Thursday, September 25, 2008

TV Update

So today is the day! Grey's Anatomy and The Office season premiere! Whooo-hooo! Although, my husband unhooked our DVR so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage this. *sniff* I can't would be like choosing between my two children...if I had more than one. I'm sure I'll go with McDreamy. I always do. I'll just have to catch up with The Office online.

In other TV news, is anyone watching Project Runway?

*spoiler alert*

What's up with Kenley? I thought for sure last night was her night to go! Or I was hoping anyway. I guess she has won challenges before while Suede has been on the bottom a lot. Poor Suede. I'm sure Suede is upset. Suede wanted to go to Bryant Park. Melly is soooo going to miss his 3rd-person-talking self.

But OMG...when LL Cool J laughed at Kenley's "hip-hop" outfit. That was priceless! I just wanted to watch it over and over again. (Which I could do if I still had my DVR...*sniff*)

I've been trying to watch Top Design on Bravo (a Top Chef, Project Runway show, but with interior designers instead), but it's just not very interesting to me. I could care less about the designers and the judges just aren't very exciting.

The one show I do like on Bravo right now is Tabatha's Salon Makeover. Tabatha is a hair designer who goes around making over other people's salons. It reminds me a lot of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare's, but with a female. The same scathing reviews done in a really cool accent. I LOVE this show.

Other than that... I'm still watching Bridezilla faithfully while waiting for the mid-season shows like Scrubs and Friday Night Lights.

I hope my schedule doesn't change when I move...Or maybe I watch a little too much television? Hahahaha. That's like saying you can eat too much chocolate. Impossible!

Until tomorrow...

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Connie said...

Kenley is just hateful and evil, and she must be stopped. Although I did have to agree that Suede made Jarell basically look like himself, Kenley's outfit made Leanne (who' my favorite) look fat and stupid. Kenley's whiny, disrespectful, cry-sack ass needs to go home.