Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Interview with Suz McErlain

Today I have a very special guest. She's Suzanne McErlain and one of my bestest friends in the whole world. She owes everything she is to me. Wait, reverse that...oh, never mind. Anyway, like my last interview, it didn't go exactly how I expected it to. I think I need to take a class or something.

Here is my interview with Suz McErlain, the uncut version:

I hear you are going to be the innkeeper at Nora Roberts’s Inn. Is it true that you got the job because you know me? Be honest.
Yes, it's true that I am going to be the innkeeper at Nora Roberts's Inn. It's called Inn Boonsboro and we hope to open around Christmas 2008.

I'll tell you that the competition for innkeeper was fierce. I pretty much had the talent and swimsuit parts wrapped up, but when it came to the interview questions portion, I got a little nervous. When asked, 'Who is the coolest, most famous person you know?' one contestant answered that her husband's brother's aunt's cousin's neighbor's sister's best friend knows The Jonas Brothers. But when I said I know author Melanie Anderson, well, I think that really tipped the odds in my favor.

No, seriously be honest.
That was honest, and don't call me seriously.

On a scale of one to ten, how awesome am I? You can go past ten if you like.

You are totally awesome! Like, to the max! Where does the max fall on a scale of one to ten? I think it's between 8 and 9.

I hear in the past you had a job where you served other people and got paid for it. Is that true?

I think you are referring to the years I spent bringing food to the hungry. Some people call it waitressing. But yes, I served--not serviced--other people and got paid for it.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

Yes, I did know that. I've know it since we were about eight years old and met on the beach in Atlantic City. I know I'm everything you would like to be. Sadly, you cannot fly higher than an eagle though. *sniff*

Is it true you receive a newsletter from a dead man?

Hmm......can a dead man send a newsletter? The postage must be astronomical. I subscribe to the Elvis Presley newsletter. It keeps me up to date with everything that's going on in his world. But he's not dead. He was just on 'American Idol' last year singing with Celine Dion. Didn't you see it?

Can I still be your juicer?

I do need someone to squeeze my oranges every morning. Are you as fast as the Acme Supreme Juicerator 5001? Perhaps we should have a contest a la John Henry and see if you can keep up.

What are you wearing?

Now for the hard hitting question. What’s your favorite song?

Does Melanie Anderson write music? Or does she just write books?

I always hate this question because I have so many songs that I love. My favorite at the time depends on my mood. But if you're going to make me answer, I guess I'll have to go with 'Burnin' Love' by Elvis Presley. No wait, 'Rainbow Connection' by Kermit the Frog. No, no......'Goodbye to You' by Scandal. But then there's 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner.....

Do you have anything to add? Here’s where I let people talk about anything.

Do I have anything to add? You're going to make me do math? Dude, I thought this was supposed to be a friendly interview. This must be what it feels like to be on 'The View' or 'Merv Griffin.' I can talk about anything? Really? Okay.

I guess I would just like to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I also want to thank God and the Academy.

I want to give a shout out to all my friends! Woot!

I can't wait to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It looks great, doesn't it?!

I'll close by saying I hope to welcome you and all of your readers to Inn Boonsboro when we open. Perhaps one day we'll add on and have a Melanie Anderson room..........

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ack! I've been tagged!

Well, I still haven't thought of a song yet, and since I was tagged by my friend Sheila, I thought I'd do that for now. Maybe I need a different Tuesday feature? I'll have to think about it.

The rules:

Tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Get five blog buddies to play, too and link to their blogs. Don't forget to post the rules.

1. I'm left-handed. No big deal except whenever people find out they say, "Oh, I didn't know you were left-handed!" So I guess someone cares. *shrug*

2. My son is going to high school next year, which is freaking me out.

3. When I was in elementary school, I wrote a story about girl who had a heart attack. I'm not sure why. I must've heard it on TV or something.

4. My first published piece of work was a letter to the editor of the Washington Post magazine. I think I still have it somewhere.

