Friday, May 23, 2008

Ballerina Melly

Most people know that I can't dance. I'm clumsy and awkward. But for one glorious year, I was a ballerina!

I'm the short blonde one. (Thanks to my friend Robin for letting me steal this).

Okay, so it wasn't so glorious. All I remember is a very cold room with the long bar in front of a mirror. (And not the good kind of bar). And I don't even think I was that graceful. But I did dance ballet! :oP Or tried.

Well, happy Memorial Day to those who are going out of town or shutting down their computers! I should be around from time to time, still blogging if you want to visit. I have no life!

Oh, and if I owe you interview questions, I'll be working on those too. Don't forget if you want an interview at Melly's Spot, please email me at

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