Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toss the Confetti!! It's Ann Cory!

Hmm... That doesn't rhyme, does it? Never mind!!! Because I have Ann Cory on my blog! Ann was a great author to interview. Plus, she has snakes! The good kind! ;o)

So without further ado, itssssss my interview with Ann Cory, uncut.

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome do you think I am? Be honest. You can go higher than 10 if you like. (No excuses about how you don’t know me and stuff like that).

I’m going to have to give you some extra bonus points and say 12 – it just seems so obvious based on the very tiny bits of info I know about you.

Judging from your website you are really busy. Can I have a lock of hair so I can clone you?

Only if you let me clone my clone. I actually do double duty – I write erotic romance and erotica as Ann Cory and horror and dark fantasy as Nancy Jackson.

Okay, here is the hard-hitting question. You ready? What is your favorite food?

Wow, you really don’t hold back, do you? This is a toughie because it comes down to the mood I’m in. First off I do believe dark chocolate truffles are a food, I mean – they have to be, right? I see you hesitating, so I’ll answer with pizza on most days, or a filet mignon with a glass of red wine on fancier days.

Do you practice all your love scenes first? (I’ve always wanted to ask that of someone)

I would say the majority of my scenes are well…researched, however the ones in Next Floor Naughty are next on the list to try. enter big grin here

Can you name a character after me? Someone cool that everyone wants to hang out with?

Sure – if you don’t mind having an insanely handsome guy ravage your body all night long. Some people might object to that.

I see you have a book called Snake Charmer. Is the “snake” you’re referring to, what I think it is?

It’s a sexy shape-shifter book about Faotin, a Naga who escapes from a nasty Naga Queen who kept him as her own personal sex slave. He’s desperate to break the curse of changing into a snake and needs an innocent woman to sacrifice. Enter Berlin who charms the dishy snake and gets him all hot and bothered.

Can I break in Levi for you?

Only if you promise to have him back by midnight and don’t leave bite marks on his tush. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Okay, this is your turn to add whatever you want. Promote, etc… I’ll be over here looking for the snake.

At this time I’m published with Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Liquid Silver Books, Total-E-Bound Publishing, Whiskey Creek Press, Cobblestone Press, and Forbidden Publications. I tend to write in all genres, usually driven by a relentless and restless muse. I also enjoy writing in all different heat levels from sensual to all out naughtiness.

Oh, and as most will know, I tend to toss around a lot of confetti everywhere I go – but I always bring along my two hot and hunkies who clean my mess in the buff.

My website and blog are updated on a regular basis, so please stop by to see what is new and coming up in my exotic writing world. I, of course, live a very lavish life as an erotic romance author.
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I’m also part of a few groups:
Moonglade Elite Authors
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Thanks so much for having me over to your place, and I really appreciate the expensive bottle of wine. What do you mean it’s just for show?


Destiny Blaine said...

(Coming in with glass in hand!) “WHAT! She brought you wine! WHAT? Are you kidding me?” (Looking around for Melly) I don’t remember seeing wine at my party. *Sigh* Okay, so Ann’s definitely worth the bottle! Even the winery, for that matter!

I had to stop by and really blow the party horn here! If you’ve already read Ann Cory's Snake Carmer and Breaking in Levi then I have to tell you what you need to grab next—Vows of a Vampire. You can find it at Total e-Bound.
I enjoyed it so much, I tell everyone to buy it soon and yes—now!

So how’s your morning ANN? (Looks around for Melly) I’m not sure if I’m speaking to Melly yet or not. *Sigh again* You get wine and I get chocolate. Hmmmm….okay, but you can do so much more with chocolate! (Runs over to hug Melly!) LOL!

Hugs, kisses and blue-hot books!!!
Destiny :)

Drea said...

Hi Ann!! A little birdy told me you would be over here so I wanted to stop in and say howdy. Hope you are having a good day and yes, I do believe dark chocolate truffles are a definite food group all their own!!!


**baby steps on learning to throw confetti like Ann**

mamasand2 said...

