Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm a Cooking Mama!

A lot of people know I LOVE computer games. I just love games in general. When I was a kid, it was board games, but once Atari hit the scenes, that was it. I was hooked. I played Zelda and Mario Brothers on Nintendo, and then Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega. (This was before I had a kid). Then we got the PS1 (Crash Bandicott, Final Fantasy!), PS2, PS3....etc. J is the one who plays with them now since it's hard to get me off the computer. That's how I found computer games!!! That wasn't good. I don't need anymore distractions.

Anyway, J already had a Nintendo DS, but during the move he lost it. Santa ended up bringing him the new Zelda DS for Christmas, so when we finally did find his old one, I got it!!! I love this thing! It's the perfect handheld game to play with while sitting on the couch. Err...should I really admit that out loud?

So on Saturday, with gift card in hand, I went to Best Buy. (BTW, never offer to let your thirteen year old son get a 'little something' with your gift card. They don't seem to understand the meaning of that). That's when I found Cooking Mama!

OMG. I LOVE this game. Using the stylus you can cut, stir, saute, add ingredients. You can even "blow" into to the microphone to cool things off. I'm really good at blowing. ;)

The sad thing is that I've spent so much time on it that I've almost ran out of recipes, but there are other things you can do like test your skills and combine recipes. The good times can roll on!

If you're a game freak like me (most people would say you could drop the 'game' part), you should really pick this one up. There's a sequel and I'm going to buy that next. Yes, I'm a nerd. But a happy nerd!!!

Now if only I could cook in real life too...

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Cindy said...

Yes, I'm a freak like you....er...game freak like you.

My kids have the NintenDogs thing and those puppies are sooooooooooooooo cute! LOLOL

My main addiction is still the Nancy Drew computer games. Love those.