Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm so glad...

I received Pollyanna from Netflix in the mail. After watching this movie I was bawling like a baby over here. Being a Disney movie, you'd think it would be cheesy, but it really isn't. Even the ending isn't a complete happily ever after. It's just a movie filled with hope, that shows the price that pride can play on your soul.

When I was younger, I really didn't like it. My mother was always watching older movies, and I'd just roll my eyes and walk away. Thank God I gave them a second chance when I got older.

This movie also has Haley Mills, who is to me, one of those actresses who can be really good or really annoying. Like Parent Trap (the original one). I can hardly watch that one anymore. She's just soooo...I don't know the word for it. Over the top? Plus, you have twice as much as her.

BTW, she was in the Saved by the Bell (when it was called Good Morning, Miss Bliss, according to IMDB). For those people who made fun of me watching it. ;)

Next in my queue of Haley Mill movies is Summer Magic. I just love that one! If my husband hadn't wanted me to get National Treasure 2, I would've had that one sent at the same time as Pollyanna. (Although National Treasure 2 was worth it! Such a cool movie!)

I just love a positive uplifting movie once in awhile. It just reminds you how simple life was at one time.

Plus, it's fun to play the "glad game". Right now I'm glad to be inside during this thunderstorm. Eek!

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