Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Boo-Boo

This morning I wake up really early--around 5:30, when my husband's alarm goes on. I'm instantly wide wake and aware that it's been a month since my last day of work. I'm still unemployed! What's up with that?

I can't sleep, so I get up and start thinking of what to do next. I even write a list! Poor Scooter is not ready for all this early morning activity:

I do get an early morning text from Katie with a message from baby Abby. That makes my morning! Plus, I know I'm going to go visit them in the hospital this afternoon so that makes the morning go by a lot faster.

After working on jobs all morning and finally getting hold of unemployment to clear up my outstanding issue, I start to get ready to visit Katie. I gather my presents and the little container of banana pudding I made for her.

She told me which hospital she was at, so I program it into my phone. Since I know most of the route, I don't bother checking it until I get close. That's when I realize my app is telling me that it's located in two cities. I text Katie and ask her what city she's in. Of course it's not the one I'm in. Why can't I ever go somewhere without being lost?

I turn around, but end up on a toll road. It's $1.00 and for some reason I panic and get into the "all change" line, thinking I always have change in my purse. But I'd forgotten that I'd given Smoke all my quarters for the laundromat, so all I have are pennies, dimes and nickels. I reach in and grab some dimes and nickels and throw them at the toll machine. They go flying through the air and some get in and some go scattering over the ground. I put my car in park and just start throwing in change like some crazy person at a wishing well made of metal. Never mind the pile up of cars behind me. Cars go whooshing through the other toll plazas to the left and right of me. I finally get the magical amount of change and the light turns from red to green.As I pull away, I glance at my wallet and realized I had a dollar if I'd gone in the cash plaza. Go figure. *sigh*

After I get through it takes me a minute to remember what I was doing. Right. Katie. Baby.

I finally reach the hospital and sign in. As I'm waiting for the desk attendant to let me in, I realize I'm interrupting "Serenity Time." Katie didn't tell me about Serenity time! 

I get a cool sticker and she buzzes me back. I see Katie and her husband and baby Abby and she's cute as can be. I've already decided she will be my Honey Boo-Boo and I'm going to take her on the pageant circuit!

Just look at this pose:


 She's a natural!

I hang out and because Katie just had a C-Section yesterday, some TMI things happen that I threaten to blog about, but I won't. I do get Abby to finally look at me... Kind of.

This is her pirate pose:

Arr!! She says. What a sweetie!

I'm scared to hold the baby until our friend Sunny shows up and picks her up herself. She hands Abby to me, who immediately starts crying, so I hand her back like a hot potato. I think I broke her! But I still want a picture of us together so I sit down and have Sunny hand her to me. She's swaddled up like a little burrito. So cute:

While I'm sitting there, she starts to look at me. And I know she's a newborn and can't see me, but something happens to me. Just looking at the little baby looking at me, I feel us bond. It doesn't make me want a baby, but it makes me appreciate life and how precious it is.

I really think Abby will look go in a sequined dress and cowboy hat. I will go shopping for one tomorrow!

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