Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Hunt for Big Butt

Waking up this morning is no different than every day. All my problems roll over me like a bulldozer. It doesn't help that Smoke keeps our room as cold as Antarctica. The A/C has only one temp. Freezing. Usually I spend most of the morning with the A/C off just trying to defrost. Now I know why I dream it's snowing in August!

After I wake up and start drinking my coffee, I sit at my computer while Smoke watches TV. Suddenly, he's like, "What's Scandal?"

That's right. I forgot that I autoprogrammed the BET Scandal marathon yesterday. This is a show I've been dying to watch, but didn't want to buy the DVD's. That's not true. I do want to buy them. I just won't let myself!

I start watching it it and it's just as awesome as I thought. Even Smoke puts off going to work to watch. He will deny it if you ask though. Just like he still denies watching Grey's Anatomy even though he knows all the storylines.

Watching Scandal, I realize that I've forgotten that feeling of finding a show that is not only enjoyable to watch, but also feels like it's changing your life at the same time. Just like Grey's Anatomy was. It's not quite as good as that was, but close. I think Grey's will always be different because of  Patrick Dempsey. I just love me some McDreamy. 

Scandal is so good it even gets me to start tweeting! Just for a while, but I do. I Tweet! Hmm... That's a weird thing to brag about.

Anyway... I watch Scandal until Smoke calls me and a if I want to join him at the reno house. Of course I don't. I just want to watch Scandal forever. But I know I need to try to get out as much as possible before I'm become a scary hermit woman. One of those paranormal reality shows will find me here, hairy, with potato chip crumbs stuck to my face, tweeting about Olfitz with not a drop of makeup on. Forget Sasquatch! Instead of Big Foot, I'll be called Big Butt. They will lure me in with Breyer's and gummy bears.  

Not pretty. Not pretty at all!

I do what I always do at the reno house. I actively avoid doing any kind of work. But it's nice to hear Smoke's plans for it. I just can't wait for the real progress to start! Right now it's wiring and water pipes and things you can't really see. I need walls! I need doors! I need ice cream! Wait, what was I talking about?

After Reno house we pick up pizza and go home. That's my day. I'm still bummed I missed the rest of the Scandal marathon though. At least I saw the whole first season. Now I just need to see the second season. There is another marathon next Saturday. I'll try again then!

Until then... Big Butt out!

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