Sunday, September 7, 2008

What I'm Watching Now

Two Silver Spoons and I.

I bought Season One of Silver Spoons because it had been so long since I'd watched this show, I could hardly remember what it was about. It's not a show that has been in syndication much.

The first thing that brought it all back of course was the train. Who can forget the train? That was really cool back in the 80's. Who else had a train in their living room? Ricky had the "cool" dad.

The thing I'd totally forgotten about was that Jason Bateman was Ricky's first friend. I'd remembered Alfonso Riberio of course, but he's not even on the first season.

My favorite episode so far of Season One was the one where Ricky's father (Edward Stratton the third) hired Mr. T to be Ricky's bodyguard from the bully at school. When Mr. T busts into his classroom, I was laughing so hard I had to call J down to watch it again with me.

There was another episode where Arnold (Gary Coleman) is a school reporter and comes to Ricky's house. They end up in trouble when Ricky hacks into a gov't site on his computer and Arnold photographs secret plans for a fighter jet. I just couldn't help but laugh when Ricky predicts that soon everyone will be using computers for banking, for shopping...for everything! How right you are Ricky!

Oh and Pac-Man is a big part of the Silver Spoon's trip down memory lane. Since Edward has all those video games in his living room they play Pac-Man a lot.

Me and J keep laughing at how bad sitcom's used to make their sets. This was supposed to be this huge mansion and yet you only see the two main rooms. Oh and Ricky's bedroom. That's it. And when you look outside the doors (which open by remote control, don't forget) there's these steps leading down to the doors. But if you look at the picture they show in the opening credits, there are no steps!

But hey, it was the 80's. Things have come a long way since then. Honestly, maybe too far. All the shows now or so serious or edgy. There just aren't too many good corny shows anymore.

Thank God for DVD's...


Suz said...

Dude! LOVE Silver Spoons!!

I was soooo in love with Ricky. I had an autographed photo of him right next to my bed. And he really signed it too. No cheap stamp or anything. LOL *sigh* I wonder if I still have that pic....

And YES! I remember Mr. T! LMAO

Do you remember the episode where Ricky goes "punk" instead of "preppy." I just remember at the end of the show it's one of those "touching" moments between father and son and Edward is telling Ricky to be himself and he should go back to matching his socks and his shirt. Ricky is wearing black pants and a flourescent green shirt and he pulls up his pantleg and you see he's wearing flourescent green socks. Then father and son hug it out and end scene.....LOL

Melly, I want to borrow Silver Spoons when you're done!!!!

I love cake said...

LOL Of course you can borrow it. Anyone who had a signed picture of Ricky Schroder deserves it!

I don't remember the "punk" episode. I honestly didn't remember that much at all. Me and J are going to finish watching Season One today.

I hope they release the rest of the seasons soon...