Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ask Scooter Again

Scooter allowed me to interrupt him while he was reading a book about his role model, Steve Jobs, to answer some questions.

Dear Scooter,

Why won't the human give us more food? We've gotten her to to feed us earlier but she doesn't seem to know that means she has to feed us again at 7:00. How can we fix this?

Still staring at the door at 10:00 pm,
Scout Kitty

Scout Kitty.

Food? Love food! Food good! Kitty is my friend!


Dear Scooter,

Err.. Never mind. You are a dope. I'll handle this myself.

Scout Kitty
the only one here with a brain

P.S. Stop peeing on the corner of the Fortress of Cattitude. It's rude and it smells!

That's it for Ask Scooter. Until next time!

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