Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hobby Horse

Today was the kind of day that went by really fast even though I didn't do much. The kind of day I hated back when I worked because it made the weekend feel like a waste. But now that one day kind of floats into the rest it doesn't really matter.

Smoke went golfing today and when he came back I think I drove him crazy. As soon as he walks in, I talk his head off. That's what happens when you spend all day by yourself. JJ pops in from time to time, but he's 19 and not a real conversationalist.

Anyway, this is the conversation that I had with Smoke:

Him: "You need a hobby."

Me: "Well, I already read..."

Him: "You need to sew something."

Me: "Sew?? Sew what?" Heh.

Him: "I don't know. Anything. A quilt."

Me: "Yeah, no."

Him: "Sew some clothes. Sell them."

Me: "Hahahaha. I don't think that will happen."

Him: "Sew Scooter some clothes."

Me: "Hmm..." He would look cute with some costumes...

He is right though. Reading doesn't always hold my attention. And TV isn't really a hobby. I did find something I liked to do:

I can make deviled eggs. And I can eat them! That's probably not a good hobby. Especially when I keep trying to lose weight.

I can also dress up cats. I didn't sew this t-shirt. It was a shirt from a stuffed dolphin we got at the Baltimore Aquarium. Please don't judge me. It was JJ's idea! Yes, I didn't went along with it, but I'm unemployed. I don't know better!

*sigh* Yes. Maybe I need to start writing a book again. Anything to get me to leave the animals alone. And food. After I finish the deviled eggs. Someone has to do it!

 Until tomorrow...

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