Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Observations

Today I went to Target. The end. Ha! But that is pretty much the highlight of my day. Because of that, I thought I would make a list of Friday Observations...

Friday Observations from the Land of Unemployment:

1. I was at Target and actually thought about getting one of these to keep as company...

Come back, Wilson!!

2. I have anxiety issues when I leave my dog. Now instead of him getting upset I left him, I feel bad about leaving him. I don't know how he managed to train me me like that! As soon as I leave, I want to drive back and make sure he's ok. This is not good! This could be why I bought him this monkey... Trying to ease the guilt.

3. Sometimes my cats remind me of my last job...

Heads up the other's as....uh.. You get it.

4. I'm pretty sure this is not how you use scaffolding, silly kitty!

5. I learned that even when we aren't watching Dog TV, Scooter will still watch the television. He was watching a show about building decks earlier. Maybe that will come in handy some day. He can at least teach the cat how to use scaffolding! Scooter also likes my office chair. I'm pretty sure that's where he runs his doggy contracting company from home. He acts like he's anxious when I leave, but as soon as I drive away, he's on his Bluetooth scheduling estimates. Sam Kitty is putting together the cat crew to do the labor.

6. My cats really don't like generic cat food. Times are tight and I was trying to save some money. Apparently, that's not allowed here at Cat Cafe. Here they are protesting:

If they had opposable thumbs, I'm pretty sure they'd be holding little signs and threatening to go on strike.

7. This is what they'd be striking from. Hard work like this:

8. And this:

It will be a hardship that's for sure! Who else is going to lay around in front of the garage doing nothing? I tried it once but everyone thought I was crazy. I said they were crazy! I guess I should've worn some clothes when I was doing it.

9. I love when a company tells me they aren't going to hire me... Two months after I applied for the job! Really, at this point, why bother? So now you are making me think hard about being rejected.

They can sniff my butt!

10. I don't really have a ten. So here is an extreme close-up of Max Kitty. And my foot.


You're welcome!

Until tomorrow... Keep your noses clean!

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