Saturday, April 26, 2008


When I got up this morning, all I planned to do was write. This was an easy vow to make then since my internet was out. But luckily, or not, it did come back. Since then, this is what has been distracting me from my writing.

1. Watching the VH-1 list of top 100 songs of the 80's. You just have to mention the 80's and you've got my attention.

2. Finding this Disney record I had when I was a kid. Haunted House I LOVED that record and it was such a thrill to find it. Especially since I could hear it again without a record player.

3. Looking for pictures of rundown amusement parks. Don't ask me why. I've always had this thing for abandoned buildings.

4. Finding questionable poltergeist videos on YouTube. Yes, this was supposed to be part of my research-I am writing about ghosts after all, but then it became about surfing YouTube.

5. Going to the Disney Store online and "aww"-ing at stuffed animals.

6. Watching the thunderstorm outside the window.

7. Watching Romi & Michelle's High School Reunion. Awesome movie! I KNOW!

8. Not really watching Jane Austen's Bookclub. Just couldn't get into it.

9. Eating pistachios. You can't crack the shells and type at the same time. I've tried!

10. Writing this blog entry.

It's not easy for me to write. Not when there's an whole World Wide Web to surf!! Maybe I should call Comcast and ask them if they could shut off my internet access periodically so I can write. Do you think they would go for that? Naw, I guess not. Not without charging me anyway. They charge for everything.

Okay, now I'm getting back to my writing. I have until July to finish this book. And I will do it dammit! I swear! After I check my email...


Shiela Stewart said...

Stop procrastinating woman and get back to your book! Sheesh.

And hey, I have a ghost video on YouTube. Either search my name or search for "The Not so scary" video.

NOw get back to work!

I love cake said...

Oh man... I forget you read my blog. ;o) That was last night, BTW, but yeah I've been doing a little too much research today, which included a trip to Border's. :oP

I'm going to get back to writing right now. I swear!