Sunday, May 18, 2008

What can McDreamy do for you?

I was sitting here looking for a name of a character I'd written down in the composition book I keep for my ghost story when I found this sentence on the back of a page: What would McDreamy do? I guess I was looking for writing inspiration and that's what I came up with.

It just shows how frighteningly obsessed I am with that show. Is there therapy for TV obsession?

Speaking of which, the Grey's Anatomy season finale is on this week! Oh, I'm so excited. Too excited. But they promised they were going to get Meredith and Derek together for good this time!!! They promised! I understand a lot of people don't like Meredith, but I was never one of those people. I think she's a scarred woman who makes a lot of stupid mistakes. Like all of us do. I can think of a lot worse people to be.

Plus, the chemistry between her and Derek is out of this world! I've never seen that chemistry with any of the people they've tried to pair them up with before.

It's that kind of chemistry that I'm trying to write into my story. If only I could figure out the formula for it. I was never good at science.

What would McDreamy do? Mmm...What wouldn't McDreamy do? Must...not...pull...out...Season Two...DVD's...Must resist.

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Duckie said...

I told you last night what McDreamy.. and McSteamy could do for me!! LOLOL

Wouldn't that be something to see?