Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sneaky Cat

Today I wake up to a truly rainy and dreary day. It's so grey and yucky it makes me feel sorry for those over in DC at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Is it better to be rainy and humid or sunny and humid? Hard to say. I just know that no matter the weather, today is a significant historical day and will be special no matter what. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream and we have never forgot it.

With the day being like it is, I'm in no hurry to run out to the used bookstore, so I don't rush into getting ready. I hang out at my computer and browse the internet. I still don't see any jobs I'm interested in. It's been slow this week. But I need two by Sunday, so I'll resume my search tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon, Smoke comes home with the laundry from the laundromat and JJ finally starts to get ready to go. I put away the clothes and together JJ and I haul out two boxes of books to trade in for store credit. I love getting rid of stuff. And I no longer feel the need to hoard a lot of books. Just the books I really like and that changes from day to day as well.

When we get to the used bookstore I start going through the mystery section and I'm like a kid in the candy store. So many books! So many about cats! Why are cats always involved in mysteries? Strange. But this is how I know it's the genre for me! Cat and mysteries go together!

They had the entire Sue Grafton alphabet series, but I obviously can't afford all the way up to V so I get B-E. I pick up three more Diane Mott Davidson books and a Margaret Maron book. All of those were recommended on my Facebook page, but I also pick up two Magical Cats Mystery books written by Sofie Kelly. I'll let you know how they go!

After a quick trip to Checkers for dinner, JJ and I go home with our haul. He had bought a couple books too, but he always seems to go for the expensive ones. He wasn't really into the mystery books. He looks at them suspiciously saying they look a lot like romance books. I tell him all genre's usually dabble a little in romance, but I don't think he's impressed. He's always encouraging me to write something not romance related. Such a long way from middle school when he tried to get me to talk to his class! I was like, "Uh... I don't think your teacher's would appreciate me talking about what I write." Definitely R rated! But it was sweet.

I ask JJ if he read any VC Andrews books, but realize he's not a teenage girl who grew up in the 80's. I try to explain the brother and sisters in Flower in the Attic and how incest only makes sense in these books, but finally shut up when I realize I sound crazy. I did show him the wall of VC Andrews in the used bookstore so he knew I wasn't making it up and people really did like these books! 

Oh and all the books I trade in gives me $26 in store credit. Not as much as I hope, but better than nothing! And I don't take any home even though they offer to give me the ones they don't want. It just feels good to go in with two boxes full and leave with 12.

I also thought up a tentative mystery plot I would like to write. Who knows if I'll go with it, but at least I'm starting to think about it. 

I just looked up at the television and a box showed it was autotuned to Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans. Smoke is asleep, but I know this was his handiwork. He knows I love my McDreamy!! What a good husband Patrick Dempsey is! I mean, Smoke is... That's what I meant. Sure!

Here is my mystery cat:

She's obviously very sneaky:

This is her grabbing her sister's tail. She looks lazy, but don't turn your back on her!

I have the cat (s). Now I just need the story! Mystery writer, here I come... 

Until tomorrow...

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