Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Trip to a Scary Place

Since I couldn't think of a really good list for today, I decided to just do some free association. I'm going to empty my brain (more so than it already is) and just list random thoughts that go through my head. Ready? Yeah, it's scary, I know...

1. What should I type?

2. Why are my coworkers talking when I'm trying to write my list?

3. It's sad that my Grey's Anatomy calendar still has Izzy on it. I don't even miss her that much. Well, I miss old Grey's, but I don't miss her exactly.

4. Why am I so tired? I had so much caffeine today.

5. I really want a cookie.

6. Yikes, my brain really is blank.

7. Sleepy.

8. I wish people would stop asking me if I had an interview just because I'm wearing a suit today. Do I usually dress in rags?

9. Ooo, I think there's a new Glee on tonight!

10. I want to go home.

That was exciting, wasn't it? Now you know what my brain is like. Be afraid...be very afraid.


Connie said...

In really good news, there is a new Glee on tonight.

Melly said...

Right?? I was excited about that more than anything! Finally! Freaking baseball...

Anonymous said...

I had emptied my brain and this is the first random thought that go through my head: I want pizza party!!!