5. I have way too much Neil Diamond on my iPod. Seriously! What's up with that? And what exactly does Cracklin' Rosie mean? Although, I do like the work cracklin'. Crack...cracklin'...crackhead Oh, what? Where am I?

6. I really like this Folger's Chocolate Silk coffee. (It said random!)

7. Nuts help me concentrate. Hmm...should I rephrase that? Any kind of nut (heh), like peanuts or pistachio's seem to help me focus my mind on what I'm doing.

I don't have time right now to think of five people to tag, but anyone can play!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My next interview!

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I just realized I'd neglected to mention my special guest for this week's interview. She's none other than the wonderful Suzanne McErlain! Don't know her? Well, you soon will. She's going to be the new innkeeper at Nora Robert's new inn, Inn Boonsboro!

Make sure you visit my blog on Wednesday to meet my special friend. It's promising to be...interesting.

And don't forget, if you want to be interviewed by me, please send me an email. I have a few slots still open...okay, I have all the slots open. ;) But I do have people in mind to torture-uh, ask if I don't hear from anyone. Are you an author? A friend of mine? Family member? Coworker? Perfect stranger? Internet stalker? Send me a line! I'm waiting...

I Need a Vacation!

Today I'm taking you back in time. Do you remember when you left Aunt Edna on top of your car then punched a moose in the nose? Or how about that Christmas when you had to dig up your tree with your own hands? Or that unfortunate Mile High Club incident?

Yes, you know what I'm talking about. The Vacation movies.

Ahh...just writing that makes me smile. Oh, Clark Griswold, you bumbling fool. How do you make me fall for you time and time again?

Today, I was bored-err-writing, when I started flipping through the free movies Comcast offers. Then I found it. Vegas Vacation.

So instead of reviewing the movies I got this weekend, I think I'll rate the Vacation movies-in order.

4. European Vacation.

Ehh. That one never really did it for me. Sure, it has its funny moments. The really nice British guy they keep hitting with their car. Oh and it also has one of my favorite quotes of all time: "Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament."

I think it was the kids that did it for me. They just weren't funny. I feel bad saying this since I know the actress who played the daughter passed away, but she did NOT look like their daughter. She didn't even look like a teenager!? I don't expect realism in a Vacation movie--after all, "Rusty" changes ages on a constant basis, but don't make it so bad that I can't think of anything else!

Lastly, the whole stereotype of Europe made me wince instead of laugh. 2 out of 5

3. Vacation.
You'd think the original Vacation would be in the number one slot, but no, it's not. Maybe it was before my time, I don't know. But it's just not my favorite. Although it does have one of the best roller coaster sequences of all times. My friend Robin and I used to watch it every year before we went to Kings Dominion. To get us prepared. lol

Oh, but I did love Aunt Edna. She was the best part.

One last note... I was nine years old when this came out, and still pretty young when I finally watched it. That scene with the dog really upset me, and always left a bad impression in my mind. Another reason this isn't my favorite. 3.5 out of five

2. Vegas Vacation.

Now we're talking! There isn't a moment of Vegas vacation I don't like. From the moment Clark comes driving erratically down his road, running into everything, they've got me. Even the kids are easier to deal with.

Oh and two words: Wayne Newton. Seriously. lol The way he went after Ellen still cracks me up.

I don't know if it's because it's more modern than the last two or what, but it's definitely one of my favorite movies. 5 out of 5

1. Christmas Vacation.

Yes, it's not officially Christmas until I watch this movie. It's a classic. It rates up there with The Christmas Story. I'm dead serious!

Not only that, but the soundtrack is awesome! And there are so many good quotes froom that movie I wouldn't even know where to start. 5 out of 5

Well, that's it. Thanks for going on Vacation with me! :o)

"Holiday road, oooooooh oooh ooooh. Holiday roooooadddd."

Saturday, April 26, 2008


When I got up this morning, all I planned to do was write. This was an easy vow to make then since my internet was out. But luckily, or not, it did come back. Since then, this is what has been distracting me from my writing.

