Friday, August 30, 2013

The Gravy on Top

Last night I had a bit of a crisis, which is why I didn't blog for the first time since I started blogging again. I was having a low night and felt overly stressed and treated my laptop a little too roughly and the screen stopped working. Since it was my fault, I couldn't be too upset, but I was. I need it to look for jobs! But there wasn't anything I could do about it last night so I went to bed. I needed to wake up early today anyway. I did a Scarlett O'Hara and said I'd worry about it tomorrow.

This morning I woke up early because I was going to see Katie! I have missed her. Even though we still text, I hadn't seen her since my hospital trip to see Abby. This morning she needed someone to sit with baby Abby while she took her son to his preschool. It was just an open house so I wouldn't be sitting with her long, which was good thing since I don't have the ability to nurse anymore. That ship sailed many years ago!

So after I got there this morning we drove up to the school and I sat in the car reading B is for Burglar while Abby slept. Every once in awhile I'd hear her make little baby noises so I knew she was good. But I have forgotten how much newborns sleep!

After the open house, we went back to her house. We were going to Sonic for lunch but it was too early. We don't have a Sonic nearby so I was very excited to go! We hang out for awhile talking and I played with my buddy Ben. He played with my phone. I love that little boy! He reminds me so much of JJ at that age. I'd forgotten how much I miss my little boy.

We then went to Sonic and we had chicken strips with gravy and tator tots. I think every meal should have gravy and tator tots! It was mmm-mmm good! We drove over to Starbucks and got Frappachino's which made it the best lunch EVER. 

After that, we went back to her house and I honestly didn't want to leave. It was so nice to talk to someone who wasn't a cat or Scooter... Or male. We had lots of time to make up for!

Katie also wrote down some recipes for me and gave me a recipe box with many more blank cards so I'm set to write down recipes! I might have to make a trip to Pinterest now...

It really was a good day. I got home around five and was in a lot better mood. I still had to deal with my computer though. JJ suggested I bang around my computer a little more and see if I could undue what I did last night. I did that and that fixed my laptop. It truly felt like a miracle!

All of those things made me in a better mood. It was just the kind of break I needed to clear my head for my interview next week. I need it a lot.

Now I'm ready for a relaxing weekend with Sue Grafton...

Until tomorrow!

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