Tuesday, December 17, 2013

4th Holiday Movie: Love Actually

Love Actually turned 10 this year, which is why you might've heard a lot about it recently. Maybe too much! After Googling it for this post, I found that this is either a much loved or much hated movie. I love it! But from what I read people take it way too seriously. In my opinion, it's a lovely British romantic comedy that warms your heart and makes you cry.

Even though I did sit down and watch this today, it was also on cable, so I watched it twice and at the same time. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. One with commercial and one without. Yes, this is the way crazy people watch movies.

My DVD copy is old so the previews mention you can buy the movies in DVD or VHS. How long has it been since you heard that? 2003 when this movie was made? 

Oh and I finally got English subtitles! I'd hope so for a very English movie!

It's hard for me to summarize this movie since there were so many plots and it would be impossible to sum them all up here. So I'll just write out my notes (they are in italics):

Do they really need stunt doubles in porn? The version on the television had cut out the porn couple plot, but my DVD didn't. It was nice to see the guy from the British version of The Office though.

Does her wedding dress have wings? I swore Juliet's (Kiera Knightly) wedding dress had wings. But I think it's just because of the feathers. 

This guy is not as cute as Colin Firth. Jamie's brother was butt ugly compared to him (Colin Firth). I didn't see why'd she cheat on him with that dude.

Why did Snape want to cheat on his wife with Mia? Mia came on so strong to Harry, I'm surprised she even bothered wearing clothes to the office. Harry being Alan Rickman of course, who plays Snape on Harry Potter. I'm so ashamed of you Snape! What about Lily?

Billy Bob Thornton as the president: Apocalypse Do we remember when he used to wear Angelina Jolie's blood around his neck? Gross. He's the creepy uncle you try to avoid at the family reunions.

Prime Minster doesn't take a stand until president hits on his crush. Just shows what all men think with. Their heart of course. What else would I say?

You let your young daughters answer the door to strange men? This is during the scene when the prime minister is going door to door looking for Natalie and these three girls answer the door and make Hugh Grant sing. It's funny, but I couldn't help but wonder where the parents were...

Of course Mia answers the door half naked. During the same scene. 

I would like to think most American girls would know Colin was gross--even with an accent. Sex-crazed Colin keeps striking out in Britain so he goes to Wisconsin because the knows he'll get lucky there. Although this is funny, because Americans really do love a British accent, Colin was gross. I'm ashamed to be an American woman watching that plot.

Sam looks five years old to me. Especially compared to Joanna. Cry worthy every time. The Daniel and Sam plot is possibly my favorite. When Joanna kisses Sam and then Sam hugs Daniel, it brings tears to my eyes every time. I love how Daniel takes everything Sam says seriously and treats him like an adult. 

There's so much more I could say about this movie. I didn't even touch on every point like Sarah and her poor brother and how she can't seem to get lucky with hot Karl. And that annoying ringtone of hers that all cell phones used to come with. 

Anyway, love it or hate it, I think Love Actually has become a classic holiday movie. It will always be a must-watch movie for me this time of year (and sometimes during the year), which is why it's 4th on my list.

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