1. Watching the VH-1 list of top 100 songs of the 80's. You just have to mention the 80's and you've got my attention.

2. Finding this Disney record I had when I was a kid. Haunted House I LOVED that record and it was such a thrill to find it. Especially since I could hear it again without a record player.

3. Looking for pictures of rundown amusement parks. Don't ask me why. I've always had this thing for abandoned buildings.

4. Finding questionable poltergeist videos on YouTube. Yes, this was supposed to be part of my research-I am writing about ghosts after all, but then it became about surfing YouTube.

5. Going to the Disney Store online and "aww"-ing at stuffed animals.

6. Watching the thunderstorm outside the window.

7. Watching Romi & Michelle's High School Reunion. Awesome movie! I KNOW!

8. Not really watching Jane Austen's Bookclub. Just couldn't get into it.

9. Eating pistachios. You can't crack the shells and type at the same time. I've tried!

10. Writing this blog entry.

It's not easy for me to write. Not when there's an whole World Wide Web to surf!! Maybe I should call Comcast and ask them if they could shut off my internet access periodically so I can write. Do you think they would go for that? Naw, I guess not. Not without charging me anyway. They charge for everything.

Okay, now I'm getting back to my writing. I have until July to finish this book. And I will do it dammit! I swear! After I check my email...

Contest is now closed!

I've closed comments on my contest blog so I can determine the winner. Please stay tuned! I'll be posting it as soon as I format it.

Thanks to everyone who entered! 207 comments, wow!!!

Edited to add... And we've got our winner!! Hairline Fracture! Congratulations!!! You've won the $20 gift certificate for!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit! It was fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Vault.

This is a really old picture of me and my son at Halloween. I couldn't even tell you what year it's from. He was dressed as Link from Zelda and I was dressed as his ditzy blonde mom. ;o)

Speaking of my son... This morning I dropped him off at school, and as I was waiting for the mom in front of me to pull out, I noticed my son opening the door for the little girl behind him. Awww...

Although the cynical side that knows my 13 year old son wonders if he was opening the door for himself and she just walked in. But I like to think that he was holding the door for her. That's the mom in me talking.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rules of the Road

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In Melly's Thoughts today, I'm going to list my observations on traffic in the Metro DC area. I'm pretty sure they apply to other places as well, but since this is where I live, it's all I know.

1. Turn signals are optional, and a sign of weakness.

2. Two words: Jersey Walls. Construction is always ongoing in this area, and to make Dept of Transportation feel better, they stick Jersey walls everywhere. "You see this Jersey wall? It means we're working. Just not now." Then they put them so close to the road that everyone thinks they are going to wreck so they start veering into the next lane. The one you're driving in of course. My next career is going to be making Jersey walls. I'll make a fortune!

3. A little rain and snow and people drive crazy. And nice days. When I hear the words "sun delay" I die a little inside.

4. Speed limits are just a suggestion and not something anyone needs to obey. Unless there is a cop on the side of the road.

5. And if there is a cop on the side of the road, people will slam on their brakes. Even if the cop has someone pulled over. Or facing the other direction.

6. There's always one person who doesn't know how to merge.

7. Even with plenty of notice that a lane is ending, people will still play chicken. Usually with a Jersey wall.

8. When coming off an exit, there will always be one person who will break out of the line and try to go around everyone instead of just merging with the rest of the cars.

9. There will always be one car that will take the slow lane too seriously and go below the speed limit. I'm talking way below. Turtle pace.

10. You'll see at least one accident a week. Sometimes one a day. Insurance company's must be making a mint in this area.

My last and most important observation is... PEOPLE ARE WAY TOO MUCH OF A HURRY TO GO NOWHERE. Calm down!

Oh, and in something totally unrelated, the new Grey's Anatomy is on tonight!! Whoo-hoo! It seems like I've waited way too long.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My first Interview! Shiela Stewart

I decided to bring a new feature to my blog. Interviews! Who doesn't enjoy a good interview, right?

My first victim-uh, interviewee was my critique partner and best writing buddy, Shiela Stewart. Her books are awesome! She has three books out right now that are part of her Passion series. I've read them all, and LOVED them.

