Sunday, May 25, 2008

You know it's real love when...

Your husband comes downstairs to tell you Purple Rain is on. Or does is it mean I'm very predictable?

I do loves me some Purple Rain though. Especially the end. Right now it's right around the time he's starting to lose it a bit.

Yep, there he goes running backstage and kicking things. Poor Prince. Poor sad, sad Prince. Oh! Here's the part with the Appolonia Six. Very tasteful. Even Prince is disgusted with it. That's saying something right there. There's nothing like singing in your underwear. Leaves so much to the imagination.

I get so impatient for the end when I watch this. I just get so tired of watching Morris Day smirking so much. Just bring on the singing! What's with this whole plot thing? Oh no... Morris Day is flashing Appolonia. Yes! Prince just drove by on his motorcycle and pushed him down. Talk about Rollin' Thunder!!

"Get on! C'mon!"

Prince is just soooo cool. Like totally! I'm reverting back to my 80's childhood now.

Oops, the fighting part. Don't do it Prince! Don't be just like your father! This is what it sound like when doves cry! I guess. Honestly, I've never heard one cry. Have I?

Dammit. Commercial. I really need to buy this movie. Of course I'd still watch it whenever it comes on VH-1. Because I really am that predictable.

Oops, back from commercial and his father just well, you know... I hate this part. There's no singing involved here. It's just too damn depressing.

Anyway.... Lalalalalalalala

Prince is freaking out. For real, for real. Poor guy. He should sing. That would make me-err-him feel better. Okay, yes, kicking, throwing and breaking things might work, too. His choice.

He's passed out on the floor now. Why doesn't he have a shirt on? Didn't he have one on before? Did he tear that off, too, like The Incredible Hulk? comes the magic. He's writing songs. Maybe the doves will stop crying now.

Does anyone remember when the Purple Rain album came out and the radio stations censored the whole "masturbating with a magazine" part of Darlin' Nikki? Of course as a kid that made me even more curious what the hell he was talking about.

Am I aging myself? I hate when I do that.

I can't believe there's already a commercial. I thought we just had one.

Did I mention I'm drinking a Smirnoff Ice? It might explain why this blog post is going on so long. It wasn't supposed to. I was just going to mention that part about my husband and end it.

Alright!!! Here comes The Time. I might hate Morris Day's smirks, but his songs rock! My son just came down the steps, pointed at the TV and then asked me, "What the heck is this?" I feel close to crying like a dove right now. How can he not know? Have I taught the boy anything at all? I feel like such a failure as a parent.

Prince and the Revolution are sitting around in a awkward silence while Morris Day is squawking on the stage. Literally.

Now Morris Day is off the stage mocking Prince's family life. Nice man. Of course after the rest of his buddies are away you can see the pain etched on his face. I guess nightclub life is a lot like high school. Peer pressure and all.

Who knew?

Oooo, now is when the magic really happens. It's electric. No matter how many years go by goosebumps still go down my spine when he sings Purple Rain.

"Baby I could never steal you from another.
It's such a shame our friendship had to end.
Purple Rain. Purple Rain."

And I always wave my arm in the air like they do in the movie. Even while I'm sitting in my living room. Man, he can play the guitar. There's something to be said about a musician who can write, sing, play the piano and the guitar. Among many other talents I'm sure I don't know about.

He ran off the stage again. But this time it wasn't a bad thing. I guess he just gets worked up. Dammit! Commercial. That's just wrong! The ending is meant to be seen in one continuous uninterrupted loop.

My husband just walked downstairs. "They actually know what he's singing about?"

"Of course. Purple Rain. Doh!" Yeah, just like the doves, I'm not exactly sure what purple rain means either.

Wow, just went to a messageboard of people trying to figure out what Purple Rain means. I got a bit scared. Let's just say it's a metaphor for something and leave it at that.

I would Die 4 U! I do the hand gestures for this one too. Really, I do. It's shame no one is videotaping me right now. I could put it on YouTube.

Damn, I think he's breakdancing a bit right now. I miss breakdancing. My friend Robin and I rented a videotape once. Of course I never actually learned how. But it was fun trying.

Baby, I'm a Star!! Oh yes, you are!!! And with that, I think it's time for me to finally end this blog. Sorry, for the long ramble. But that's just me...

"Honey I'm rich on personality..."

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