

Monday: Scooter's Corner. Because everyone loves a puppy!
Tuesday: Lists. This is where I will make a list of something--anything. Like how many ways this blog could end up sucking.
Wednesday: Interviews. Yes, I'm bringing them back! But first I need someone to interview! Of course if you know me, I can pretty much interview anyone or anything. I might end up interviewing my stapler.
Thursday: Melly's Thoughts. This is where I ramble about some nonsense.
Friday: Yeah, I don't have anything for Friday yet... I'm thinking of something Facebook related. Random status or something. We'll see...

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Of course this all hinges on whether I have internet at home, etc.

Please let me know if there's anyone out there who wants me to interview them! You don't have to be a writer, but you would have to give me some clues about who you are and what you like to do or I will just be guessing...

Edited to add: If you're interested in an interview, please email me at: melly48@gmail.com. Please be sure to include Interview somewhere in the subject line. Thanks!

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