Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boobs and Beef

I woke up this morning and it was raining. I was actually happy about that. It makes being stuck at home better. Like, "I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere. Look at that rain!" Then by the time I do leave the house, it stops. Win/win!

But as I sit at my computer looking for jobs, I get a call from the unemployment office. They need some email receipts for three jobs I reported that I applied for online. They really don't trust you! Luckily I find them pretty fast. By this time, JJ is over and ready to go to out.

Of course we take Scooter. He doesn't give us any choice! We stop by the Gamestop for JJ and then head to another town because I want to go to used bookstore. Even though I'm planning a trip to the library this week, I wanted to get a head start on my mystery book reading.

When I get there, I leave JJ in the car with Scooter and start looking through the books. As you know, I love books! But for a used bookstore, these books are pretty expensive. And even though I find most of the author's on my list, I'm not finding the first book of any series. Why would you want to start a mystery series in the middle? I do find a few more Alan Bradley books, which I buy since they are a deal being hard cover and relatively new, but that's all I get.

By this time I'm ready for a snack, so we try to Chick-fil-A. JJ of course wants a meal, but I get a milk shake. Cookies and Cream! When we get to the window, the lady is so happy and cheerful it gives me the creeps. She even holds eye contact. I don't like making eye contact with people handing me food.

"Would you like me to take your soul with that?"

Me: "What??"

Her: "Would you like any sauce with that?"

Once I take a sip of my shake, I forget all about creepy soul-sucking Chick-fil-A girl. JJ wants me to take him to another video game show in town to price a controller, so I take him there. I stay in the car with Scooter. When he gets out of the store, he's like, "The controller was too expensive."

Me: "That's too bad."

Him: "We better go."

Me: "Why do we have to leave? Did you steal it?"

Him: "No, I told him I'd be back."

Me: "You can go in without buying anything, you know. They won't drag you back in. 'You look! You buy!'"

Him: "I usually don't go anywhere unless I'm going to buy something."

Wow. But then I realized I was the exact same way at the used book store. It was such a small store, I felt like I had to buy something. Anything. Or it was rude. I'm not like that at a place like Walmart, but if I'm at a small business, I feel bad. People at Walmart would prefer if you didn't buy anything so they don't have to check you out. They aren't in danger of going out of business any time soon.

It's why I rarely go to yard sales by myself. Those people have gone through all that trouble of dragging all their crap to the yard and there you are pawing through their crap. And of course they are watching you. Unless they have a really popular house, they don't have anything else to look at. They aren't going to be looking at their crap. They've already been watching it gathering dust over the years. That's why they are getting rid of it.

Then if you leave without buying anything, you're saying their stuff isn't good enough for you. And junk that wasn't good enough for them yesterday is suddenly priceless stuff that you could've gotten for a bargain, but you turned your nose up at it. What a snob!

I think about these things things way too much. But I also never go to yard sales.

As we are driving back, I get a call. Since my phone is synced to my bluetooth in my car, JJ has to hear my conversation. I think it's the teacher from my unemployment class, but the phone breaks up, so I'm not sure. She asks me if I'm interested in some sort of class...? I don't know. She just asks if I want to be at the Career Center next Tuesday, at 2:00. I'm like, "Sure." She asks something about skills and education and I answer her questions.

After I get off the phone, I ask JJ, "Do you know what she was talking about?"

He's like, "Why did you agree to meet her when you have no idea what she said?"

Me: "Why not? What else do I have to do? Plus, it might be a story."

God knows what I agreed to. I am too old to be in the armed services right? That always happens in really bad movies. People accidently enlist all the time! Well, bad movies except for the Pauly Shore movie, In the Army. Any Pauly Shore movie is pure gold!

Even though I want to go to the Reno House, JJ really wants to get home and play his game. I agree to take him back and then drive back to the house once Smoke gets there.

When I get back, I'm straightening up the kitchen and decide to give the cats a little bit of leftover taco meat I had from the night before. Not too much since it it a little spicy and I don't want to hurt their tummy's. Just enough to be a treat.

But for some reason Scout kitty doesn't like taco meat.  I've seen her chewing on a dead, decaying baby mole, but she turns her nose up on Mexican food! And she's not happy about it either. The rest of the cats are happily munching on their treat and she's just meowing in the saddest way.

Scout: "Meoooooow..." Translation: "You know I had that bad reaction to taco's that night when I stopped at that taco stand after a late night of drinking tequila. Diarrhea all night long!"

Maybe that was me. But regardless, I'm pretty sure she thinks that's their dinner for the night and now she's never going to eat again. Never!!! Ever!! Diva cats!

I'm still waiting to meet Smoke at the house, so I start watching a show called Double Diva's. Has anyone seen this? It's yet another reality show about women who own a lingerie shop in Atlanta. It looks pretty high end and they make custom bra's. They make one for a woman who was beyond any cup size known to man. I think to myself, "I just have to see this chick wear this bra and then I'll leave for the house." Probably the only time I've thought those words.

The Reno House is pretty uneventful. I read a book and Scooter walks back and forth on his high wire board.

Deep thoughts:

That's my day. It was definitely better than yesterday. Just as long as I keep swimming, I will work again! Or I'll be in the army just like Private Benjamin! I could see that!

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