Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sea Monkeys smell like...

Fish. Who would've thunk it? At least that's what my husband says since I, sadly enough (but not really), can't smell anything right now because of this cold/allergy thing I have going.

At first I thought it was allergies that had me sniffling. That should come as no surprise since I think any ailment is due to allergies. Ask my son.

J: "Mom, my ear hurts."

Me: "Allergies. Take a Benadryl."

J: "Mom, my throat hurts."

Me: "Allergies. Take a Benadryl."

J: "Mom, my knee is bleeding."

Me: "Allergies. Take a Benadryl."

Huh. I guess it doesn't work for everything!

But anyway, now that it's mostly a runny nose I'm dealing with, I'm starting to think it might've just been a cold after all, which is a shame since the weather has been so beautiful lately. So when it's warm, I get a cold. Go figure!

What was I talking about? Oh yes, Sea Monkeys. The Easter Bunny left a Sea Monkey kit in my son's Easter basket. I guess he/she was getting nostaglic for their youth. Especially since he/she's parents wouldn't let them have Sea Monkeys because they thought they were baby mosquitos, which they aren't, according to the paperwork that comes with them. So she/he could've had them after all. You hear that, Mom!!


So these Sea Monkeys are in our kitchen. Why? Because they needed water and my son just left them where he birthed them. Err... Did that sound right?

My husband now tells me they smell like fish. Or feet. Fish feet. He also asked me if they get as big as real shrimp and if we could eat them then. Which is really icky after the above description of their smell.

But they are getting bigger, which leads me to they die? Will we have them forever? I guess I should've kept reading the paperwork, huh?

Heh. My husband is watching something about Uranus. I'd just written that sentence when he turned to me and said, "Did you hear that? They are watching Uranus."

I guess we both think alike. How scary is that?

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