Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ever since we got our new dog, Scooter, I've noticed my husband has been a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, he loves Scooter, but I know he can't help but compare him to our other dog Sheena.

Sheena was female and a daddy's girl. She loved her daddy and would usually pick him over me. I was fine with that. Scooter, on the other hand, is my little shadow. He'll even follow me into the bathroom. I'm not so fine with that.

He also gets carsick. Sheena loved nothing more than to get into a car and go for a ride. Even if it was just around the block. Every once in awhile my husband will take Scooter for a ride hoping he has outgrown it. Every time he's stuck cleaning up the mess.

My husband loves to hunt and loves looking for deer. Sheena knew what a deer was and would freak out if she saw one. Sometimes when we were driving, my husband would go out of his way to show her a spot where he thought there might be some deer. They were both so happy if they found some. I usually just rolled my eyes. In Scooter's limited world of our house, he has not seen any deer. I don't think he'd know the difference between a deer and a very large dog. The only exotic animals he has seen is the horses across the street and the goats next door.

This morning he was getting ready to go hunting and I was sitting here talking to Scooter. "Daddy's going to go get some deer. You don't even know what a deer is."

"He doesn't know what a deer is. He doesn't go for rides. He's nothing like Sheena," my husband says in a sad voice.

"Aww," I say, "Scooter has his own unique qualities."

We both look at him.

"Yeah, like licking his balls?" my husband scoffs. For yes, that's what he was doing the entire time we were having this conversation.

My poor husband. Still wishing he had someone to worship him again. I'll have to work on that. Not the worshiping part of course. Oh no...that ship has sailed. I've known him way too long. But maybe we can get another girl dog.

In the meantime he'll just have to deal with Scooter. He may be a ball-licking little puking dog, but he is our ball-licking little puking dog! And I wouldn't trade him for any dog in the world.

I think.