Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Dance of the Employed

Today was my trip to the library. After picking up my brother-in-law from the hospital (he had surgery) and taking him home, I went straight there. As much as I love the library, it doesn't mean I find what I want. I've been trying to read mystery series, but I can't always find the next book in the series. Or the first one in a series. I didn't try a new one today. It's called Elvis and the Grateful Dead. Anything with Elvis in the title has to be good! But don't tell my friend Suz I said that. Conway Twitty is still the best old rockin' dead dude! And nobody can tell me otherwise!

I also wanted to start the Sue Grafton series... The alphabet series. A is for Alibi is the first one. I debated reading it a couple times. The first one is sooo old! Like early 80's old. I put it down. I picked it up. I walked away. Then when I couldn't find another book, I would come back to it. One time I came back and it was gone. I looked at my stack of books in my arms and didn't see it. I looked back at the shelf. Had someone come got it when I walked away? That would be a strange coincidence. Two people deciding to read the same book on the same date.

Since I'm blonde, you probably already know the ending to this story. I was carrying it the whole time. I don't even understand how I missed it. I worry about my mind! I really do.
After I left there, I went home. I will probably do my grocery shopping tomorrow. The exciting life I lead! Whoo!! I did apply for a job today. I was thumbing through my notebook where I write down the jobs I apply for to report to Unemployment and I'm amazed at how many different companies have rejected me. I feel like there's a magic trick I'm missing. Maybe there's a job dance I can do outside around a fire. There is a full moon. As long as the dance isn't supposed to be performed naked. Nobody wants that!

Anyway... With that scary image in your head, I will end this for tonight. Until tomorrow...

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