Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cats in Bloom

When I put on my makeup this morning I noticed a brand new zit. Nice. I'm 39, unemployed and I have a zit. This is the good life for sure!

I'm kidding. It doesn't bother me. After I put my makeup on, I pretty much stop looking at myself. Plus, all I did today was go grocery shopping at Walmart. If you've been to Walmart, you know I'm not worrying about impressing anyone.

I had a good shopping trip. I got a lot of meals without getting too complicated and since my son's birthday is tomorrow, I got his cake.

And because of the zit, I awarded myself with this:

Sugar is good for pimples, right? Feed a zit, starve a mole? Is that it? Yeah, that sounds right.

Then when I got really bored, this happened:

And this:

This too:

I know. It's ok to judge me. I already do.

Until tomorrow...

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