Friday, August 9, 2013

Books, Jobs and Friends

Morning time is the worse for me now. The second my eyes open, all my problems come rushing in and hold me paralized to the bed. Once I get out of bed and get active, they start to slowly fall off until I gain some perspective over them, but the morning is the worse.

This morning is no different. I wake up around 4:30 and like a tidal wave, they roll over me. Thoughts like: "I'm unemployed. What am I going to do?" Then all the ramifications of being unemployed start running through my head like a hamster in a wheel. It's so bad, I get up and distract myself for awhile to clear my head. I finally go back to sleep.

That's when I dream it's snowing. In August. That's the kind of perspective I need. You think this is bad? It could be snowing in August! In the dream, I try to take a picture of it, but of course by the time I get my camera, it's just rain. Even in my dreams I'm slow with my camera!

After I wake up the second time, I start my day over. Smoke goes to work. I eat my breakfast and look for jobs. I apply to one that sounds interesting and perfect for me, but the commute would be longer than I wanted. But what the heck? Nobody calls me anyway. I'm always afraid the one time I say that, they will call me. But as long as I don't apply for a job in DC or Colorado, I should be ok. Or Greenland. I'm still waiting for my bottle to float there!

I get ready to go to the library. For some reason I didn't look forward to this library trip like I usually do. I mean, yes, I wanted books. I just didn't look forward to the trip there. But I get ready, turn on Dog TV for Scooter and leave.

At the library, I turn in my books to the librarian who frowns at me. Why are they always so unhappy? Do they want to give you that 5 cent fine? I pull out my list of mysteries I'm looking for which also includes the Steve Jobs book. With the Ashton Kutcher movie about Steve Jobs coming out, it just reminds me how much I want to read his biography. It was just too expensive to buy.

By the way, I don't get how Ashton can play Steve Jobs. Yes, you can see a little of him in Ashton, but honestly, Ashton Kutcher will always play Ashton Kutcher. I can't ever see him as anybody else. They should've played somebody less flashy to play him. Like the actor that played Zuckerberg in that move. I can't even remember the actor's name. Or even the movie title. The Facebook movie.

I need to start doing memory exercises...

Oh and I find a book about Friends! I'm way too happy about this. It's one of those coffee table books with lots of glossy pictures and I love it! There are interviews too. The only problem is that I'm not the only one that loves it and it's falling apart a bit. It makes my heart happy to see how many people love that show.

At checkout, I get the calendar of events and I'm sad to see there is no Snakeman this month. I guess Snakeman is only a July thing. Or he was arrested. Whatever. There's nothing as interesting as Snakeman this month.

I leave and go to Target. I'm only there for a couple of items so there's no time to browse. But of course I do. But once I start, I realize how dangerous it is. I start to try and justify buying things I just don't need. I finally just buy the items on my list and leave. I need to see the second Bridezilla! I get out of there only spending $23. I'm pretty sure that's a record for Target!

I get home with my books and find my laptop on the floor. Apparently, Scooter had a bit of a temper tantrum while I was gone. I pick it up and then start going through all my books. I start three of them at once and pretty much just spread them across the bed and swim in them. Forget money, I do this with books. I really do love them!

Smoke just told me that the movie about Facebook was called The Social Network. What's sad about this is that he's not even on Facebook and knows this!

That's pretty much my day. Books, jobs (Steve and mine) and Friends. Hey, I just found the title of this post! Oh and vote for Scooter! I found someone whose pet already had 20 something votes. We can't let them win!!

I need to make Vote for Scooter shirts like Vote for Pedro Shirts. Go Scooter!

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