Anyway, I asked her if she'd do an interview with me and she was very excited. Until she read the questions. Then she called me strange. Weird, huh?

So without further ado, the below is my interview with Shiela Stewart. The uncut version.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like.

10 1/2 I would have given you 11 but you didn’t share any cake with me a few weeks back.

2. Is Vic still mine?

He’s still yours I have to warn you, Julia just bought this really kick ass meat cleaver for her restaurant and she’s not afraid to use it to defend what’s hers.

3. I guess I should ask about you. What do you think of my writing?

I like your writing but you’re not fast enough. ;)

4. Time for the hard hitting questions… What did you have for breakfast?

Toast and coffee with a dollop of tasty lips.

5. I heard you live in Canada. Any igloos?

Oh sure, they’re everywhere. I live in one myself though it’s tough in the summer. I have to have the air-conditioning cranked on high to keep it from melting. LOL

6. If you had a choice between having lunch with me or Nora Roberts, who would you pick? (Not that I have to ask…we all know what your decision would be. Right? I’ll have cake!)

You of course, because I’ll be having dinner with Nora. LOL

7. Do you think bribing someone with cake so that they pick you over Nora Roberts is wrong?

Absolutely. Especially when there really is NO cake. Give it up woman. LOL

8. Okay, I guess I should get back on track. I heard you’ve written like a hundred books. Is that true?

Yes I have, and I‘m working on the one hundredth and one now. It’s called, “Strangling Mel in the Fast Lane” LOL

9. Can you slow down your writing so I can catch up?

Only if I end up having a lobotomy. LOL

10. Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here napping-err-paying close attention.

Stop snoring so loud so I can talk about myself.

What’s to say that hasn’t already been said…wait, nothings been said here so I have free reign.

I have five books out right now, in both ebook and in print. Kidnapped, Secrets of the Dead, Discovery in Passion, Escape in Passion and Mercy in Passion. And coming this July, the first book in my Darkness series, Seducing the Darkness will be released. There are a total of five books in the series.

I have a contest right now for all those that sign up for my newsletter. You’re name will be entered in a draw to win a free signed copy of Discovery in Passion. To sign up, send me an email at: with the subject line “ Newsletter sign up” And your name will be entered.

To find out more about me and my books, go to

Thank you Mel for this wonderful and bizarre…I can’t call it an interview because there really was no interview to be had so I’ll call it a conversation. Always a joy to chat with you. Now get busy writing.

I want to thank Shiela for being such a good sport! And please keep an eye out for her vampire series. I've read and loved all three of them and that's saying something for someone who doesn't like paranormal!

Also, don't forget to look at yesterday's post where you can win a $20 gift certificate from!

Tomorrow: Melly's Thoughts.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Gift Certificate!!

Instead of doing a song today (since I couldn't think of a song anyway), I'm running a contest. The winner will get a $20 US Amazon gift certificate. (I will be emailing it so you must have a email address obviously). I will be running this contest all week! So please comment all you like!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Edited to add: I will pick a name on Saturday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Got Cox?

Monday Quickie Reviews

I watched three movies this weekend, which doesn't happen very often. Why watch the television when there are so many computer games to be played? But I've gotten a bit burned out on computer games, so movies it was.

The first movie I watched was Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Movie. What can I say about this one? For one thing I didn't read the part where it says "Graphic nudity," so I was very surprised to see the 'full monty' so to speak. This was especially bad since I was watching with my son. At the first naked boob sighting, I sent him out of the room, so he missed the wanker. But they did manage to sneak it in towards the end. Oops!

What did I think of this movie? Well, it was funny, but in a WTF? kind of way. I know it was mocking the movie Walk the Line and the whole rock star life and it succeeded with that. But it was soooo long! At one point I walked in the kitchen to do the dishes. If something can bore me to the point of doing dishes, that's NOT good. I'm kind of wondering if it's a Talladega Nights kind of movie. Something that needs to be watched more than once to get the full effect. Well, since it's going back to Netflix tomorrow, I'll never know. For now, I say 3 out of 5.

