Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cloudy Day Project

Here is today's project:

I picked it because there was a blonde with a cat:

I really wanted the brunette with a squirrel though. Hmm... That sounds like the punchline of a dirty joke.

Of course I did have help:

Yikes. A little intense for a simple Lego project. Take it down a notch Creeper.

Of course I couldn't find scissors.

A knife will do! (Ok, maybe I didn't even look for the scissors. A knife is more fun!)

The parts:

Ooo, looks complicated! There are even directions!

Scooter studies everything:

Then quickly grows bored.


Am I in your way now? Always wanting all the attention.

All done!

Hmm... That's err... Unimpressive.

Someone agrees:

And WTF is up with all these extra pieces?? Does the cat need that many extra bows?

I really want the squirrel now though. Again, that's not dirty. Not really.

Other than that excitement, I just hung out trying not to obsess about food (which didn't work) and worked on this blog and the Facebook page that will go with it. I found out the writer of the Cat Sitter book passed away. Her son took over writing her books, but it's still sad. So far it seems to be the standard mystery book. The best part is the setting. It's set in Florida, in the Key's, where my grandmother lived, so I'm familiar with it since we took many family vacations there. I love anything set in Florida!

Now I'm listening to some Richard Marx. He's the bomb you know! Until tomorrow... Enjoy those endless summer nights!

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