Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Procrastination-er-Moving time

I'm at home today, packing up all the odd's and end's that just won't jump in the boxes by themselves...dammit. What's up with that?

But if you get a chance, please check out the blog, "Drawing Stories...With Words," where my blog is featured!

Drawing Stories...With Words

Me and my friend Shiela were discussing her Halloween plans for her blog, which got me thinking I'd like to do something fun here too. Any suggestions? Funny costumes? Where people can send me the funniest costumes they've worn? And I'm not talking about the costumes you wear at night when it's not Halloween. ;o) Not this time anyway...

I've also had a couple requests for interviews (yay!) so I'll try to work on those too while I'm avoiding mean, when I need a break from all the hard work I'll be doing!

Now I need to get some coffee... Hmm...No fridge-no half and half...guess I need to go out! Darn. There goes valuable packing time!

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