Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Follow Up: An Interview with Suz...Part Deux

I know the question that's been on everyone's mind is: How is Suz doing? Or some of you might be asking: Who is Suz? Well, let me refresh our memories. I interviewed her here: Interview with Suz McErlain. Then we did an interview with Nora: Eeeeeeee! I got Nora Roberts!.

Well, I thought it was about time to see how things were going for Suz and Nora over at Inn Boonsboro. And to my surprise Suz was still the innkeeper-uh, I mean, of course she is. Why wouldn't she be?

So without further ado, my interview with Suz McErlain, part Deux:

Am I still awesome?

“Still” awesome? Did I say you were awesome before? Huh. I don’t know if I’d say you were awesome. More along the lines of keen…or fab….or neat-o.

So Nora hasn’t fired you yet?

Actually, she did fire me about two weeks ago. But I just ignore her. She can’t get rid of me. I think she just likes doing Donald Trump impressions.

I hear you have a Myspace page now. You trying to use the inn to pick up men now?

What can I say? I like to keep my finger on the pulse of communication and stay in contact with my peeps. Stop by and visit!

Has Nora picked a name for my room yet?

Well, she’s torn between two themes for your room. Personally, I voted for the cake-themed room. You know, a big bed that looks like a birthday cake. A three-tiered cake-looking tub.… one of those air fresheners that smells like cake. But then we also had the Melly & Twitty room idea. When you open the door, you hear, “Hello darlin’.”

Hard hitting question: If you had a choice between a free shopping spree at Staples or seeing Elvis live (let’s pretend he’s alive), which would you pick?

Oh my God……this is like Sophie’s choice……..why would you ask me such a question?!?!?! I’m spramped if I do and spramped if I don’t. Wait, that’s not the correct usage of that word. Can’t I see Elvis perform live AT Staples? Surrounded by all those pencils and spiral notebooks and Post-Its and file folders and……

What’s the weather like there?


Have you hired another orange squeezer to replace me yet?

Wait, what?!?! Replace you?!?!? Are you bailing on me already?! Sheesh. I should have known that someone as famous as you would be too busy to work with me at the inn. *sniff* You are irreplaceable, Melly……And now I’m singing Beyonce. “To the left, to the left…..”

Did you tell Nora my idea about a Joanie and Chachi room?

Ummm, I did. I think. Yes, I did. Well, maybe. I’m not sure. All our rooms are themed around literary couples. Were Joanie and Chachi ever in a book? Perhaps we could just keep a few of their CD’s on hand. No one says love, quite like Joanie & Chachi. Waa-waa-waa…… “When you look at me……”

What rooms do you have?

I’m so glad you asked! I love talking about the rooms! :-D

We recently added a room, so we are now up to 8 guest suites. We have Marguerite & Percy from “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” Titania & Oberon from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Jane & Rochester from “Jane Eyre.” Nick & Nora from “The Thin Man.” Elizabeth & Darcy from “Pride & Prejudice.” Eve & Roarke from J.D. Robb’s In Death series. Westley & Buttercup from “The Princess Bride.” And our Penthouse Suite which has no specific literary couple, you will just be surrounded with romance. :)

It’s just amazing the furniture and fixtures that Nora has found for each room. They reflect the style and idea of the couple perfectly. And each room will have it own scent which reflects each couple. As Nora describes it, the scent for the Jane & Rochester room is Heather, 'to remind you of a romantic, windswept moor.'

Okay, that’s it. If you want to say anything, do it now. I’ll be working up a blueprint for the Melly and McDreamy room…

Melly & McDreamy room?!?!?! Hahahahahaha! Yeah, you keep Mc-dreaming……

I would just like to thank you for having me back here on Melly’s Spot.

We are still hoping for a December opening for the inn. I would just love to be settled in by Christmas.

Stay cool, Melly. Peace out.


Suz said...

Thanks for having me back, Melly! I just love your interviews. Forget Barbara Walters. Forget Oprah. Forget Regis & Kelly. I've been interviewed by MELLY!! How many people can say that? What? 10? 12 at the most?

As usual, I just love the photos you've found to complement the interview. I just love Ollie. LOL And dude, LOVE the one of Elvis surrounded by Sharpies and highlighters and.....LOL

But Melly.....the redneck PhotoShopped photo of you and McDreamy? Hahahahaha! At least your hair matches up.

I love cake said...

Because that is me, silly! What? You think that's his wife? Ha! No way! It's definitely me.

Thanks for agreeing to the interview!

Duckie said...

I would bet money that Melly didn't have to create that picture of her and McDreamy for this interview.

It was already done.. a loooooong time ago.

I love cake said...

Noooo! Of course not! I just made that yesterday. I swear! I mean, we were just together last night. We were at the premiere for a movie. You know that movie...With that actor in it? Yeah, that one.