Thursday, December 19, 2013

3rd Holiday Movie: A Christmas Story

I actually left the house yesterday so I wasn't able to watch and post about my 3rd favorite movie. As you've guessed from the title it's A Christmas Story.

I sat down to take notes but honestly I didn't have that many comments about this one. I pretty much have no criticism's of this movie. It's the movie I can watch on repeat on TBS every Christmas Eve while wrapping presents and never get tired of it.

It's also the movie that makes me feel close to my dad. As a family we watched this movie a lot. My parents even went as far as to reenact the Red Rider moment with my brother including a real Red Rider BB gun (with a compass and scope). I've recreated that moment with my son a few times as well. Just with other presents.

Even today watching it, my eyes welled up when I saw Ralphie's dreams come true and his father's childish excitement as well. That's the true magic of Christmas. Making dreams come true.

Even if you might shot your eye out...

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