Thursday, August 1, 2013

As the Dog Turns

I almost forgot to blog tonight. I was too busy reading and finishing Stephen Kings, 11/22/63. Yes, I finally finished it! It was a really good book. It basically explored the repercussions of going back in time and changing events, in particular, JFK's murder. Stephen King did a LOT of research for this book. And it reminds us how good (and bad) the 50's and 60's were.

Anyway... If you get a chance, read it. It's a Melly Rec for sure!

Today I woke up really early again, but this time I didn't get a lot done. I watch a Top Chef Las Vegas marathon that inspires me to make an omelet for breakfast. This was at 7:00 in the morning! It was actually pretty impressive for that hour. If only I could remember what it tasted like. Maybe I dreamed it.

After that, I get back in bed to read my book and nap on and off for the rest of the morning. It was mostly overcast today, so I wasn't really inspired to do much.

I get up and get back on my computer, but I can't find any jobs today. Annoyed and bored of being in the house, I harness Scooter and take him out for a walk. Of course it's late by this time and hot. The sun is now out. As we are walking, we see these huge hawks sitting on a fence. They are the size of turkey's. I get an image of one of them swooping down and stealing Scooter like in The Proposal. They are so big, Scooter starts barking at them. Luckily, they have no interest in live animals and are flying above us, circling. Of course that makes me think they are just waiting for us to drop. I'm not that out of shape!

We get back and do a little nothing and then it's time to make dinner. JJ has been away all week house sitting, which is another reason I've been more bored than usual. While Smoke is working, I've been alone with just Scooter and my cat posse. I throw together some spaghetti sauce and macaroni noodles.

When Smoke gets home, we turns on the new Dog Channel and we watch as Scooter actually watches it. I'm not sure who came up with this idea of a channel for dogs, but it's awesome. Because it's not bad enough we can't stop watching television, let's get our dogs addicted! I'm waiting for the first dog soap opera. She was his until another dog came along and sniffed her butt. "Don't be sniffing my bitches butt!" I should write that! I have time!

Here's a picture of Scooter watching television:

Ok, so I have Dog TV on right now and kids are literally just talking to the camera and pretending like they are talking to dogs. Scooter is sleeping, so it's just me watching. It's creepy. Like I'm watching strange doggy porn while everyone else is sleeping. I need to change the channel.

I will be getting out of the house tomorrow. Eventually. After my all morning nap... And I see what's happening on Dog TV.

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