Monday, July 29, 2013

Crazy Book Lady

It's Monday again. How does that happen? I wake up this morning determined to get something productive done. I scroll through jobs but don't see anything worth applying for. I call the Unemployment office but get a message that all operator's are busy so please call later. *click*. Really? I go through their entire website and can't find any other way to contact them. It's all very frustrating. I try it again later in the day and get the same message. That's crazy! How are you supposed to talk to them?

But I won't let it get me down. Katie is having her baby today! I get a few texts from her. It's a good day, so I decide Scooter and I will take a morning walk. So with my ankle weights and his harness on, we leave the house around 9:20. It's a beautiful morning. The sun is up and there's no humidity. I love the summer so much. The cicada's buzzing remind me of summer camp. It's funny how I always think of summer camp when I only went a few times. But that memory sticks with me.

I see a pretty wild flower:

Then some dental floss:

Which I picked up and used of course. Ha! No, but seriously, who is just driving down the road and throws out their dental pick/floss thing? But that's actually not the worst I've ever seen. I once had a coworker who used one of these in the bathroom. I'm sorry, let me be more specific, she flossed her teeth while sitting on the toilet. Classy...

Anyway, our walk over, I come back and watch a little Titantic. There's nothing like watching a little Titantic when you are unemployed. It's like your whole life is the Titantic. Although, I would like Jack on my piece of wood. Uh... I mean, door. What?

Eventually I text JJ and ask him to watch Scooter while I go to the library. Scooter has anxiety and separation issues that have gotten worse since I've been home. Apparently he thinks I quit my job to hang out with him, so if I do leave the house now, I'm obviously never, ever coming back!

At the library, I turn in my books, but keep 11/22/63. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to finish this book. I used to be a fast reader! What happened? Maybe it's a Stephen King thing. His books just grow larger as you read them. It is a time traveling book! Coincidence? Of course I have to get more books. You can't just have one! I even get Stephen King's book, It, because there seems to be a connection between the two books. That book was my first really large Stephen King book when I was a teenager. He does seem to be a bit wordy. 

I get this book for obvious reasons:

This book is a mystery. About a cat sitter! And it's set in Florida. It seems awesome! I would love to be a cat-sitter. Wait, I am a cat sitter! Only the cats I sit are mine. There are more cat sitter books so if I like it, I can get more! Now that my job prospects are slim, maybe cat sitting really is an option...

Anyway, I'm out of the library pretty fast and back home.  Then I'm back out driving JJ to my mother-in-law's house so he can house sit. I take Scooter this time so he doesn't have a nervous breakdown and punish me. Because he will find a way to punish me. Usually it's the trash. Or something buried in our bed. Not a horse's head, because he's not the Godfather. No, it's usually something with lots of crumbs so it's hard to sleep.

Other than that, I threw together some hamburgers, ate way too much of my awesome banana pudding and did some reading. Oh and Katie did have her baby! Baby Abby is here! I'm so excited! I'm hoping to see her soon.

Tomorrow I will attempt to talk to the Unemployment Office again. I'm pretty sure getting access to the Wizard of Oz was easier. Flying monkey's and all!

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