Friday, January 10, 2014

What People Don't See

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you know I post a lot of pictures of my cats and Scooter. But like most people, I have pictures I don't show anyone.

You might've also heard of this thing they call the Polar Vortex. You too might've been swept up in it and had to see your local broadcasters freeze t-shirts for some inexplicable reason. It's kind of like when they try to fry eggs in the extreme heat. Does this really bring ratings? Is this news??

Because of the extreme cold, we put a light in the cat house to keep the kitties warm. We can't bring them inside because my husband is extremely allergic and because they are still semi-feral and have panic attacks when you bring them in. Like we've trapped them forever and the outside is GONE. GONE I SAY!! WHERE IS THE OUTSIDE??? WHO TOOK IT???

Yeah, it's that bad. So we put the light in there. I took a picture and put it on Facebook:


It's cute! And it's news! Unlike t-shirt freezing. Then the next day...


I justified this one because hey, Mama Kitty is there to the left! Different picture! I wish I could say it ended there, but it didn't. I stopped putting them on Facebook, but that didn't stop me from taking pictures. Almost like my own frozen t-shirt...


One is looking to the right! Different picture, right? You'd think I would've fulfilled my need to take pictures of cats under a light, but sadly...


Look the kitty has her leg out! Isn't that cute? Like a feline Rockette. I HAD to take a picture of THAT. But did I need this?

I'm sure if we look close enough, we'll see some difference between the last three days worth of pictures. Really. I'm looking!

Being unemployed apparently gives you a lot of time to stalk cats. If I could hook a catcam up in their house, I'm pretty sure I'd be watching 24-7. But let's not forget Scooter.

I give you... TOE HAT!

Hmm... Yeah, I'm going to get help. Soon. After I check the Cathouse one more time. Maybe one of the kittens is sleeping on her right side!

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