Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Star!

My father loved to play the guitar. My best memories from childhood include him playing Beatle's songs for me and my friends when we'd all sing along. Somewhere there are some tape's of our sing-a-long's, but I have no idea where. My dad was the one person in this world who thought I was a good singer. He'd play Bob Dillon records at barbecues and have me sing for everyone. Yes, alcohol might've been consumed by the adults, but they still wanted to hear me! SUPER STAR!

When he was younger, my dad was in a band. I wish I could've seen that. I've seen pictures, but somehow it's not the same.

My brother also loves to play the guitar. I tried, but never had the patience for it. I learned to type instead, which seems to be the better choice for me. *grin*

Now my son has decided to learn the guitar. At first I was afraid it was like the time he wanted to play the violin (which lasted all of five seconds), but he seems to be serious this time. My mother paid for lessons for him and he's been to two so far. I recorded a clip of him tonight just to mark his progress.

It's grainy since I didn't have a lot of light and his playing is raw, but I do detect talent there. I'm soooo proud! I feel like I'm getting back a piece of my father through my son. He even has the long hair! ;)

If only I could get him to learn Twitty....

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