Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's a Mystery to Me

I'm thinking I might want to try and write a mystery novel. I've done romance. There can't be much of a difference. It's pretty much a mystery why people are attracted to one another, right? I just need to figure out the elements of a good mystery. I guess that means reading more! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Today I finished I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, the next to last Flavia novel by Alan Bradley. After a slow start, it was just as good as the his other books! I love Flavia. She's awesome as a teenager sleuth. Next on my list is The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling). JJ read it fast so it's now my turn!

I think tomorrow we are going to trade in two big box of books I have at the used bookstore and get some more mystery novels. I really want some more Sue Grafton books. Strangely enough I was going through some old books of mine and found S is for Silence. Of course between A and S, there are a lot of letters, so I think it will be while before I get to the S.

Other than that, I emailed a few former coworkers, looked for some jobs and worked out on my treadmill.

Since I don't have much else to say, here's a brief list of things I like right now.

My view from my treadmill:

Even on the treadmill, I get to see cats!

My favorite music while on the treadmill: Born Sinner by J Cole and Chapter V by Trey Songz. I also have Robin Thicke's new CD.

Favorite Snack:

These are yummy! I won't lie and say they taste like cupcakes, but for graham crackers they are good! And the serving size is like 30 pieces so makes you feel like you have a lot!

My favorite Reality Show: Legend of Shelby. They call him the Swamp Man. Have you seen this guy? He had my heart back when I saw him walk his dog to the vet in bare feet. He had no car and had to walk him the whole way. The dog had worms and he had to wait for the medicine to work. That was devotion to me. Now he has his own. And it's worth watching. Of course my second favorite will always be Duck Dynasty. That's a show that always delivers.

My favorite guilty pleasure: Reruns of Friends. I have all the seasons on DVD and yet I still watch them every afternoon on TBS. What's wrong with me? I can't seem to stop watching that show. I will be watching at the nursing home JJ puts me in as soon as he can! Still doing Chandler. "Can I be any older?"

That's about it for today.

Until tomorrow!

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