The second movie I watched was Juno. What can I say about Juno that hasn't already been said? It's a funny bittersweet movie that touches on a serious subject. And as someone who had a baby pretty young, it did hit home a bit. I liked it. It made me laugh, it made me think and it made me cry a bit. I would give it 4 out of 5.

And the third movie I saw was Ratatoulle. I love Pixar movies. They are amazing! Visually stunning. This movie was also about cooking, which is one of my favorite kind of shows/movies to watch. But it's not something I feel the need to watch again. Don't get me wrong--it was a very sweet movie, but maybe it's better for kids. And the thought of a rat making my food? 3.5 out of 5. Maybe a 4 if I watch it again. I still think Finding Nemo is my favorite.

That's all for Quickie Reviews today! Tomorrow: Song of the Day

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another weekend gone...

humorous pictures
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And I didn't get as much done as I wanted. But hey, I did get my haircut!!! My husband cuts my hair, and OMG, it's so good to get rid of it. It was hitting the middle of my back, and when my hair gets long, it hates me. It tangles up to the point where I have to put it up in a ponytail. That gets old fast.

I did get some work done on my blog though. I hope people come by this week to see the new changes. I think you'll enjoy them! Especially the interviews. lol

Okay, it's getting late, dammit. Time to go to bed. Sigh.

Tomorrow: Quickie Reviews.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for my new improved blog. Any suggestions are welcome!

Monday - Monday madness. Okay, honestly, I couldn't think of anything for Monday. It is Monday after all. I'm also tempted to do a Quickie Review Monday, where I review something, anything. It could be a movie, book, TV show..whatever.

Tuesday - Song of the Day. I'll find one song and analyze it. Anyone who has read my blogs at all know I love doing this.

Wednesday - Interviews!! This is what I'm looking forward to the most.

Thursday - Melly's thoughts. Or as someone else called it: From the Depths of Melly's mind. Which isn't that deep. :oP

Friday - Picture Day. I'm still fiddling with this one.

Saturday & Sunday. My weekend is still open. Not because I'm busy on the weekends-hahahaha, but because other people usually are. Maybe I'll see if other people want to write up blog posts for me. Kind of like Romancing the Blog does with their "Open Blog Night". But different.

This is all subject to change of course. I strongly suspect I have ADHD, so I can't promise to stick to anything. But I'll try!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coming Soon!!

I'm going to be revamping this blog, so keep checking back. I'm going to have interviews and interesting articles...okay, I wouldn't go that far, but it will all be new. I'll have a schedule up tonight or tomorrow highlighting the new features.

First up will be an interview with my friend, and critique partner, Shiela Stewart. She learned lots of new things about me-uh, I mean, I learned interesting things about her during our interview.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just for the heck of it...

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Accepting

No matter what a friend says or does, you try your best to understand it.

And your friends feel like they can tell you anything. You don't judge.

You know that friendship is a journey - with a lot of ups and downs.

If you and a friend grow apart, you get over it quickly... and leave the potential for future friendship open.

You tend to have many friends from many walks of life. Anyone you meet is could become a friend.

In fact, you are especially interested in people who are a little different than you. Seeing life from another perspective is something you cherish.

Your friends need you most when: They can't turn to anyone else with their secrets

You really can't be friends with: Dogmatic, stubborn people

Your friendship quote: "Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes."

Sea Monkeys smell like...

Fish. Who would've thunk it? At least that's what my husband says since I, sadly enough (but not really), can't smell anything right now because of this cold/allergy thing I have going.

At first I thought it was allergies that had me sniffling. That should come as no surprise since I think any ailment is due to allergies. Ask my son.

J: "Mom, my ear hurts."

Me: "Allergies. Take a Benadryl."

J: "Mom, my throat hurts."

Me: "Allergies. Take a Benadryl."

J: "Mom, my knee is bleeding."

Me: "Allergies. Take a Benadryl."

Huh. I guess it doesn't work for everything!

But anyway, now that it's mostly a runny nose I'm dealing with, I'm starting to think it might've just been a cold after all, which is a shame since the weather has been so beautiful lately. So when it's warm, I get a cold. Go figure!

