Monday, May 19, 2008

P.S. I'm Hungry

I'm going to try something new. Instead of waiting until after I've watched a movie to review it, I'm going to review it as I go. My memory is so bad I'll usually forget details five minutes after watching it. I guess this will be like Television Without Pity. But nothing like it.

Today (Sunday) I'm watching P.S. I Love You. Netflix mailed it to me awhile ago and I really need to send it back so I can get more. They've taken way too much money from me as it is.

So here it is... My impressions of P.S. I Love You. Melly style. (BTW, I'll try not to do spoilers, but you should still read at your own risk. Oh and I've read the book, so if we were at the movie theater I'd be that person. The one who knows more than the other person.)

I just got through the fight scene at the very beginning. It was cute although I couldn't understand half of what the Irish guy was saying. Okay, looked it up and the Irish guy is Gerald Butler. There's this stripping scene in the beginning, and the second he started dancing (it was actually funny rather than sexy), my son ran out of the room. Now I know what it takes to get rid of him!

Credits are on now. That was a long scene before the credits.

What happened to the volume? Crap where the hell is the volume??? It's not muted. Okay, I pressed stop and then play again. Volume is back. But now I need to rewind. This is not getting off to a good start.

J (my son for those who might not know) just walked down and asked if he died yet.

Hey, it's Harry Connick, Jr! Phoebe! I mean, Lisa Kudrow!

Aww... I guess he's dead now. Should I tell J?

Me: He's dead.

J: Cool! *Walks outside*

I could've sworn everyone was Irish in the book, not just Gerry (Gerald Butler, the dead husband). I guess they changed it. (See, I am that person!)

Drinking!! This is my kind of movie.

Wow, awkward moment from Harry Connick Jr. He looks good with his foot in his mouth.

Where is Denny from Grey's Anatomy??? Jeannie promised me Denny!

J is taping up a sword in front of the TV screen. WTF?

Aww...She's calling the voicemail to hear his voice. I remember we did that with the answering machine after my FIL passed away.

Despite what I'm saying here, this is really very sad. It's achingly realistic. (Just like the book).

Gerald Butler is back (in her imagination) and I still don't understand what he's saying. But he looks good.

Oooo, greasy hair. She looks like I do sitting here right now. Oops. Busted acting crazy. Don't you hate when people pop in on you?

Aww... She just got the first of the letters he sent after his death. But no, there wasn't a tape that I know of in book, but it was a good idea for the movie. Gives it more impact.

Isn't this a great commentary? You have no idea what's going on do you? The movie is just going on and on.

Okay, fine, they just walked into an exclusive club by pretending like Holly (the widow) was a princess. How's that?

Harry Connick Jr is doing a lot of talking. Talk, talk, talking. Ooo, puking. That's always fun to watch.

The next letter! She was running down the street to get it and J asked me if she was getting the golden ticket.

I bet they liked putting her little fantasies of her husband in this movie, so they could ask Gerald to keep taking his shirt off. I know I'm enjoying it.

LOL This leprechaun scene is really funny. Trust me on this. Ahh...karaoke! I remember this from the book. Yeah, I don't remember it going exactly like this in the book. Oops, battery in laptop is about to die. Okay, all better now.

*sniff-sniff* She's singing to Gerry.

Lisa Kudrow is a bit of a slut. But in a good way.

I'm hungry.

I should make a sandwich.

Harry Connick, Jr is babbling again. Poor man. I want to reach out and move that piece of hair out of his eyes.

Ooo, I have email!

Another letter. At the end of each letter it says, "P.S I love you" and J is over here saying, "I didn't see that coming!" Smartass.

Man...they are talking about corned beef. Dammit, I'm hungry. Now instead of drooling over HCJ, I'm drooling over his sandwich.

Gerald Butler. Shirtless again. Did they have so many male actors, there wasn't enough shirts to go around? Still not complaining though.

Next letter. I'm really hungry.

Kathy Bates just tied Hillary Swank to the bed and she's raising a hammer. Oops, wrong movie.

I must have something around here. Potato chips? Something. Okay, popcorn in microwave.

They are on a trip somewhere, but I missed the destination while in the kitchen.

Hillary Swank looks like Judy Garland right there. Is that weird?

SHEEP! Baaaaa!

DENNY!!!!!! *drool* (Kind of sad I went from sheep to Denny aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan right there, heh?) Ooo, and he has a Irish accent! I guess that means we're in Ireland. I'm quick!

Ick. This popcorn is kind of burned.

Dude, he's singing. Wait, now they switched to Gerald Butler singing. But I didn't recognize him at first since he's wearing a shirt.

J was walking outside with his sword and I said, "Good luck on your quest." He didn't look amused.

They are stuck in a boat with no oars. The three girls on the movie. I thought you might want to know I'm still watching.

Awww...all her friends have good news, and she can't be happy for them. That's rough.

Damn! I wish I could be rescued by Denny! Where is a boat? Where is water?

Mmm...they are eating again. I'm still hungry. That popcorn sucked.

Look at Denny's dimple. Why can't he be the shirtless one in this movie? They had enough shirts for him??? Maybe he stole Gerald's shirts.

HOLY CRAP. I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!! I must rewind. Dammit, J is in here.

Full backtal nudity. Wait, what's the opposite of frontal? Seriously, you should watch this movie just for that!

J is whining because I burned the popcorn.

Lots of Denny shirtless. Nice tattoo.

She's with Gerry's family. Lots of talking.

Next letter.


Pretty purple flowers. I wish I could go to Ireland.

Gerald Butler with both shirt and jacket. Look at his hair blowing in the wind. LOL This is a funny scene. And a pretty scene. Everyone is as pretty as the scenery. I can kind of understand him too. Yay for me!

Where is my cell phone? Maybe I can get my husband to pick up some food. J had it last.

Aww... He loved her even though she's a bit insane. That is true love right there. Ask my husband.

LOL Irish Wild Dog.

*sigh* Kissing. J just said, "Eeeh."

That's a cool purple hat she's wearing. I wonder if I could pull it off?

Oh, there was another letter and she's not talking to her friends. But she might be figuring out what job she wants. Sorry, I got distracted.

Damn, Lisa Kudrow is giving it to her good. But now they are getting along.


Hey, it's Harry Connick Jr! Long time no see! She should jump him.

Kathy Bates is telling them to turn the life raft back around. Oh. Wrong movie, again?

Another awww moment.

I'm so glad they aren't changing the plot much from the book, just some of the details.

I'm crying now. Oh man. Kathy Bates is a hell of a actress. I want to be her.

Tears are streaming down my face. Dammit.

I'm trying not to be spoilerish here.

Harry's back. So many men in this movie. What's not to love?

Oh shit. Crying again. More like sobbing instead of just tears this time.

How did I wait so long to watch this?

Oh good, they didn't change that part from the book. I was worried. (I can't tell you what part since it's big time spoilerish).

Heh. Good ending.

Awww...what a wonderful movie!!! Even for someone who has read the book! I'm definitely giving this one 5 out of 5. And even though I cried, it was the good kind of crying, not bad. I highly recommend it.

And really, how can you not watch it after my commentary? ;)

I'm still hungry though.

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Jeannie said...

Great review Melly :) Now I have to watch it again....just for the butt shot LOL