Monday, January 20, 2014

Give Me a Break!

I've decided to take a 24 hour break from Facebook. I didn't go into this decision lightly. Ok, I did. I was feeling annoyed and rage-y and I just decided at the spur of the moment. As of 9:42 EST on 1/20/14 I will be on a 24 hour sabbatical from Facebook.

It's not going to be easy. There's a snowstorm coming and I love reading and posting when stuck inside. Plus, nobody is going to see this because I'm not even going to promote it on Facebook. I'm going cold turkey, baby!

On a separate note, does anyone else love the movie Bad Teacher in a crazy undefiniable way? You'd never want her to be your kid's teacher, yet somehow she still makes sense. It's not so way over the top it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable just enough. Plus Justin Timberlake makes a wonderful dry-humping a-hole.

Ok. It's 9:54 and I already feel a little dizzy. Has it only been 12 minutes?? Yikes.

Well, say hi if you read this. Let me know there are people not just in Facebook world! I'll be updating as often as I can!

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