What was I talking about? Oh yes, Sea Monkeys. The Easter Bunny left a Sea Monkey kit in my son's Easter basket. I guess he/she was getting nostaglic for their youth. Especially since he/she's parents wouldn't let them have Sea Monkeys because they thought they were baby mosquitos, which they aren't, according to the paperwork that comes with them. So she/he could've had them after all. You hear that, Mom!!


So these Sea Monkeys are in our kitchen. Why? Because they needed water and my son just left them where he birthed them. Err... Did that sound right?

My husband now tells me they smell like fish. Or feet. Fish feet. He also asked me if they get as big as real shrimp and if we could eat them then. Which is really icky after the above description of their smell.

But they are getting bigger, which leads me to they die? Will we have them forever? I guess I should've kept reading the paperwork, huh?

Heh. My husband is watching something about Uranus. I'd just written that sentence when he turned to me and said, "Did you hear that? They are watching Uranus."

I guess we both think alike. How scary is that?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Touch your what???

Let me start off by saying, I love Conway Twitty. I love him as much as someone can love someone who has been dead for quite awhile. His voice is like velvet sex. Mmm... He’s my man. Bad perm and all. Who else would sing I’d Love to Lay You Down with her friend at Karoake night?

So right away you know it kills me to have to say anything bad about one of his songs. Don’t get me wrong. I still love this song. Really, Conway could sing me one of my boring email messages at work and I’d love it. You should hear me on the car on the way to work. If one of his songs comes on, oh, I’m so into it. It’s scary.

But the lyrics to this song... Oh my. Seriously. Granted, this song is really old, but still... It’s just wrong. In so many ways.

Of course you know I’m going to break it down for you.

Warning there are some "mature themes" in this post. LOL

Touch the Hand by Conway Twitty.

Today I heard my woman say something I never heard her say before
She just told me that she was going to leave me and that she didn’t love me anymore

Ouch. Harsh. Maybe because you described her "as your woman". Ya think?

But I know that the loving kindness and the understanding is still there somewhere

Isn’t that a man for you? Just won’t get a hint.

So I’m gonna get down on my knees and I’m gonna say to my baby

While you’re down there, why don’t you mop the floor or something?

Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman

Dude. Seriously? Your HAND did all that? Do you have a magic hand?

Then tell me you don’t love me anymore

Umm...k. I still don’t love you.

I was the first man to ever
Hold you in a special kind of way

Yeah, thanks for reminding me of that particular experience. Ouch!

And those unfamiliar feelings that caused you to tremble
I know you remember today

Seriously. Women don’t need a "hand" to tremble. Not yours anyway. You’re going to have to do better than that.

Before you decide that your gonna leave me
And do things you’ve never done before

What? Like get out of the kitchen for a change? Vote? WTF?

Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman
Then tell me you don’t love me anymore

Still not feeling it. You’re going to have to offer more than a handshake. Why don’t you try conversation???

The two lips that once held sweet surprises
Surprised me and said goodbye today

Sweet surprises? I think I know what that means, but I seriously hope I’m wrong.

And those two lovin’ arms that use to reach for me
Just reached out and pushed me away

Yeah, he’s still not getting the hint. I DON’T LOVE YOU.

I know you believe you don’t love me

Believe I don’t love you??? I think I know what I’m feeling, mother-fuc--
Before you walk out that door


Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman

Yeah, yeah, touch your hand whatever. I’ve heard of foot fetishes, but really this whole hand thing is creeping me out.

Then tell me you don’t love me anymore

Maybe the restraining order might tell you that instead, because dude, you’re just not getting it.

If your best argument to keep someone is reminding them of the way you popped their cherry? Something is definitely wrong with this relationship. There’s no promises to put the toilet seat down, or more date nights or cleaning the kitchen once in awhile. No, just a miracle hand that somehow made her a woman.

Man, that Conway. He’s the only one who can sing a song like that and still have me singing every word. I’m so easy. Because honestly? I probably would be touching his hand. And loving every moment of it.