Monday, August 26, 2013

Mr. Telephone Man Part Deux

I wasn't expecting to get a call for an interview today. Mr. Jobman led me to believe I wouldn't hear from anyone until next week. But I guess that meant they wouldn't be available for interviews until then. I now have an interview for next week on Thursday! Whoo!!

I have to admit that I'm nervous! But at least I have a suit! I just need to go pick up some black shoes. I have a pair, but they are pretty old, so I need to get a newer pair. I might need a haircut too. I'm not sure. OMG... I haven't interviewed in 13 years!

I'm not getting my hopes too high. No matter what, just have the interview experience will be good!

After I found out about the interview, I made myself some spaghetti sauce and noodles. I deserved a celebration! Of course cake would've been better, but I truly need to keep the weight down. I don't want to bust out of my suit! And not in a good way... I'm talking about the buttons on my skirt. Pasta probably isn't good either.

That was about it for today, but it was a good thing! I'm ready to talk to someone who doesn't walk on four legs!

Until tomorrow...

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