Hi Ann, I followed your post and am very glad I did. This was a very informative and interesting blog. I'm trying to figure out how to send a copy to my pc so I'll have the links for all those intriguing sites. I'll probably copy and paste.

I am going to give you the rhyme for your name...

For a great story,
Just read Ann Cory!


I love cake said...

Aww... I'm sorry Destiny! lol You have have wine too! *hands glass*

Drea, howdy to you too! Thanks for stopping by!

Sandie, that's an excellent rhyme! I wish I'd thought of it! lol

Thank you all for coming to visit my blog!

Nina Pierce said...

What a delightful interview ladies! Ann, I'm so happy I stopped by. I had no idea you were published with so many different publishers and in so many genres! Now, I'll be running around trying to find all your stuff!

Mary Ann's Corner said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for telling me you would be here today. Great interview. I haven't tried wine but there is always the first time!!(grinning) Going to check out all your links!
Mary Ann

Ann Cory said...

LOL!! Thanks for stopping by Destiny :) Yes - I am such a diva that I sent over my demands of doing an interview. Dark chocolate truffles, a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, and a big blue bowl of confetti. *snicker snicker*

Hugs n' love back sweetums!
~Ann :)

Ann Cory said...

Waving hi to the lovely miss Drea!!
How are you hon? I sure appreciate you stopping by today *BG*

I also appreciate your support that dark chocolate truffles are a food group. The more support I have the more I might be able to convince hubby. *wink wink* lol

~Ann :)

Ann Cory said...

Yay Sandie!!! Aww, thank you for coming on over and giving a shout out WOOT :) And major kudos and extra confetti for that fantastic rhyme!! Now I'm going to go and blush about it, lol


:) Ann

Ann Cory said...

Thanks so much for the fun and exciting interview, Melanie! I truly appreciate you supplying all my diva-like demands. I need to change my answer to your first question because I'd say you rate at least a 21 now, lol!!

~Ann :)

Ann Cory said...

Thank you Nina, and I'm so glad you were able to come by and say hello *squee* I owe the great interview to the interviewer Melanie - she supplied me with enough wine that all my dirty little secrets came spilling out with ease! lol

*tossing confetti*
~Ann :)

Ann Cory said...

*cheers* It's Mary Ann!! I'm so thrilled you had time to hang out with me *BG*

I didn't get into wine until I met my hubby - we started to do wine tours together and developed quite a taste for the stuff :) Plus, wine tours can be very romantic!

*hugs and confetti*

I love cake said...

Ahh... Ann has found out my secret! I get my guests tipsy so they'll spill their secrets. ;)

And yes, my awesome meter is filling up fast! Soon I'll be the most awesome blogger in all the land! :oP


Sandy said...

Hey, Melly, hand me some of that wine and chocolate. You and Ann did a great job.


Ann Cory said...

LOL!! Thank you Sandy :) Yep - Melanie has definitely got the goods ;)

wow that could be taken wrong


Ann :)

Lil said...

Hi Ann,

Saw that you were being interviewed here and had to pop by. You have mentioned some of my favorite food items and now I am hungry. :)

Jeanne said...

Fun interview, Ann! I see there's confetti on your hunks...I know how it tends to cling to sweat slicked skin! ;~D
Paranormal Monday is really fun! Lovely blog, Melly!

Ann Cory said...

Waving hi to Lil!! :) I had a difficult time narrowing down my favorites - because truthfully I have too many (my hips will vouche for that) lol *hugs*

:) Ann

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Jeanne! Great seeing you here :) Those guys work up quite a sweat and yes - I love the way confetti sticks to them *BG*

Hopefully hubby doesn't come and read this interview - otherwise I'll have to answer a bunch of questions. Sheesh! LOL

~Ann :)

Ann Cory said...

Thank you again Melanie for such a great interview! I love your sense of humor - oh and the wine, chocolate, confetti, and those guys who gave me a massage - and I can't forget about the 12 CD's and movie passes for life either.

You spoil me!

~Ann Cory :)

I love cake said...

No problem, Ann! Only the best for my guests! :D I give good swag!

Thanks for being a great interview!