Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Go to the Mall!

My son and I went shopping for a suit this weekend. That's what he wants to wear for his graduation, so that's what we're getting! We ended up at the mall. The mall!

Sadly, my son thinks malls are actually just for shopping. It's not the 80's where the mall was THE hang out place. Maybe once in awhile one of your friends had babysat or had a parent who would give them enough money to buy a tape or record, but most of the time you had a little bit of money for the eatery or the arcade. That was it. No shopping at the mall!

I asked him if he'd seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High and he hadn't. That just shocked me! What kind of education have I given this boy?? Maybe I should buy it for his graduation present! Welcome to adulthood son! "No shoes, no shirt, noooo dice"

We passed a Spencers and I was like, "I met one of my first boyfriends at a Spencers!"

I could tell he was just humoring me when he said, "Yeah?"

"Yes. But at my mall, the Spencers was two levels and he followed me up to the second level while all my friends were down below playing with the adult toys--"

Him interrupting: "Yeah, ok."

I guess he didn't enjoy that story.

We passed a store selling prom dresses. I told him, "You ruined it for me being a boy. I didn't get to buy you a prom dress!"

Him: "You could've bought me one but good luck getting me to wear it."

It's just all going so fast. The days of the malls. My son's childhood. It's all such a blur. Kind of like when you turn on one of those vibrating toys they sell at Spencers...

Good times. Good times.

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