Friday, May 9, 2008

I Love You, Man!!

Okay, I've been searching and searching through the pictures I have (which isn't many for some reason...where did they go?), to find the perfect picture of Duckie and me, but I keep coming back to this one picture.

We just look so happy! Which I'm sure had nothing to do with any drinking related activities of course. :D

That picture tied with this other one from last July, where I'm wearing my favorite shirt in the whole wide world. So as a bonus, I'm doing two Pictures of the Day, because I can. It's my blog.

I think the windswept hair look is kind of cool. Right? I said, RIGHT? You better agree. Like I said, it's my blog.

I really wish I had a picture of us singing I'd Love to Lay You Down by Conway Twitty, but I don't remember seeing any. I could be wrong. Believe it or not, that does happen. A lot. But that's why people love me. RIGHT?


1 comment:

Duckie said...

I am really glad there isn't a picture of you and me singing "I Love To Lay You Down".

I think that is because once we started singing, the place emptied out.