Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Interview with my #5 Fan! Teresa!

Today I have a special guest for you. Her name is Teresa, and if you're familiar with Nora Robert's messageboard, ADWOFF, then you'll definitely know who she is. If not, Teresa is a big fan of Nora Robert's and a friend of mine who has supported me while I worked to get my career off the ground.

Why my #5 fan? Well, just read on... :)

(BTW, does anyone remember "Number Five" from Short Circuit? lol)

So without further ado, here is my interview with Teresa, the uncut version:

First things first… On a scale of 1-10, how awesome am I? You can go higher than a 10.

If you’re talking about yourself, a 10. You hold a full time job, are raising a teenager, and have survived living with your in-laws. And have written three books and two short stories on top of all that! I admire you. I work part time, and am raising a teenager and barely survived living with my in-laws. And just veg out and read in the evenings. And you’re so skinny!

Is it true you’ve read all my books?

Yes it is! I always wanted to read an author from the beginning. So when you and Sam Hunter are up there with Nora Roberts, I can say I’ve been reading them from the beginning!

Does that make you my number one fan?

After reading Misery by Stephen King, I hate to say I’m anyone’s Number one fan! LOL. So, lets say number 5. I like that number!

Which book is your favorite?

On the Run, the first one.

How did we meet? I’m blonde and my memory is bad. ;)

We met on ADWOFF, and then I met you in real life at TTP. It was one of the anniversary signings, unfortunately, I can’t remember which anniversary. I do remember another signing, where you signed all your books for me.

Now the hard hitting question. What is your favorite TV show?
Law and Order. The original series. Love the banter between the cops and the lawyers.

I notice you ask a lot of questions. What is the appeal in doing that?

I’m very curious and like to ask questions, no matter how stooopid they are. Some have been asked of me, and I like to have a witty response in reserve. My dd even says “did you ask Nora……” Or “I know, you asked Nora…” She’s much quicker to answer than Dear Abby.

I understand it’s your 20th wedding anniversary, congratulations! Any secrets to a lasting marriage?

We were voted Most Likely to Divorce (unofficially) when Wayne was a resident and decided to prove everyone wrong. Seriously, a lot of prayer and hard work are involved. Be prepared to stay in there when the going gets tough.

Any questions for me?

When’s the next book coming out? LOL What are your plans for the summer? Are you going to be at TTP in July? Do you like living in Virginia? How do you feel having a son going into high school? *Answers at bottom.

Okay, here’s where you can talk about yourself. Say what you want. Try to keep it PG though.

I’m an RN, working part time for the VNA. I do private duty nursing and also hospice visits. Its very rewarding and very stressful at times. I’ve been married 20yrs to a family doctor. Never thought I’d marry a doctor, but after I broke up with a lawyer, decided doctors weren’t too bad. We have one daughter who will be 15yrs at the end of the month. She loves the theater and writing and reading. We’re currently hosting an exchange student from South Korea who plans to stay with us another year and graduate from high school. She plans to go to college in the US. We have a dog who is a lab/collie mix. If I can harness her energy, I would never have to fill my gas tank again! We also have a cat, who is a tortoise shell. She spends her days hiding from the dog who wants to play with her. She just sees a big puppy who doesn’t know her own strength. I’m a big Washington Redskin fan and have season tickets. Sunday afternoons in the fall, I’m at the home games or in front of the TV cheering my team on. My biggest fantasy is to see them win another Super Bowl. My husband says “dream on”……He can be a killjoy at times. My favorite author is Nora Roberts which is how I found ADWOFF and “met” Melly and found out about her books. I’m also active in our local church and community theater.


When’s the next book coming out? LOL I told my publisher I'd be submitting my next book in July. The release date depends on whether they accept it.

What are your plans for the summer? Pretty much what I'm doing now. lol Working.

Are you going to be at TTP in July? Yes.

Do you like living in Virginia? I do like it, although part of me will always be in Maryland, where I grew up. Oh, and I get to work less than a mile away from Redskins Park! *grin*

How do you feel having a son going into high school? Yeah, I'm still in denial about that one. Ask me again in September!


Suz said...

Funny interview! I particularly like the picture of Smurfette! LOL

Robyn said...

Great interview, Melly!

Now I have an urge to watch "Short Circuit." And did you know they're making a sequel? I heard that somewhere.

I love cake said...

Really? A sequel? Is this going to be about #6? ;o)

No, seriously, I would watch that! Well, in DVD. LOL

I might have to check and see if they have Short Circuit on Netflix...

I love cake said...

Oh, and yes, Suz, you know how I am about my Smurf's! How could I resist a nurse Smurfette??